Thursday, December 26, 2019

The Spirit of the Season 2


I kind of hate to give gifts. The only thing I hate more is to get gifts. When we were first dating my wife was appalled that I didn't exchange gifts with my best friend. We never did. We both felt if we wanted something we would go out and get it. Who wanted to deal with the gift giving bullshit?

Well this year I got a gift that touched my heart. My little niece decided she was going to get everyone gifts. The kid is only ten but she is very thoughtful. She got her Grandma chocolate. She got her favorite Aunt Lisa gluten free dark chocolate. But she got her Uncle Jim some John Wayne Playing cards. Every card is a different photo of the Duke. I think that proves it.

I am her favorite!

Then the wife went and surprised me. She got me John Wayne coasters. Now I can put my coffee cup on the Duke's face!

Life is good.


Dad Bones said...

The older I get the easier it is not to buy Christmas gifts. As for getting me one that's for someone else to decide if I'm worth the trouble. I'll admit to being pleased when they do but it wouldn't bother me if they didn't.

Thanks for the Christmas posts, Trooper. It's always a pleasure to hear your point of view.

edutcher said...

When you care enough to send the very best, you get the Duke.

Even Lomax would smile.