Sunday, December 29, 2013

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même meme chosen

The Cologne Cathedral withstood a bombing hail but a new threat comes from within:



chickelit said...

The camera rolled its eye towards heaven.

ricpic said...

Not guilty by way of a good figger!

chickelit said...

Really, ricpic, "guilty and not guilty" are as antiquated as "sin."

BTW, Jesus turned the tables in a temple, but what exactly was the woman's point here?

Lem the misspeller said...

Something about the church controlling woman's bodies.

I guess they believe that if the church changed it's stance on abortion ... that's where I loose them. How would the church stand on abortion help more women get abortions? would it make it cheaper? I don't follow what the shocking display is supposed to bring about. Which is not saying much. granted ;)

chickelit said...

Something about the church controlling woman's bodies.

The pro-life position was once a well-reasoned position of the Left:

First, it is out of character for the Left to neglect the weak and helpless. The traditional mark of the Left has been its protection of the underdog, the weak, and the poor. The unborn child is the most helpless form of humanity, even more in need of protection than the poor tenant farmer or the mental patient or the boat people on the high seas. The basic instinct of the Left is to aid those who cannot aid themselves -- and that instinct is absolutely sound. It is what keeps the human proposition going. link

ricpic said...

Rebel Hell

She jumped up on the altar
She showed 'em who was boss,
Defiling natural order
She double-crossed the cross.

YoungHegelian said...

Daubed in dark paint on her breasts and abdomen are the words ‘I AM GOD!’

Well, at least she's honest about where she thinks she is in the pecking order.

Lem the misspeller said...

Abortion is legal in Germany, is it not? it's probably even subsidized.

This is a plea for acceptance, it seems to me, more than a call to the facilitation of more abortions for the needy. or something.

In the age of the selfie, acceptance at no cost is the most important thing.

It shouldn't cost a thing... maybe that's their bottom line.

Unknown said...

Kind of like The Pillars of the Earth inspired?

YoungHegelian said...


Actually, abortion in Germany has quite a few restrictions placed on it. See this link.

East Germany had very little restriction on abortion, but in heavily Catholic West Germany, the restrictions on abortion were considered so onerous that some women would drive to Holland for their abortions. After unification, the Easties balked at the level of restriction & a compromise was reached.

Not often heard in the US media is that, while European countries have some idea of "abortion rights", they are almost always more restrictive than the "you can abort a fetus up until delivery for any reason" regulations found in the most liberal of US states, and seemingly blessed by the SCOTUS in Roe v Wade.

deborah said...

To quote Paul Zmrisk(sp):

"She didn't come quietly."

rhhardin said...

Generally when the cathedral is left standing it's because the Allies bombed around it.

Fr Martin Fox said...

Yeah, it's so awful to make it illegal to kill your children. Truly enlightened people let it happen with smiles.

Tangent: that altar the woman climbed onto is ugly. That doesn't change the sacrilege involved.

Just to be clear: what that woman did is, for Catholics, like someone knocking the Torah Scrolls to the floor. I don't really know what the analogy would be for Islam, since if anyone attempted something like that in a mosque...*shudder*.

So the cowards storm into cathedrals, while the stoning of women (and hanging of homosexuals) in public goes on in places long ago happily liberated from the evil Christians.