Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Branco draws nervous crazy Nancy

He surprised me by starting with the eyes.

I would have guessed that he start with the shape of the head. For space filling purposes. When he draws a panel cartoon, the body must fit in the space of the panel.

Notice the Picasso element, the eyes are straight on while the nose is a side-view. He draws the ala of the nose. Hey, it's anatomy over here on Lem's, the bump of the nose, the nostril. But only one. So, side view of the nose. Like Egyptians drew noses but Branco provides two eyes not just one as a face profile.

These cartoonists get away with face-murder. They just leave out things that don't contribute. He doesn't bother drawing a philtrum. Yeah, I said philtrum, the two vertical lines between the nose and the upper lip. The dent they make forms the central shape of the upper lip. While it's essential to a face Branco just leaves it out, and while drawing a picture of Schiff, the philtrum lines are emphasized. (Along with hangdog baggy cheeks for a schoolmarm effect.)

He doesn't draw Nancy ears. No Nancy earrings. No Necklace. Pelosi always wears earrings and necklace.  She's always very well put together. His Nancy neck begins with a downward zigzag line for aged wrinkled neck. Her neck age-lines are actually vertical. Where Schiff-neck will be a carefully drawn pencil.

And he erases. Ew, gross, now the side of his hand is dirty. He can't do that with his pen and ink drawings.

I enjoyed this video very much. I learned a lot about how this cartoonist thinks.

The light reflection on the whiteboard bothered me the whole time.

Oh! All Democrats wave their finger around. All liberals do. They can't help it. It's essential to their didactic pedantic nature. Obama was coached not to do that. It's so obvious that I don't know why cartoonists haven't picked up on this. Obama bent his index finger to vitiate the impulse, but the "conducting an orchestra" effect was still there. Back and forth up and down with a bent index finger. Imagine how awful that would have been every day, day in and day out, throughout the day over and over and over, with his extended index finger. Just awful.

For awhile I was making animations of a liberal speaking then an animal comes flying into the frame and bites off the index finger. The rest of the animation is the person still speaking unaffected but with blood gushing out of the finger stub spewing blood all over the place. A dog, a cat, a parrot, a monkey and so on, Hillary, Bill, any Kennedy, any Russian, any British, any French politician, Castro, any liberal speaker. But there were so many of them that I got tired of making them. The only difference between them was the liberal speaker and the animal triggered by their pedantically waving finger.


MamaM said...

"Not only is she nervous, not only is she crazy, but she's angry too!!"

Nervous, crazy and Angry! "Oh my Gosh what's going on?" I had a good time with this video, in part because of Branco's ability to notice and convey what he sees to the viewer without moving into contempt.

And then in his rather dry voice, They're not for the people but for their own power.

The idea of the waving finger being bit intrigued me. Adding a whole nother dimension to the bloody cookies.

Amartel said...

You need 3D in order to apprehend the quivering and quavering of the aged and infirm Pelosi. And audio to apprehend the insane verbalizations. If she was Republican, the media would be all over her descent into Alzheimers, etc.