Saturday, December 28, 2013

marines, pullups


Lem said...

She admitted to her audience that she could only do one pullup last year.

"Now I'm up to eight, so I'm taking advantage of the extra time to complete my goal of 12 pullups," she said on the show.

And what about the larger goal of women in ground combat? That's still two years away.

ricpic said...

55% 0f the female Marine wannabees couldn't make the minimal 3 pull-up requirement. So the Marines dropped the requirement. What could possibly go wrong in combat?

ndspinelli said...

Those personal posts @ TOP are like a big pimple ready to pop on someone's nose. Sometimes you just have to look @ it. The chin-up challenge by LSL makes me think those heathens actually do celebrate Festivus and that was the feat of strength. And, I think the Festivus pole is stuck up one of their asses.

ndspinelli said...

There is a CONSTANT "airing of the grievances." It must be tough to go to Texas because there are a lotta dry counties in that state. At least the box wine won't freeze in the trunk down there. I'm concerned about the trip home.

Synova said...

The thing is, really, that you can't *get* in shape in basic training. Oh, you can maybe up your run times a little bit but my spaghetti armed son (sorry son, but it's the truth) can't do many more than the three minimum... maybe four or five at most. And I doubt much that a guy improves much during basic over what he could do when he got there. Basic training gets you through basic training... that's what it's for.

I'm not saying that women should be training to be infantry. But anyone in the service ought to train for combat even if they aren't combat troops just in case, as they say, the enemy has a different idea.

I say this as a perpetually out-of-shape person who (full disclosure) only passed the physical requirements for the *Air Force* by being pregnant and getting out of it. Granted, remedial PT is not something the AF does well and I doubt other services are better, but I'll honestly say that it probably ought to be an ongoing requirement and not just a periodic test (but the out of shape NCO's would howl) because it's *important*.

Still, if they want female recruits to do three pull ups, they should probably have to do three pull ups on the way in. These days it's half a year or more between signing up and leaving for boot camp... do it then.