Monday, December 9, 2019

Adam Schiff claims President Trump is an asset of Saudi Arabia

A person drowning is silent. They quietly sink. Lifeguards will tell you it looks nothing like you see in the movies. So this flouncing, flailing, splashing and noise-making is a drowning made for media.

Today they charged Trump with treason. A capital offense. These people are genuinely insane. Trump drove them insane.

Disclosure: I didn't watch the video. I don't like the Face The Nation woman's voice. I find it grating and irritating, her content reliably misleading and uninteresting, and I want her only to shut up. And I never had a reason to listen to Adam Schiff. I have zero idea what he sounds like. I've successfully avoided hearing him.

However I have listened to Tom Shillue pretending to be Adam Schiff and he cracks me up. 

But not while watching him. It's eerie. Shillue is depicting psychosis. He's also showing talent, singing, playing guitar, and he is showing intelligence, but intelligence that's being distorted with a thousand-mile stare. I watch him transfixed then when it's all over I crack up laughing at his strange performance. I can't get enough of this weirdness.


Amartel said...

Everyone who disagrees with these dummies is a foreign asset. Which makes sense when you realize that to the dummies an American is a foreign asset. They are citizens of the woooooorld (schiffty eye bulge, for effect).

ricpic said...

"Shillue is depicting psychosis."

Bingo. That's why his take on Schiff, brilliant as it is, is unsettling...well, to me.

edutcher said...

I think the plan now is to charge Trump with being an asset of every foreign nation they can think of, hoping they'll pick the one everybody hates.

Too bad Nazi Germany no longer exists.

AllenS said...

Pretty sure they were insane before Trump showed up.