Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Helicopter Santa Swipes Snowman (Open Thread)

Helicopter Santa


Lem said...

Check out the latest Obamacare propaganda.

The hubris, after fucking up... you know what?

It was our own dam hubris, in the end, for electing an unvetted man, based on his skin color alone.

Take your bitter pill America.

Lem said...

Did Sean Penn TEXTaid the scape of an accused drug launderer out of Bolivia?

Is this like Norman Mailer and Jack Abbot?

Not confident the two stories are similar enough to make a post out of it.

Chip Ahoy said...

Make columns showing how the two cases are similar in certain respects and then how they are different in other important respects. For amusement.

See [css table]

Lem said...

Did anybody else, other than me, play?

Lem said...

Two famous? leftist act on behalf of people in trouble with the law.

One led to the death of another victim and the other is still ongoing.

Norman Mailer dead, Sean Penn alive.

I was going to goggle "did norman mailer meet Shaun Penn" when autocomplete suggested "did norman mailer stabbed his wife"

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I googled "did sean penn" autocomplete suggests "did sean penn beat robin wright".

I may not have won the lottery, but, it's the cheap laughs that count.

Lem said...

this commercial just cracked me up.

Lem said...

it was a wise latina up there with the binoculars.

john said...

If I actually knew someone (an adult) who would put on pajamas to drink hot chocolate, would I ask him if it's chilly in his parent's basement?

Not that I really have to worry.

Unknown said...

Hey Lem - Purchased five plays for 5 bucks. Got two numbers plus the megaball for a 5$ win. Not bad for entertainment.

Unknown said...

Ugh - how much did that cost us?
The Obama administration is just a train wreck of waste.