Monday, December 30, 2013

Ted Cruz, ABC This Week. Shutdown was Obama's

KARL: You have had a couple of months to think about this whole government shutdown strategy. Now that it’s over in hindsight, are you prepared to say that it was a mistake, it wasn’t the right tactic?
This is the sort of thing that drives me nuts and I do not handle well, so loaded it reeks, so plump with raw unexamined premise, and conclusions already formed out of aphorisms and whatnot, and forces one to step back and go,whoa whoa, and wonder then just how far backward must we go to fix this ideologic mess and is any of that ever worth it? Frankly, no.
CRUZ: I think it was absolutely a mistake for President Obama and Harry Reid to force a government shutdown.
Hah. Speak another language. Talk past.
KARL: Now you know even John Boehner has said this was a Republican shutdown.

CRUZ: Look, I can’t help what other people say.
And Jon, I understand that in the media, every day the media reported the Republicans shut the government down…

KARL: No, I mean, but come on. I mean we’re a couple months away from this, the only reason why this happened is because you insisted, Republicans insisted that Obamacare be defunded as a condition of funding the government. If you didn’t — if you took away that insistence, there would be no shutdown. I mean, really.

CRUZ: You’ve got conservatives who stood strong and said let’s stop the train wreck that is Obamacare, and you’ve got Democrats in the middle of the shutdown, President Obama called every Senate Republican to the White House, sat us in a room and said I called you to tell you, we’re not going to negotiate, we’re not going to compromise on anything.
More at therightscoop, there is a video of Cruz too. A tacit internet rule prevents me nicking the whole thing but I sure would like to.

The interviewer opens with a remark about first year senators sitting in the back and being seen and not heard and here again I utterly fail the diplomat test, it is at the beginning so the whole time I'm thinking how racist to suggest to a minority senator he sit in the back and shut up. I hoped he would answer referring to Elizabeth Warren but Cruz has more tact than I.


virgil xenophon said...

Reading your first and last, para, I think to myself: "I couldn't have said it better--I wouldn't change a word.."

edutcher said...

Cruz will be POTUS some day. They can't break him and they can't outsmart him.

ken in tx said...

I am glad Cruz took this by the horns. The public has been primed to think that all shut-downs are caused by the Republicans.

Lydia said...

You can watch the full interview here.

You'll see it ends with Karl bringing up the Cruz coloring book and some language in it about ObamaCare being worse than an actual war in terms of the deaths it will cause. An obvious effort to tar Cruz with the statement. And so it goes...

Unknown said...

Cruz is awesome. He's the ultimate anti-authoritarian.
That's why the leftwing machine come after him with the daggers.