Tuesday, December 17, 2013

“Everyone was screaming, everyone was shaking in horror"

The dog was trying to pull him [blind man] away from the southbound edge of the platform, but his feet were on the edge, he was wobbling, and the dog was barking,” she said.
The man still fell — and Quinones said Orlando [blind man's guide dog] jumped after him.

“But there was nothing he could do once he was down there. He just sat there with the man. He just licked the man’s face trying to get him to move,” she said.

About 15 seconds later, she said the uptown A [train] came into the station– and the motorman slammed on his brakes, according to cops.
New York Post


Birches said...

That's amazing. I can't believe he wasn't hurt more.

edutcher said...

The loyalty of dogs always amazes me.

That they both lived is only attributable to the Guy Upstairs.

JAL said...


These dogs are amazing.

And yes, sir, there is a reason for you to still be here.

Aridog said...

He risked his own life to save his owner.”

Only those who have experienced combat know and understand this phenomena. It's not about the owner, it is about the courage of the dog and his affection for the owner.

I am biased, but I trust dogs far more than people 99% of the time. Mock it as you might, you will be wrong.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Wow. What a frightening story but thank God for the ending. Great dog.

MamaM said...

Mock it as you might, you will be wrong.

Courage, loyalty, affection and heart: live to experience those qualities in a dog and there's no room left for mockery.

AllenS said...

Nice story to read this morning.

Methadras said...

My faith in dogs is way more placed than that of humanity. The symbiosis between man and dog is very great. However, I just read this morning that this guy will lose his dog because the dog is going into retirement and his insurance won't cover the dog anymore after that, so he is looking for a good home to place him in. That breaks my ice cold heart.

Aridog said...

Methadras .... Cecil Williams will get to keep his beloved Orlando. Dog and pet people are the best....and this says quite a bit good about New Yorkers as well. Cecil will also be getting a new seeing eye dog as Orlando retires to Cecil's home.