Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas


john said...

It's nice to see people go in for the full Griswold.

When it's dark outside, and niply.

Chip Ahoy said...

Needs flamingos.

Michael Haz said...

Is there any holiday celebrated as happily and joyously as Christmas?

Lights on the house, a tree and decorations in the house, the anticipated arrival of guests, the aroma of cookies baking, and all the preparations for this one day.

Beginning Christmas Eve day we start shutting out the parts of daily life that annoy us - the politics, the news - and for 48 hours or so simply focus on the goodness of the holiday.

Who ever put up those lights did so with happiness, maybe even with exuberance.

edutcher said...

Yes, but the Lefties want to ruin that, too.

And I wonder if that house is visible on Altair 6?

Aridog said...

Needs some MUSIC! A collection even :)

Merry Christmas to everyone here and everyone everywhere.

I am most grateful for the year all have given to me. I've tried to not miss a minute as time slides by me, as the lyrics (drop down menu) of a favorite Celtic song advises me to do.