Tuesday, December 31, 2013


1.    Don't tempt fate
2.    Clear the deck
3.    Let the dog in
4.    Rock around the clock
5.    Throw caution to the wind
6.    Cut the cards
7.    Wise up
8.    Preheat the oven
9.    Lean to the left
10.  Lean to the right
11.  Stand up
12.  Sit down
13.  Fight fight fight
14.  Put your whole self in
15.  Pull your whole self out
16.  Do the hokey pokey
17.  And turn yourself around
18.  Take one for the team
19.  Close cover before striking
20.  Look both ways before crossing
21.  Jump at the opportunity
22.  Make a leap of faith
23.  Work your butt off
24.  Cut to the quick
25.  Get to the heart of the matter
26.  Swing hard in case you hit the ball
27.  Throw a kiss
28.  Be the lead dog
29.  Check the oil
30.  Don't stare at the sun
31.  Bring home the bacon
32.  Go for the gusto
33.  Leave the gun
34.  Take the cannoli
35.  Save a horse
36.  Ride a cowboy
37.  See the ball
38.  Be the ball
39.  Rock and roll
40.  Get ready to rumble
41.  Prepare to march
42.  March
43.  Pull the ripcord
44.  Cash in
45.  Cash out
46.  Cut the cheese
47.  Steal third base
48.  Play another song
49.  Check the temperature
50.  Take off your shirt
51.  Leave your shoes by the door
52.  Bend and stretch
53.  Reach for the sky
54.  Take a load off Fanny
55.  Take a load for free
56.  Take a load off Fanny
57.  And you can put the load right on me
58.  Wag more woof less
59.  Call your bets
60.  Phone home
61.  Start a revolution
62.  Pass the pipe
63.  Load the guns
64.  Wait by the side of the road
65.  Call now
66.  Party like it's 1999
67.  Say hidee hidee hidee hi
68.  Say hode hode hode ho
69.  Leave your message at the tone
70.  Remember me to one who lives there
71.  Find your own way
77.  Pack a lunch
78.  Send lawyers guns and money
79.  Walk a mile in my shoes
80.  Walk the line
81.  Run away
82.  Shake don't stir
83.  Get out of a jam
84.  Fire when ready
85.  Go back to square one
86.  Break the ice
87.  Cry wolf
88.  Count the chickens before they hatch
89.  Fight fire with fire
90.  Jump in with both feet
91.  Burn the candle at both ends
92.  Take it for a drive
93.  Make a scene
94.  Walk the dog
95.  Talk the talk
96.  Sing the song
97.  Drink to your health
98.  Tough it out
99.  Remember the Alamo
100.Naked coeds frollicking


AllenS said...

28. Be the lead dog

Is this a reference about sled dogs? If so, then if you're not the lead dog, the view is pretty much the same.

Shouting Thomas said...

At the end of the day, we've got to get boots on the ground.

The Dude said...

24/7, then you can roll your rick.

Icepick said...
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Icepick said...

Stop taking chances and shoot the goddamned dogs.

edutcher said...

Charge the ramparts.

Michael Haz said...

Head for the tall grass.

Michael Haz said...

Put another log on the fire

Rotate the tires

Shoot from the hip

Pour another cup of coffee

Cast fate to the wind

Mow the lawn

Pull the handle

Open in the event of emergency

Store in a cool dark place

The Dude said...

Pump don't work 'cause the vandals stole the handle.

Methadras said...

I saw the rick roll coming from a mile away.

Unknown said...

I'm never going to give you up

Unknown said...

No matter how many times you rick roll me with temptations of nubile... I'm never going to run around and desert you.

Lem said...

Its full of tags.

ndspinelli said...

In the beautiful city of Lucca, they turned the ramparts into a beautiful bike and walking trail, circling the city. We were walking it just a couple weeks ago.

ndspinelli said...

Scratch your nuts only in private. I'm working on that one this year. Just love to scratch those bad boys.

ricpic said...

I was in Lucca! Circled the town on its great wall. What a great place to be born and live. But I'll bet 90% of the kids born in Lucca can't wait to escape to Rome and Milan where they'll live miserable insect lives scurrying around in the manswarm. Which leads to this year's resolution. If you like where you live or even if it's only tolerable STAY! Don't go chasing the chimera of fulfillment by running to a magical somewhere else. Fulfillment ain't somewhere else. Stay home. Ah...home.

deborah said...

don't cry for me Argentina
put the pedal to the metal
rinse and spit
duck and cover
never let them see you sweat
hold the phone
use it up wear it out
courtesy flush
empty the lint trap
never on a Sunday

AllenS said...

I was disappointed with #100.

Mitch H. said...

Man, that resolution list somehow turned into "Dare to Be Stupid about halfway through.

deborah said...

Mitch, be part of the solution, man.

Mitch H. said...

Clearly I'm part of the particulate.

deborah said...

Opacity becomes you.

rcocean said...

New Years Resolution:

Eat, Drink and be Merry

deborah said...

@ rcocean: you're a tough nut to crack. Carry on.