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The Chemistry Of Storytelling

I was googling something -- maybe whether canned corn stores safely in perpetuity and where it belongs in the food pyramid -- and I ran across this diagram of how to write a dramatic story:

link to original
This immediately suggested to me what is known as a generic reaction coordinate in chemistry:

Both diagrams depict action moving left-to-right. Think of the "reactants" on the left side, lower figure as the "exposition" in the top diagram and the "products" as the "denouement."

In chemistry, the climax is known as the transition state. The transition state is the fleeting state where a reaction can go forward or reverse. I believe these notions are covered by the language in the Freytag Pyramid diagram.

Note also that the chemistry plot ends in a higher energy state. Reaction diagrams that end in a lower energy state are possible as well as those that start and finish at the same level. Is this possible in storytelling? Are there uphill stories as as well as downhill ones?

To continue today's theme!

To stay with my theme today I am making Italian Wedding cake soup tonight.

Carry on!


Bird, named for its reclusive nature, is the subject of a video featured on the gardening thread at

News the Media will not bring you: Convicted Criminal released early murders elderly woman to use her wedding rings to propose to his girlfriend.

CHICAGO (STMW) - A Cook County jury Thursday convicted a Carpentersville man of robbing and killing an elderly Bridgeport woman and then using her stolen wedding and engagement rings to propose to his high school sweetheart.
“We think it’s a little demented, creepy,” Virginia Perillo’s eldest son, John, said of how Raymond Harris bludgeoned her to death and then gave her jewelry to his girlfriend during a romantic moment. “Mr. Harris has no morals. . . . All he cares about is himself.
He said there will always be “a gap” in his and his family’s life, but he was glad the trial was over, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.
Mark Perillo, who will turn 39 on Friday, called the guilty verdicts an “early birthday” present.
The jury took roughly three hours to convict Harris, 40, of murder and robbery.
Harris was arrested a month after a neighbor found Virginia Perillo facedown in a pool of blood next to a running car in her garage on Oct. 11, 2011.
The night the 73-year-old nurse was killed, Harris, a parolee, went to a party in new clothes and asked his friend which of the stolen rings he should use to propose, authorities said at the time.
Five days later, Harris popped the question to his love, Lorraine Reed.
Reed testified earlier this week that she said “Yes.”
Reed later turned the rings over to Chicago Police detectives who arrived at her home and questioned her about Harris.
“I took the rings off my fingers” and gave them to detectives, Reed said.
Harris’ DNA was found on a bloody watch that he left inside a car in Virginia Perillo’s garage in the 3300 block of South Parnell. Harris also took Virginia Perillo’s purse during the deadly beating.
Hours before she was killed in the brutal assault, she spent the day attending church, buying groceries and visiting an area hospital to check on her husband, who had suffered a stroke, her family said.
Her husband couldn’t attend this week’s trial because of his failing health. Had she still been alive, Virginia Perillo would probably be spending time taking care of him, the couple’s youngest son, Michael, said Thursday.
Harris was paroled in May 2011 after serving 13 years of a 30-year sentence for his 1997 attempted murder and aggravated arson convictions.
Just three weeks before that attack, Harris had been released from prison for a 1993 armed robbery, vehicular invasion and burglary. In that case, Harris brandished a gun at a woman leaving her car outside her home.
(Rant: This savage murdered an elderly woman coming home from church because he wanted her stuff. This is exactly the kind of guy that Obama and Hillary want to get out of prison. He is exactly the kind of guy who Obama would prohibit from asking about his record when giving him a job or renting him an apartment. He is exactly the kind of guy he wants to move to your neighborhood under the "disparate impact theory" so he can scope out your grandmother to murder and rob. This is exactly the kind of story that the mainstream media will not report or have as a one day wonder. When you vote for Hillary you are voting for this guy to move next door to you. Remember that when you tell me you can't vote for a guy who pulled himself out of poverty in Detroit because he mislabeled something that happened thirty years ago as a scholarship.)

Christian Daycare Workers fired for not calling a girl a boy!

Briebart News November 7,2015 by Lana Shadwick

HOUSTON, Texas — Two daycare workers have been fired for refusing to go along with the center’s transgender agenda. Madeline Kirksey, one of the workers who is an author of a Christian book, says her religious liberty rights have been violated. The two were fired after refusing to call a little girl a boy.

The two male parents of a six-year-old little girl told employees at the school to refer to their daughter as a boy, and to call her by a new masculine name. The little girl’s hair had also been cut like a boy’s.
Kirksey told Breitbart Texas in an interview, that the problem was not so much with the transgender issue as it was with telling young children that the little girl was a boy when she was not, and with calling her “John” (not the name given) when that was not her name.
She, and another worker who does not want to be identified, were fired from theChildrens’ Lighthouse Learning Center in Katy, Texas, a city just west of Houston.
The school distributed guidelines to the teachers called “How to Handle Transgender Students.” The printed guidelines were obtained from the internet and can be read at thislink.
The guidelines and the instructions given the teachers included six rules, one of which was “Help defend their dignity.” Another, was to “Educate yourself and your students.” The Christian worker said she did not believe it “was our job,” to thrust the issue on the small children of other parents. She said the school should not force their beliefs on the children, or on her, or upon other parents.
The author of the Christian book, “In Pursuit of the Promise,” said the other children should not be exposed at such an early age to the issue of transgender or “gender identity,” and felt that the two male parents were imposing the issue on their little girl.
“I don’t think we should be talking to other people’s children who are under the age of 18 about being transgender,” Kirksey said in an interview with Fox26 in Houston. Both of the fired workers agreed on this point.
Kirksey said that prior to this happening, she had been commended for the good work that she was doing at the school. After she refused to call the little girl by her new masculine name, and to tell the other children to do so, and to say that the little girl was a little boy, the daycare worker was written-up for alleged infractions that she did not believe were based in reality. She has worked at the school for over a year.
The fired worker notified Child Protective Services that the little girl was being told that she is now a little boy. She believes that it is up to professionals to determine if the little girl is just confused, or if the new gender is being forced upon the little girl.
Kirksey says sometimes the little girl refers to herself as a little boy, and sometimes she tells the other children to not call her a boy or to refer to her by her masculine name.
The Childrens’ Lighthouse in Katy is just one of the school franchise’s that are all over the country. The company is based in Fort Worth and according to its website, there are 37 learning centers in seven states. The school cares for children ages six weeks to twelve years old.
The City of Houston just received national attention for an election that submitted a city ordinance to the voters. The measure, defeated by a margin of 61-39 percent, would have allowed transgendered men, or men who “identify” with being a woman, to use women’s bathrooms, locker room, and shower facilities. Houston’s openly gay mayor said that passing the ordinance is something that is very “personal” to her. As reported by Breitbart Texas, pastors who worked to defeat the ordinance say the measure is part of a leftist national agenda.

Press attempt to smack down Uppity Republican Doctor falls as flat as the whores on the View!

So the Politico website set up a bogus attack against Dr. Ben Carson. They claim he "fabricated" the fact the he applied and got a scholarship to West Point. Which is all bullshit. Carson never said he applied to West Point as Politico claimed and they were forced to alter their original bullshit post.

Carson said he had met General Westmoreland the Grand Poopah in Vietnam and told him that the would get him a scholarship. Which they jump on with the bogus claim that there are no scholarships at West Point. Well guess what? Everyone is on scholarship and nobody pays. What the General meant was that he could secure an appoitment for Carson with a friendly congressman. And don't be fooled by dolts who claim that Westmoreland was friendless and had no resources. My own Congressman John Rooney was Chairmen of the Armed Services Committee at the time and was very close to Westmoreland and supported him against LBJ and the Kennedy's and the politicians that lost Vietnam. Rooney would have loved to appoint a black guy since he was being redistricted and got Fort Greene in his district. I bet there were a bunch of Congress critters who would have loved to score points by appointing someone like Ben Carson to the Point. The fact that he said he was offered a scholarship is just a stumble in how he put it. You know like "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor" or "No boots on the ground in Syria." Those are is examples of lies that the main stream media will never mention let alone have a full court press as do with this bullshit.

In the Clip above Dr. Carson beats on the media. He asks them why they didn't ask Obama about all the stuff in his life thirty years ago. Or about his sealed school records. He took it strong to the hole. The hole being the bias of the left wing main stream media that makes them a part of the Democratic Campaign. Dr. Carson said this will only help him with the public. At least the public that is fair minded and not looking for an excuse to vote for a Democrat because they believe in the central tenets of the Democratic Party. Sodomy, infanticide, hatred of religion and getting dudes with penises in little girls bathrooms.

I don't support Dr. Carson and would not vote for him in the primary. But I would definitely vote for him in the general against anything the Democrats will throw up there. This press conference shows me he has some balls and is not an absentminded professor the way he has been coming off during the debates. When he is engaged he can show you the stuff that made him a famous surgeon.

Bill O'Reilly is a jerk

Thou shall not fiddle with the thermostat

"Yale SJWs screaming at professor...

...because he isn't making the university enough of a "safe space" by denouncing offensive Halloween costumes."

(UPDATE) Here is the email that supposedly got the student panties in a twist... link
Dear Sillimanders:
Nicholas and I have heard from a number of students who were frustrated by the mass email sent to the student body about appropriate Halloween­wear. I’ve always found Halloween an interesting embodiment of more general adult worries about young people. As some of you may be aware, I teach a class on “The Concept of the Problem Child,” and I was speaking with some of my students yesterday about the ways in which Halloween – traditionally a day of subversion for children and young people – is also an occasion for adults to exert their control.
When I was young, adults were freaked out by the specter of Halloween candy poisoned by lunatics, or spiked with razor blades (despite the absence of a single recorded case of such an event). Now, we’ve grown to fear the sugary candy itself. And this year, we seem afraid that college students are unable to decide how to dress themselves on Halloween.
I don’t wish to trivialize genuine concerns about cultural and personal representation, and other challenges to our lived experience in a plural community. I know that many decent people have proposed guidelines on Halloween costumes from a spirit of avoiding hurt and offense. I laud those goals, in theory, as most of us do. But in practice, I wonder if we should reflect more transparently, as a community, on the consequences of an institutional (which is to say: bureaucratic and administrative) exercise of implied control over college students.
It seems to me that we can have this discussion of costumes on many levels: we can talk about complex issues of identify, free speech, cultural appropriation, and virtue “signalling.” But I wanted to share my thoughts with you from a totally different angle, as an educator concerned with the developmental stages of childhood and young adulthood.
As a former preschool teacher, for example, it is hard for me to give credence to a claim that there is something objectionably “appropriative” about a blonde­haired child’s wanting to be Mulan for a day. Pretend play is the foundation of most cognitive tasks, and it seems to me that we want to be in the business of encouraging the exercise of imagination, not constraining it. I suppose we could agree that there is a difference between fantasizing about an individual character vs. appropriating a culture, wholesale, the latter of which could be seen as (tacky)(offensive)(jejeune)(hurtful), take your pick. But, then, I wonder what is the statute of limitations on dreaming of dressing as Tiana the Frog Princess if you aren’t a black girl from New Orleans? Is it okay if you are eight, but not 18? I don’t know the answer to these questions; they seem unanswerable. Or at the least, they put us on slippery terrain that I, for one, prefer not to cross.
Which is my point. I don’t, actually, trust myself to foist my Halloweenish standards and motives on others. I can’t defend them anymore than you could defend yours. Why do we dress up on Halloween, anyway? Should we start explaining that too? I’ve always been a good mimic and I enjoy accents. I love to travel, too, and have been to every continent but Antarctica. When I lived in Bangladesh, I bought a sari because it was beautiful, even though I looked stupid in it and never wore it once. Am I fetishizing and appropriating others’ cultural experiences? Probably. But I really, really like them too.
Even if we could agree on how to avoid offense – and I’ll note that no one around campus seems overly concerned about the offense taken by religiously conservative folks to skin­revealing costumes – I wonder, and I am not trying to be provocative: Is there no room anymore for a child or young person to be a little bit obnoxious… a little bit inappropriate or provocative or, yes, offensive? American universities were once a safe space not only for maturation but also for a certain regressive, or even transgressive, experience;increasingly, it seems, they have become places of censure and prohibition. And the censure and prohibition come from above, not from yourselves! Are we all okay with this transfer of power? Have we lost faith in young people's capacity – in your capacity ­ to exercise self­censure, through social norming, and also in your capacity to ignore or reject things that trouble you? We tend to view this shift from individual to institutional agency as a tradeoff between libertarian vs. liberal values (“liberal” in the American, not European sense of the word).
Nicholas says, if you don’t like a costume someone is wearing, look away, or tell them you are offended. Talk to each other. Free speech and the ability to tolerate offence are the hallmarks of a free and open society.
But – again, speaking as a child development specialist – I think there might be something missing in our discourse about the exercise of free speech (including how we dress ourselves) on campus, and it is this: What does this debate about Halloween costumes say about our view of young adults, of their strength and judgment?
In other words: Whose business is it to control the forms of costumes of young people? It's not mine, I know that.
Happy Halloween.

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The One True Holy Church

Overheard at Lem's:
That's because chick was not raised in "the Holy Roman Catholic Church, the one true church." I had a nun teacher who would use that entire quote every time she mentioned the church. She would bow her head when she said, "the one true church." Nuns are the original Moonies. name is Caitlyn!

WKRLEM: The Gospel according to Luke!

The Gospel According To Luke


Of course Herr Montgomery has that bearded, shaved-head look popularized by you-know-who.

Here's a theory: That sort of craven political hate-mongering is really borne of impotency. Not impotency in the sense of not getting hard for the next hook-up, but rather impotency due to being an evolutionary dead-ender. I mean, what woman would risk bearing your child even if you had good genes? If you had such a death sentence hanging over you like that (and I don't really mean compromised lifespan), would you consider taking it out on the world?

Jimmy Kimmel speaks to children about having a woman president before introducing Hillary Clinton

Good Lord, poor Chelsea.

Observe how well Kimmel speaks with children, introducing himself, introducing the children, goofing on sexes, putting the children at ease, not talking down, asking their genuine views, receiving their opinions as valid, responding to nuances in behavior, evoking real discussion. Being silly. Then, understanding all that is unnaturally adult discussion for children invites them to run outside and play. Contrast all that humanity that Kimmel applies lavishly with Hillary Clinton's manner from her very first moment of creeping in.

Interesting too how closely Democrat politics tracks with political opinions of children.

Carson admits to never being accepted by West Point

Ben Carson’s campaign on Friday admitted, in a response to an inquiry from POLITICO, that a central point in his inspirational personal story was fabricated: his application and acceptance into the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

The academy has occupied a central place in Carson’s tale for years. According to a story told in Carson’s book, “Gifted Hands,” the then-17 year old was introduced in 1969 to Gen. William Westmoreland, who had just ended his command of U.S. forces in Vietnam, and the two dined together. That meeting, according to Carson’s telling, was followed by a “full scholarship” to the military academy.

West Point, however, has no record of Carson applying, much less being extended admission.

“In 1969, those who would have completed the entire process would have received their acceptance letters from the Army Adjutant General,” said Theresa Brinkerhoff, a spokeswoman for the academy. She said West Point has no records that indicate Carson even began the application process. “If he chose to pursue (the application process) then we would have records indicating such,” she said.

When presented with this evidence, Carson’s campaign conceded the story was false.
“Dr. Carson was the top ROTC student in the City of Detroit,” campaign manager Barry Bennett wrote in an email to POLITICO. “In that role he was invited to meet General Westmoreland. He believes it was at a banquet. He can’t remember with specificity their brief conversation but it centered around Dr. Carson’s performance as ROTC City Executive Officer.”


Carson campaign denies Carson ever said he applied or was admitted to WP. The author of the story has not responded immediately to several requests for clarification.

h/t Methadras

Hillary knew

"Clinton Signed NDA Laying Out Criminal Penalties for Mishandling of Classified Info"
A day after assuming office as secretary of state, Clinton signed a Sensitive Compartmented Information Nondisclosure Agreement that laid out criminal penalties for “any unauthorized disclosure” of classified information.
Experts have guessed that Clinton signed such an agreement, but a copy of her specific contract, obtained by the Competitive Enterprise Institute through an open records request and shared with theWashington Free Beacon, reveals for the first time the exact language of the NDA.
“I have been advised that the unauthorized disclosure, unauthorized retention, or negligent handling of SCI by me could cause irreparable injury to the United States or be used to advantage by a foreign nation,” the agreement states.
The language of her NDA suggests it was Clinton’s responsibility to ascertain whether information shared through her private email server was, in fact, classified.
“I understand that it is my responsibility to consult with appropriate management authorities in the Department … in order to ensure that I know whether information or material within my knowledge or control that I have reason to believe might be SCI,” the agreement says.

"Paramedics avoiding ‘Who is the Prime Minister?’ mental alertness question – because it’s too confusing"

"Queensland paramedic Greg Abood told the newspaper he chose to stop using the question about a year ago. “We would ask patients that question because it gave us an idea of their conscious level and ability to recall events,” Mr Abood said."
“But the country’s prime ministers are changing so often, it’s no longer a good indication of their mental status.” He claimed a patient had once responded “I haven’t watched the news today”, after being asked the question.

"In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of."  Confucius

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sunset Nov 5, 2015

Egyptian Grannies!

Yeah that's right.

We got your Egyptian grannies right here.


I happen to like how he says the word "granary" around the 1 minute mark.

Egyptian granaries

Tl;dr Everyone knows including your cat that the good doctor Ben Carson is wrong about pyramids. [ben carson, pyramids]

Experts in the field keep saying "corn" when writing about Egyptian farming and storing and taxation and such, photos of Egyptian art in books depicting fields are labeled as corn fields, and we know that corn is a New World grain. British Egyptologists do this, they say, "corn" instead of "wheat." It would be like mentioning potatoes, chiles, squash, tomatoes, chocolate and vanilla, things that did not exist in that place at that time. 

They mean corn as "corm" or any grain or granule. They do not mean maize. They are referring to wheat. It is an important distinction.

Ben Carson thought and when asked still thinks that Egyptian pyramids were actually built to store grain because consider the number of chambers and the chambers being hermetically sealed, and he doesn't care what experts say.

Pyramids are not hermetically sealed, there is a channel for the the pharaoh's ka to escape, and neither are granaries modern or ancient hermetic, vermin do get into them. And the mass area of a pyramid is 95X more stone than space for chambers to store anything so hardly a reasonable storage design. And there is no reason to store grain for centuries.

Carson, you're a doctor, dammit, not an Egyptologist.

What do doctorates in Egyptology say? Being a medical doctor with reputation and interested in running for president of United States wouldn't he be interested in knowing for certain before mouthing off with assurance outside his area? It is not a matter of having an opinion. It's a matter of being wrong and unwilling to learn.

Lifted from Manual of Egyptian Archaeology and Guide to the Study of Antiquities in Egypt. Document [search: granary] takes you right to this:
The taxation of ancient Egypt was levied in kind, and government servants were paid after the same system. To workmen, there were monthly distributions of corn, oil, and wine, wherewith to support their families; while from end to end of the social scale, each functionary, in exchange for his labour, received cattle, stuffs, manufactured goods, and certain quantities of copper or precious metals.
See, grain is coming and going. Stored, yes, in large amounts, yes, also small amounts, but briefly. It's what do you say, containing oil as wheat does, a perishable commodity.
Thus it became necessary that the treasury officials should have the command of vast storehouses for the safe keeping of the various goods collected under the head of taxation. These were classified and stored in separate quarters, each storehouse being surrounded by walls and guarded by vigilant keepers.Fig 43.--Cellar, with amphorae. There was enormous stabling for cattle; there were cellars where the amphorae were piled in regular layers (fig. 43), or hung in rows upon the walls, each with the date written on the side of the jar; there were oven-shaped granaries where the corn was poured in through a trap at the top (fig. 44), and taken out through a trap at the bottom. At Thûkû, identified with Pithom by M. Naville,[5] the store-chambers (A) are rectangular and of different dimensions, originally divided by floors, and having no communication with each other. Here the corn had to be not only put in but taken out through the aperture at the top.
Fig 44.--Granary.At the Ramesseum, Thebes, thousands of ostraka and jar-stoppers found upon the spot prove that the brick-built remains at the back of the temple were the cellars of the local deity. The ruins consist of a series of vaulted chambers, originally surmounted by a platform or terrace (fig. 46). At Philae, Ombos, Daphnae,[6] and most of the frontier towns of the Delta, there were magazines of this description, and many more will doubtless be discovered when made the object of serious exploration.
We see the vase-like amphora and the mud brick oven-like silos are sensibly thin-walled and not 95% stone with 5% storage space such as pyramids built like mountains with passageways.

In Egyptian language granary is is written with the consonant sounds "snwt."

Go on and provide your own vowels. Let's say, "senwet" but be open to sanwat of sinwut or anything similar. You will see [s wnt] or any combination with redundancy to invoke those key sounds. [s n nwt w t] for example along with the determinative for granary. Any combination of biliteral or triliteral signs (like nwt) with single signs accompanied with this granary determinative will do, as the determinative all by itself will do. And what does the determinative hieroglyph look like? A truncated pyramid. With grain in it. In its rodent discouraging rimmed platform.

Ipetisut Medu Neter Translator

Models of Egyptian granaries show a dollhouse with rooms and figures at tables. Scribes counting and recording at tables. Models of actual granaries look like beehives.

[Egyptian granary]

Granary 12 round silos

The silos are not just sticking up, they're walled.

Grain silo reconstruction

Granary Sinai New Kingdom

Granaries do not have temples devoted to them, to specific pharaohs as part of the compound architecture. Granaries are located conveniently, not in the remote areas, and made for repeated access, pyramids seal humans out while allowing the pharaoh's ka a shot at [Osiris] constellation so although difficult of access are not actually hermetic. Granaries do not have obnoxiously heavy granite sarcophagi inside for a king and a queen with access to chambers blocked. Granaries are not slathered with pyramid texts chiseled in painstaking bas relieve into stone and with text detailing the protection of pharaoh's remains and reanimating his body after death.

Carson is not just wrong, he is ridiculously and resolutely wrong.

My own 2¢: I'm stuck on the word granaries needing another i. English doesn't make sense sometimes.

He called it Macaroni and Lebanese!

President Kennedy had many different pets when he was in the White House. He had young kids and they loved their pets. They had Gaullie a poodle and Charlie a Welsh terrier and Pushinka a mutt that the Russians gave them. They had hamsters and fish and birds and of course Caroline had her pony Macaroni. The President loved to have three ways with Macaroni and one of his interns who were his sexual slaves. He liked nothing better than having sex in the pool with Macaroni and an intern. He loved water sports. And he just loved molesting the sweet young starry eyed girls who worked as interns. The press knew all about it but didn't say anything like they later did with Clinton. That was because JFK would have the interns blow the important newspapermen and eat out the girl reporters. That was why JFK was the only president that Helen Thomas ever liked.  But that was only because he set up at three way for her with Macaroni and an intern. Using Robert Reich as a human dildo during the Clinton Administration just wasn't the same thing.
(Buddy Clinton Died for Your Sins, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Playboy Press, 2009)

It's De Blasio Time! Tits!

New York Post November 5, 2015
A 39-year-old mother was mugged while breast-feeding her infant in a leafy upper Manhattan park — but the actress said the incident will not scare her into moving out of the city.
Elena Sobina’s 6-month-old daughter, Kelly, had just fallen asleep after nursing and she was as relaxed as could be when she felt somebody standing behind her around 5:30 p.m. Friday in an observation area of Fort Tryon Park.

“I was very relaxed,” the new mom said. “I wouldn’t even think about anything like that. I had my phone in my right hand and then I felt somebody standing behind me very close. I turned my head and the guy grabbed my shoulder near my neck.”
She said it was difficult to remember exactly what happened next, but she — and her baby — were thrown to the ground.
“The baby woke up and started to scream,” she said. “She was on the ground and I was kind of above her.”
The baby had a scratch on her lip, Sobina said.
“I saw him from when I was on the ground and he had a knife in his right hand,” she said. “He started to come toward me and I started to scream, ‘Help me! Help me!’”
“He didn’t say anything, so I wasn’t sure what he wanted,” she said. “I thought he wanted to kill me and the baby. So I started to scream to him, ‘Please take my money and the bag.’”
That’s when the attacker, later identified as Juan Garcia, 31, took her bag and ran away. Sobina put the baby back in her stroller and ran in the same direction, stopping to tell her tale to a good Samaritan who called 911.
Police were able to find Garcia by tracking Sobina’s iPhone. He was charged with robbery, criminal possession of stolen property and acting in a manner injurious to a child. He was charged with possession of stolen property and criminal trespass in 2013.
Sobina said she likes the neighborhood because of the very park where she was mugged.
“I’m trying not to breast-feed outside anymore,” said Sobina, whose husband asked if she wanted to move away. “His other idea was to get a dog.”

And he called it Macaroni!

President Kennedy famously gave his daughter a pony called Macaroni. Now every little girl always loves a pony and she was very happy with her daddy. Unfortunately they had to get rid of the horse because little John-John kept calling her Aunt Eunice.
(Buddy Clinton Died For Your Sins, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Playboy Press 2009)

WKRLEM: Behind the Green Door

The soundtrack of your life!

Take a little peak behind the forbidden door

post card from Pyongyang

In video form showing Obama fundraising for DNC in New York. So, not Washington, this is New York and these are his political supporters that he is talking to and all that explains why they are laughing when nothing is funny. Everybody who watches this comedy routine by the president outside this room of supporters knows all about the whole miserable situation containing this nugget of the president's comedic contemptuous ridicule. It is impossible to watch without stirring strong emotions including deep pity of the sort felt when viewing video of North Koreans weeping hysterically publicly over the death of Kim Jong-il and punished for insufficient hysteria.

It's not funny.

Obama who refused to participate in a debate on Fox because of a joke made by one Fox executives, and his refusal brought with it the refusal of the rest of the Democrat candidates, all Democrat candidates refused to participate on Fox in 2007 because of a joke, and the candidate that caused that now president fancies himself comedian speaking to like-minded supporters who laugh at this obvious characterization reversal.

Not only did Republican candidates appear on CNBC but they handed the moderators their liberal asses. Media bias is now the issue precisely because they faced up and challenged underlying assumptions. There is no fear apparent on the Republican side. None. But fear on the left all around as they scramble for the pieces of their reputation. The president has it exactly reversed and his supporters laugh on cue, his own laughter, Obama laughs at his own jokes.

This insight is brought to us by a guy with the handle AlarmedPigFarmer in a comment to an article on American Spectator by Ross Kaminsky. The comment is at the bottom of the second page of comments. AlarmedPigFarmer remarks,
When I saw the video of Prez Barack Hussein's comedy routine last night, the disturbing part was the laughter on the track. It used to be when somebody said something false, he was met with leaden silence or even catcalls and boos. Not now. His predicate was that the candidates had trouble handling the CNBC "moderators" when the opposite happened; the moderators were slam dunked and humiliated. But there was no leaden silence and certainly no boos, there was appreciative laughter. Our nation has changed for the worse because its people have. And these are influential contributors.
Lowered standards = lowered outcomes. And standards for truthfulness are lower on TV even than in the modern classroom.
He is answered by commenter Bandido
No one in the audience dares to be first to quit applauding Stalin or laughing for Obama. They will continue on until sweat pours from their bodies and they collapse with heart attacks and epileptic seizures. Their gods demand total obeisance and prostration before the lectern/altar and the acolytes provide it.
Here is the video on YouTube. Clips of this routine have been showing all week. Oddly, nothing I've seen so far says anything more than DNC fundraiser in NY. That's it. No names given, no more specific than that. Small point, and maybe it's easy enough to find out, I just haven't seen it, and I've seen "DNC fundraiser in NY" about 300 times.

Aboard the 'Jeb Can Fix It' bus

"Fifteen years after John McCain rolled out his Straight Talk Express campaign bus, Jeb Bush unveiled his own tricked out version, hoping to revive his flagging fortunes with a McCain-like dose of frankness and free-wheeling banter with the campaign press corps.

The unvarnished chats with small groups of reporters accomplished one thing: They revealed a humbled, good-humored candidate well aware of his difficult predicament. Yet they also made plain Bush’s frustrations with the business of running for president — his low regard for the political press, his frustration with the debate process and with opponents whom he views as too unaccomplished to be seeking the White House.

...As much as anything else, Bush's interpretation of the Straight Talk Express is showing him to be a political realist — a candidate who understands his flaws and acknowledges his precarious position.
“I’m not crazy," he said. "I have enough self-awareness to know I’m in the middle of the pack. But I know how to get where I need to be.”

Bush repeatedly pinned his hopes on the fact that New Hampshire voters are notoriously late deciders in presidential primaries. Right now, he said, “they’re speed dating.” He expects that when it’s time to vote in February, he’ll be in a better position in polls.

Though he largely declined to dissect his political rivals, Bush paused when asked about Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, a protégé who has surpassed Bush in recent polls. He noted that Rubio and other senators running for president have failed to “change the culture in Washington.” He noted that among Rubio, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, only two combined bills had been passed. But he insisted he’d support Rubio or one of the others if he's beaten to the nomination.

“Marco’s a gifted politician. He’s earned his position. You don’t get to be a United States senator without being responsible for your success,” he said.


I predict a comeback. This article is part of it. Read the full article to capture the...I don't know...whimsical cynicism in the Bush quotes. The image of a political cartoon kept popping up in my mind.

"Drug Overdoses Killed More Americans Than Car Crashes or Guns"

"In 2013, the most recent year for which data is available, 46,471 people in the United States died from drug overdoses, and more than half of those deaths were caused by prescription painkillers and heroin. That compares with the 35,369 who died in motor vehicle crashes and 33,636 who died from firearms, as tallied by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."

Here is how Amsterdam deals with a drug use problem.

"What was something that shocked you when you visited a foreign country?"

Reddit top answers...
How truly polite the Japanese are. And how unbelievably clean the cities of Japan are.
How corrupt the police force is in Mexico.
Trains in India. Furious fighting, shoving, scratching, and clawing to get on, then for the rest of the eight hour journey scrupulous "I'm so sorry I brushed your foot with mine" politeness.
Don't take this the wrong way, but as an innocent Irish lad going to San Francisco for the first time, I walked out the airport and I thought I landed in Asia or something.

'The Quiet Man' was a short story first

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

WKRLEM: You make the joke!

Black lives matter.

The Quiet Man

"Red Will" Danaher: I'll count three, and if you're not out of the house by then, I'll loose the dogs on you.

Sean Thornton: If you say "three," mister, you'll never hear the man count "ten."

"Red Will Danaher" Not you and twenty Dolan's with yer.

(The Quiet Man, 1952)

Whose You'e Daddy Mr. President

George Washington did not have a long relationship with his father Augustine who died when the future president was only eleven. The cause of his father’s untimely demise is not recorded although legend has it that his wife Mary nagged him to death. Washington’s mother did indeed nag him unmercifully his entire life to the point that he ran away to join the militia and felt dodging bullets and Indian arrows was much preferable to letting his mother nag him to death as well. Augustine Washington did bequeath to his son 64 slaves, the Strother plantation and the ability to tune out the voice of any woman no matter how loud or long she might harangue him. This caused some difficultly during his Presidency because in Cabinet Meetings he could never follow what Thomas Jefferson had to say as he had a high pitched womanish voice much like that of Jennifer Tilly. This disaffection led to the creation of the two party system and the rise of political parties in the fledging United States.
(Whose You’re Daddy, Presidential Fathers, Doris Kearns Godwin, Bantam Books, 1998)

Ronda Rousey vs Bethe Correia

Link to video

Uh-oh Rubio

...The Tampa Bay Times asked Rubio's team for the records in June and again in early October. A top strategist, Todd Harris, said Tuesday they would be released soon, possibly within the month, but declined to answer questions about what they might contain.

As speaker of the Florida House, Rubio was one of about a half-dozen lawmakers given Republican Party of Florida credit cards. During the Senate race, the Times/Herald obtained Rubio's statements from 2006 and 2007, showing he routinely charged personal expenses, from a $10.50 movie ticket to a four-day, $10,000 family reunion.

...Rubio defended use of the card; the minivan, he said, was damaged by a valet at a political function and the party paid $1,000, half the insurance deductible. Items that were personal were paid directly to American Express, he said, though records show that did not happen on a monthly basis. After reporting by the Times/Herald, Rubio did pay the Republican Party of Florida $2,400 for plane flights he double-billed to state taxpayers and the party.

Charlie Crist, Rubio's opponent in 2010, tried to make the spending an issue, but Rubio rode a tea party wave to blow past the then Republican governor, the start of national attention that has propelled him into the presidential race. Through it all, Rubio has refused to provide credit card statements from 2005 and 2006.

...In his 2012 book, Rubio did not mention flooring [for his East Miami home]. "I pulled the wrong card from my wallet to pay for pavers." He attributed the family reunion expense in Thomasville, Ga. — a celebration of him becoming House speaker — to a mistake by his travel agent, who used the wrong card.

...Now questions are resurfacing. During the GOP presidential debate last week, a CNBC host ran down Rubio's history and asked if he has "the maturity and the wisdom to lead this $17 trillion economy."

His response avoided the question. "You just listed a litany of discredited attacks from Democrats and my political opponents, and I'm not gonna waste 60 seconds detailing them all."

The next morning, television commentator Joe Scarborough, a former Republican congressman from Florida, said he was "stunned" moderators let him off the hook instead of pointing to records. "And yet everybody's going, 'Oh, Marco was great.' No, Marco lied about his financials."


Video of Trump busting on Rubio about credit cards at the link. Someone who rode the Tea Party wave needs to be Mr. Clean Jeans.

Trump has also gone after Rubio for sweating a lot during debates. Is that going too low, too crude?

"In high-profile Kentucky, hospitals say Obamacare has hurt them"

"While Kentucky has gained national prominence as the only Southern state to fully embrace Obamacare, its hospitals say the law has left them facing billions of dollars in cuts and forced them to lay off staff, shut down services and worry for their financial health and, in some cases, survival."
The Kentucky Hospital Association outlined its concerns in a report released Friday called "Code Blue," saying payment cuts to hospitals are expected to reach nearly $7 billion through 2024. "Kentucky hospitals will lose more money under the Affordable Care Act than they gain in revenue from expanded coverage," it said, experiencing a net loss of $1 billion by 2020.
"This report provides the real picture of what our hospitals are facing," KHA President Mike Rust said during a press conference at the Lexington Convention Center, where the group was holding its annual convention.
Wasn't Obamacare officially known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA). What happened to affordable? These people must be wrong. Obama would not lie to the American people like that.

San Francisco sheriff who championed sanctuary city policy has been thrown out of office by voters.

SF Gate reports partial returns show Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi with 31% support to opponent Hennessy's 62%.

That's down the list, though, more important to SF voters rejected a proposal to restrict Airbnb and construction of luxuriy housing in the Mission District.

Also, in Houston Texas this time, voters overwhelmingly rejected a transgender-rights ordinance that would allow penises in girls and women bathrooms. The losers vow to keep on fighting.

No doubt.

And they know by experience that it's just a matter of time that nag nag nagging like erosion really does work even if at geologic pace it still works. They are right. Eventually they will have what they want. Even if they must publish names of donors illegally. Even if they have IRS agents release private and protected information illegally. Even if they have to drive good people out of their jobs immorally. Even if they must blacklist. Even if they must gain institutional capture over generations, like erosion they will keep at it until they have what they want even while opening new areas for agitation. That is what experience shows them. "No" to a salesman means, "please, more information. Much, much, more."

Washington Times.

I'm quite used to mixed-sex bathrooms. What's the big problem anyway? I guess it's a problem with large crowds. In that case then a third option is not unreasonable.

But this is not a real problem. Speaking from experience with public bathrooms and problems with digestion in public. A few incidents come to mind. In one such instance at Whole Foods a line was formed at the men's bathroom and nothing at women's so I burst into the women's did my poo and left with no problem. Coming out and passing the same line of guys was a bit odd, but not of them broke rank.

Another emergency at Ace Hardware a key is needed. I cannot say that the woman interjecting herself at that critical moment in that critical spot is lesbian but her t-shirt sleeve rolled up holding a package of Lucky Strikes and the wallet in her front pocket attached by a chain to a belt loop of her blue jeans and her motorcycle boots were suggestive, seeing me rushing and sensing emergency she said, "Occupied!" She whipped out a key and opened women's door for me before I got there. She was fast. And I thank her profusely.

The whole issue is contrived. Save for schools and auditoriums. But they'll have a law affecting all businesses. Eventually. And even in Texas.

two important GOP wins in Kentucky and Virginia

In Democrat strongholds Republicans prevail. Democrats do not understand what is hitting them. They are surprisingly slow on the uptake and get everything wrong. Everything. Democrat Governors Association Executive Director, Elisabeth Pearson, who looks like you'd expect, released a statement, here and it's quite stupid, attributing Matt Bevin win in Kentucky governor's race to Donald Trump creating conditions of outsider popularity.

Yeah, and...

You want to talk about political things? This is how I talk about political things. Elisabeth, who spells her own name wrongly, looks stupid and says stupid things.

What created Trump? How is Trump even possible? Elisabeth doesn't bother tracking back. She looks back only so far.

What political conditions existed within Republican party could create the possibility of outsider Trump, not a Republican, not a conservative, to take over?  Since Elisabeth, Executive Director of Democrat Governors Association can see political conditions being created, what conditions were created that led to Trump? Her analysis begins with Trump, but something came before Trump, and something came before the dissatisfaction that caused Trump.

Dissatisfaction with Republican representation created Trump. And that dissatisfaction is with elected Republicans not getting the message, as Elisabeth cannot get this same message, of Republican representation not being brake to Obama's ambitions. That is, restating, when you trace back over election cycles, Obama created the political conditions that Republican representation failed to brake over cycles eventually allowing Republican Matt Bevin to take Kentucky governorship, actually creating Matt Bevin as opposition, considered an important Democrat loss. Obama forced Republican response that failed. The original Democrat careening failed, the expected Republican brakes failed, this double fail frustration building over cycles ultimately led to Democrat loss. Not simply "Trump." And the same thing with Virginia keeping Republican senate.

The best thing about the whole episode is observing their heads exploding all over, struggling to understand and getting it all wrong. Shall we count the wrongness of the ways? It would be a wearisome Fisking of every single sentence.

1. Believe in middle class values HA!
2. Believe working people have a right to the American dream. HA!
3. Believe healthcare ought not to be just for the privileged... *click*

He had ten or so good seconds wailing from the pit of non comprehension.

You watch. It's for you, not for me. I've turned sufficiently misanthropic already and there's only so much horses shit a guy's willing to take. Pleasure enough to have the video on mute and enjoy the three onstage wound up cringing through agonized faces. Pleasure enough just knowing it exists, evidence of their grave unhappiness and their absolute non comprehension. Their lives are destroyed and my heart fills up with glee that, yes, there really is God and he really does love us. We see them agitated, their mouths moving, but nothing gets heard, just as they do, say whatever you like, they're not listening either, and so far as reading Republican actions, Republican actions of taking over, they get all of that wrong too.

Protect retinas, sleep better; blue-light canceler download

"[Too much time looking at the computer screen is] not good for our eyes. LED screens emit a great deal of blue light, and according to the Vision Council, "cumulative and constant exposure to blue light can damage retinal cells."

What's more, even the non-harmful portion of blue light sends a signal to our brains that it is daytime, revving up our heart rate and alertness. It mimics the sun, basically. You do not want to be lying in bed at night, having brushed your teeth and set your alarm, staring into the sun. It's not a recipe for good sleep.

...Exposure to blue light at night has even been linked to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. (It is not entirely clear why; it likely has to do with suppressing the secretion of melatonin.)

There are all sorts of solutions to the blue-light problem. The most obvious is just not to look at screens for two or three hours before you go to bed. Unfortunately, a substantial proportion of my professional work gets done in the two to three hours before I go to bed, so that's not really an option for me.

Hardware solutions include adhesive screen protectors that filter blue light and even orange goggles, if you want to look extra cool after the sun goes down.

But by far the easiest step is just to install f.lux. It's free for Windows, Mac, and iPhones/iPads**. (There's not yet a version for Android, but there are plenty of alternatives; I use one called CF.lumen.)"

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Please forgive me if I've posted this before:

Most people know Al Stewart as the author of some song about cats. This work antedates that. I just learned off Wiki that Stewart admitted that the song was "about" Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Don't be distracted by the visual images in the video. Maybe close your eyes instead. The lyrics are rich in simile and metaphor. Kudos. My favorites lyrics are:

"...riding the wind like a bell..."

" the footsteps of Napoleon the shadow figures stagger through the winter..."

"...two broken tigers on fire in the night, flicker their souls to the wind..."

"...and the steely Russian skies go on forever."
The song has a surprise ending, consistent with Solzhenitsyn.

WKRLEM: Hot Blooded

"Do not use when wet"

sunrise photography

Sunrise Nov. 3, 2015. I've been catching a glimpse of light change and look outside to an extraordinary sunset or sunrise so often this season I've taken up having the camera at hand, now with tripod to catch them steadily through a series of shots.

I learned the camera cannot be set to automatic or it will re-focus each time and change the settings on its own. It must be manual focus and manual shutter speed and manual aperture.

But the camera is not like a mechanical eyeball that you set in place and and have it snap what it sees in a blink. Your own eyeballs adjust to available light by opening up their pupils to allow more light. That takes time. When you snap on the light in the dark you squint to block light until your pupils can shrink. Those same two things happen with the camera. You must adjust both the camera's aperture, its pupil, and its shutter speed, its blink.

As the morning lightens the feedback live-view screen shows areas of highlight with too much light. Blowout areas blink black and white in the playback screen so that tells you as the sun rises too much light is now entering the camera, either blink faster or close the pupil one of those numbers must go up.

I started at shutter speed 80 aperture 4, that is a slow blink with wide open pupil but still too dark for the first pictures.

As the sun rises and highlights begin blowing out both shutter speed and aperture are increased incrementally back and forth between them until finally the shutter speed 320 aperture 8, fast blink, somewhat squinty pupil. Instead of adjusting exposure in photoshop.

Even expertly by practice dialing new numbers deftly moves the camera on its tripod and blows its pixel-perfect alignment.

This is 70 photographs, optimized like crazy.

It was a boring sunrise. No clouds at all, so no breathtaking skyscape save for the changes in hue by gradient. The distant mountains light up. Shadows move across buildings. First and last frame are 4 seconds, in-between frames set at .3 second. One frame removed because it was naughty and another removed because it was worthless.

"How much is liberalism like a religion?"

"The Theology of Liberalism"
There is a sort of orthodoxy required among liberals. Do you believe in climate change? What about the gender pay gap? Those who do not toe the line often find themselves exiled — not just from the fold, but from the conversation.
To some extent, these views are merely what we mean when we say the word “liberal” — they describe a political program roughly supported by one major party. But at some point, these views have become prescriptive; they have morphed into a moral structure to provide meaning and guidance in place of religion. When political beliefs start to explain why bad things happen to good people, they may be crystallizing into something closer to faith.
Political views and religious belief are indeed two very different things, and many liberals have even criticized the pseudo-religious trends in their movement and party. Nevertheless, some recent events should make us wonder just how religious liberal orthodoxy has become...
The accusations are endless. If you don’t believe in liberal positions about climate change, the minimum wage or social justice programs, you must have been bought off — there simply is no other possible explanation. How could you hate the poor so much? How could you doubt established facts? How could you hate yourself?
“Don’t like big government? You’re a nihilist,” Harsanyi adds. Supporters of traditional marriage and sexuality are “transphobic, homophobic.” Pro-life advocates “may claim that you want to save unborn girls from the scalpels of Planned Parenthood, but your real goal is to control women — even if you’re Carly Fiorina.”
This move to silence the debate does not end with Twitter. Last month, 20 climate scientists petitioned President Obama to use the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) – a law intended to fight organized crime — against people who “denied” climate change.
When Brookings scholar Robert Litan dared to analyze the downsides of a new federal regulation backed by Senator Elizabeth Warren, Warren essentially forced him to resign, despite the scholar’s more than 40 years at the organization.
When retired neurosurgeon and presidential candidate Ben Carson said that the Nazis confiscated the firearms of Jews prior to the Holocaust, prominent liberals didn’t rebut his arguments. They didn’t even call him a liar. Instead, they wrote “f**k off” and accused him of “blaming the victims.” Carson was right, by the way, even though his comments were politically unwise and a bit oversimplified...
Nowhere is the mechanism of liberal confession more pronounced than on many of today’s college campuses. Princeton student Tal Fortgang recalled that multiple times in 2014, when he voiced conservative opinions, he was met with an immediate response: “Check your privilege!” (read more)