Monday, December 9, 2019


Ukraine is a mess. Ukraine is a mess by itself and that mades it exploitable by U.S. politicians and American media.

What follows is American congressional math whereby 2+2 = 4 +2 = 182 brazillion.

Republicans are nearly as bad as Democrats and that is why Senator Lindsey Graham indicated he intends to sink the impeachment in the Senate. Discovery will discover too much against too many people. Including himself.

That's discouraging because that is exactly what we wanted.

What follows is three short videos that spell this out. The first video is Lindsey Graham on Fox announcing the Senate will not be calling witnesses. He gives his own lame reasons why he wants this whole thing pushed aside. Not to protect Trump, rather, to protect himself and other Republicans. Understand, if witnesses only damaged Trump and Democrats then he would allow the impeachment to develop to full prosecution.

The second and third videos are Ukrainians ex-officials explaining what happened.

Rudy Giuliani accompanied OAN with Chanel Rion to the Ukraine. Giuliani's presence there is driving the Democrats and media nuts. They know that Democrats are guilty of corruption in Ukraine that worse than the made up thing they are pinning on Trump. Of all the areas available to entangle Trump, they picked the wrong thing in a place where they are most cynically involved. They cannot come through this unscathed.

The second video is about Marie Yovanovitch perjury, George Kent impeachment motive, Lindsey Graham motive to bury the investigation exposed by OAN investigative journalism.

Ask yourself, if OAN could do this then why couldn't CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC MSNBC do this? The answer is they definitely didn't want to. Our media is simply not there for discovery of useful facts to help us make proper decisions. What we have instead is straight up Democrat propaganda writ large crisscrossing the sky.

[I cannot take my eyes off of Chanel Rion in her fur collar leather coat in the quiet settled Budapest snow. She is a frame pulled from Dr. Zhivago. She is gorgeous.]

Ambassador Yovanovitch wisited me. She wisited me in my office. That kills me.

Former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin spoke to OAN about Joe Biden's direct role in getting Shokin's office to stop investigating his son Hunter. The problem for Joe Biden was that when the gas company Burisma's assets were seized by Ukraine government then they could no longer pay his son Hunter. So Joe Biden demanded Shokin be removed. Joe Biden used American backing as leverage and that is what Biden bragged about in another well-known widely distributed recording.


rhhardin said...

I have a soft spot for Ukraine because that was the first Soviet country I talked to when the Soviets started talking to radio amateurs in the mid 50s, when the Soviets allowed them to talk again.

They were UB5 prefix then. One of the wrote me a longhand letter asking for a Vibroplex telegraph key in return for Soviet stamps. Apparently a time of shortage but not of Soviet postal stamps.

edutcher said...

Discovery will discover too much against too many people.

I do believe so.

In the end, this will turn out to be one of those things that came back on the people that started it far more than anyone ever could have imagined.

Mind you, I think this poisons the Democrat brand for a generation. The more it drags (the floor vote fails (or the floor vote passes), the trial goes into extra innings, Gropin' Joe is nominated and the wife of the Ukraine public defender (or pubic defender) says he not only gave her a grab, but also paid for her chinchilla coat, the Hildabeast gets the nomination), the more stuff comes out.

The Queen threw Randy Andy out of the family, so who's on first over here (I know, Bud and Lou are spinning at the mere thought)?

Next year could make the popcorn farmers in this country.