Friday, December 13, 2019

Austria, St. Nicholas parade, Krampus, migrants

In some fer'ner countries the character Krampus accompanies St. Nicholas to punish bad children. It's a Yurpean thing. It's the whole good cop/bad cop routine.

Muslim immigrants to Austria decided it was a good idea to disrupt a St. Nicholas parade somewhere in Austria. Several men in Krampus costumes routed them. Actually, the Krampus characters beat the Muslim parade disrupters with sticks.

It's fun!

Everyone had fun. In their way.

"Hey you guys let's go disrupt the infidels' parade. We must teach them our ways."

      "That's a great idea!"

"Hey Krampus guys, let's kick these disruptive guys' butts. We must teach them our ways."

      "That's a great idea!"

It's all so controlled. Notice they avoid blood.

I'm glad I was born in the one normal country.

Everyone else thinks they're the one normal country.

But you can tell who is wrong by how many leave.

In the US people keep promising to leave and we say, "Good. Because we are as unhappy with you as you are with us." And then they stay insisting they're unhappy about the current state of affairs.

I know only one guy who actually did move to Canada.

But he was rejected.

I asked him, "What happened? You told me you were leaving if Bush II was elected."

     "They looked at my health record and rejected me."

"Oh. Bummer. Well, welcome to America. Glad to have you."

Now he's stuck because Canada knows better than to allow social sponges in bad health. Canada is all, "Nah, you're America's problem."

Although I read on Drudge a long time ago that the number of American expats is surprisingly high and rising. More and more people are willing to give up their U.S. citizenships. This was before Matt Drudge disappeared.

On t.v. yesterday I saw an item on NHK about a small Japanese mountain town that suffered serious depopulation. It was a long in-depth documentary about the town experiencing a resurgence.

Now hippy types are discovering the place and repopulating the town. They're living the life of a commune. Some get free rent. Some get free water that they hand-pump. They grow vegetables. Their children all go to a rejuvenated school. The young children play in nature and they're watched over by any adult who happens to be around. They run exchanges where items are traded. Families operate on very low incomes and very low technology. And everyone is so incredibly happy.

They restarted the hillside rice paddies that had languished. The group effort attracted visitors many of whom decided to stay.

The town has one doctor. One clinic. Everyone's life is turned down about fifteen notches. They've returned to nature and they're loving it.

The whole scene is uniquely Japanese yet it could have been San Francisco in the mid to late sixties. It's like a fifty-five year time warp all over again except in a different country, an entirely different culture, and minus the free sex and the drugs.

They think they live in the most normal country.

Yesterday Johnson bragged about Britain being the greatest democracy in the world.

How presumptuous.

We are!

You f-face.

Except we're technically a republic.

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edutcher said...

They say the Austrians were the most fanatical of the Nazis.

Nice to see somebody go all Ernst Rohm on the crazies.