Saturday, December 21, 2013


Today I spoke to a girl, a young clerk, about the weather feeling like Fall, and I mentioned I read on one of these blogs something I did not understand. The quip I read had to do with Obamacare missing another of its own deadlines, the defense of it was all that would be worked out by the end of Fall, and the retort was, "By the way, it's still Fall."  

I asked the girl, "Is it still Fall?" She brought her hand to her mouth dropped her head and thought. Today! I think. Winter starts today! The 21st. 

"Oh, you brilliant girl. I saw you work that out. You are really smart about scientific things." This is why I'm such a bad photographer because I should have been ready for the biggest smile I've seen all week, I wish I could share it, her whole face grinned like Cheshire cat.


deborah said...

My uncle says just snap the picture.

Unknown said...

the days slow...lee begin to grow long...ger. Small victory.

bagoh20 said...

Girls are wonderful, especially when they smile. That's why I could never be gay - a smiling guy does nothing for me, but on a woman it's pretty much everything.