Sunday, September 27, 2015

"Women who have never been in a relationship paying £5,000 to get pregnant"

"Doctors say women often don't want to wait for their ideal man"
Some are using the £5,000 fertility treatment to bypass the need to involve a man, and others so that they can save themselves for a ‘special relationship’.
Doctors said last night at least 25 straight women had given birth in the past five years despite being virgins. But campaigners for the traditional family said the ‘distorted’ move turned babies into little more than ‘teddy bears’ to be ‘picked off the shelf’.
Religious groups said it undermined the importance of bringing up children in a stable marriage, while a leading psychotherapist warned that having a mother who had never been in a relationship could harm a child’s development.
Couldn't the child be given a "leg up", an advantage by choosing the male contribution from a sperm bank of "supersmart people"? There was for a time such a sperm bank, but it closed in 1999.
Women who applied for Graham's genius sperm only had to come up a $50 application fee and $10 a month for storage and shipping costs, according to a 1984 New York Times article on the sperm bank. They had to be married (although there was an exception made for at least one single mother), but the mothers did not have to take an IQ test or go through any genetic screening.


bagoh20 said...

That's like paying 5 grand for someone to take you parking spot. Some things are available for free if you just ask.

Lem said...

It's all about parking these days.

edutcher said...

Sounds like they need a shrink.

Or maybe start hanging out at firehouses, construction sites, or such and find out where the good men really are

Bleach Drinkers Curing Coronavirus Together said...

At some point they should question the Darwinian logic of procreating despite being a complete failure when it comes to getting a mate.

But they won't.

That's humanity for you.

Methadras said...

Hey asshole leftists SJW self-esteem girl-power misandry fuck-heads. This is on you. You've distorted and unabashedly have made being a male a quasi-psuedo crime that you've made them fairly unappealing to most women, which in turn has turned men, in large part, into giant man-babies who won't marry, have stunted their maturity, and have been viewed by society thanks to you as meandering lummoxes that are about as worthy as navel lint. So fuck you assholes, this is what you get.