Wednesday, December 4, 2019

House passes anti-robocall bill

And a weary nation breathes a sigh of relief. And let it not be said that the House doesn't do anything.

Here's a video if you want to watch something.

Seeing this guy speaking caused me to experience a flashback.

Maybe it was the mushrooms.

No. It was this video.

The year was 1983 and there I was in Mexico at a bar/diner having a meal with a friend when a news item came on about some southern nation's congress being bombed.  I sat there and watched it and pondered.

Boy, these Central and South American countries are so unstable. They can't even secure their own Congress.

I was pretty good with Spanish. Top of my class. No brag, just fact. Oh, I got the stupid little things wrong, the mistakes that children make, but I was still better than everyone else. I felt pity. Pity for my southern brothers. Maybe one day they'll be solid like us.

You know, their building looks a lot like ours does. These guy. They copy us all the time. I wonder which country it its. I tuned in my ears like a radio tuning dial and listened carefully for the name of the country.

United States!

OMG, they're talking about us!

We're the ones who are unsteady. We can't even protect our own congress.

How embarrassing.

Boy, does that ever teach me something about ... something.

Anyway, I'm pleased about the robocall thing. Now I can stop being a butt hole to random people internationally who vex me continuously.

I must now pray for forgiveness.




Jesus says I'm forgiven but I'm still a butt hole and this new law cannot fix that. What a bummer.


ampersand said...

Did they exempt themselves like they did with the Do Not Call registry?

ndspinelli said...

The govt. is no match for these renegade foreign robo callers. This is a fucking show.

AllenS said...

I'm willing to let them try. Good luck!

edutcher said...

A warm-up for the Big Impeachment Vote.

Too bad there's no filibuster in the House.

Rabel said...

The bill does nothing. It's all show.

Amartel said...

Regardless of whether this particular piece of legishitlation is a show, I've gotten a LOT less robocalls in the past two months or so and I don't think it's just because I've been blocking the numbers.