Saturday, December 28, 2013


Some things make so much sense they become instantly encoded and impossible to forget. Until you die. When I was young, so young that I could not reach the knobs of a public bathroom sink to turn on/off the water, my older brother and I were standing next to each other meticulously washing our hands soaping them up, making an "o" with our fingers and blowing air through to float bubbles, and trying to get them to be big. We stopped and Barry said, "Hey Chip, look over here. I'm magic. Look! Look into my eyes." 

So I did. He flicked his fingers directly at me and I felt the power of his magic all over my face and I was awestruck dumbfounded by my amazing brother's magical abilities. I want to be magic too! I clamped onto his shirt.

"How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat? How'dyoudothat?"  As little brothers do, until he relented and revealed the secrets to his magical Jedi-ninja ways. His hands were wet. Bastard.

And turns out, that is how you say magic.


rhhardin said...

Magic requires a wand.

Nothing must be done by touching.

bagoh20 said...

OK, so I can remember this one. If I meet a deaf person, I'm gonna find a way to use that, to fit it in at an appropriate time. Then they will wave around in a way that will ask me if I know sign language, and I'll just look at them like an idiot, not knowing what they said. To remain intriguingly mysterious, I need to learn how to sign "Maybe", and that's all I need: those two words.

sakredkow said...
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