Monday, December 30, 2013

"Two monster meteors flare and boom over Minnesota and Midwest"

"The sky’s been rumbling with two bright fireball sightings in Minnesota across the Midwest this past week. On Dec. 26 a monster fireball that garnered more than 1,050 reports on the American Meteor Society’s website turned night into day across parts of Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota. The fireball traveled from east to west and flashed into view in late twilight around 5:45 p.m."

"Of the 96 sightings so far reported, 29 people heard associated explosions and booms, likely signs that pieces of the original meteoroid survived the searing heat and pressure of atmospheric entry and landed as meteorites."

Astro Bob


Unknown said...

Sweet meteor of death? Please! Anything to avoid to upcoming bullshit media-Hillary-hype saliva fest.

Lem said...

A meteor hit would postpone the next ObamaCare deadline, leaving hundreds, thousands, millions of Americans exposed.


YoungHegelian said...

Repent, oh, repent, my brethren & sistren, for surely these are signs that the End Times are upon us!

(and I'm gonna be regretting my smart-mouth posting this if there really is a big 'roid a-comin' and these recent sightings are preliminary pieces)

Lem said...

"I'm gonna be regretting my smart-mouth posting"

maybe even worst than this guy.

deborah said...

I'll settle for a falling jet engine.

Lem said...

A meteor crashes over Russia and the whole world knows about it within hours.

Multiple meteors crash over Minnesota the day after Christmas and its hardly publicized.


Lem said...

that meteor was in a remote part of Russia btw. everything appears upside down.

Maybe it's me. tea party, incandescent light bulb hack.

ricpic said...

Elmer? Elmer Gantry? *

* As in Henry? Henry Aldrich?

virgil xenophon said...

Worse, maybe those aren't meteors. Ever think of that, sportsfans?