Saturday, December 21, 2019

12 most mortifying media moments of 2019

Just try to watch it and see how far you can get.

Actually, all media moments are mortifying. Narrowing it down to twelve is simply arbitrary.

You are not expected to actually watch it. And if you do, then shields up!

I've seen this video posted everywhere I go. First in comments then as a separate post. I tried twice to watch it and got so far as 10 seconds before realizing these are all the same people that I actively avoid. So, why would I want to see the worst of them all together? That runs counter to my objective for myself.


Just no. 

No. No. No. 

All these people can just bite me. They do not get 11 seconds of my attention. 


I see them featured everyday and I skip each one every time. I don't give a f what Whoopie Goldberg says. Although I enjoy her very much in movies when she's saying someone else's words.

I skip everything from the View. I cannot imagine why conservative sites are so fascinated with these dingbats.

I don't care what McCaine's daughter says. I see her everyday. Skip, skip, skipity, skip, skip. Why conservatives give these people so much of their energy is beyond me. It's annoying.

Gregg Gutfeld's production always has overly lengthy clips of liberal politicians and activists saying provocative things so his audience sees the material that he is reacting to. Skip, skip, skip. I don't want to see them. 

My soul does that.

In this manner the soul inside me controls my actions and my soul tells me don't watch that. 

Why, Soul, why?

     "To shape your outlook. To avoid poisoning your spirit. To ingest nothing and mentally and spiritually process nothing that poisons and inhibits your spiritual development. Concentrate instead on the better thing. You are a being of spiritual advancement. From the thick heavy physical world of mud to refined spirit in association with God. All this negative political crap on earth holds you back. Do not give it any of your attention or energy." 


That's easier said than done. Even your carefully chosen associates give it to you as I am doing now. 

This post is a soul-test. 

You are supposed to ignore the video. And everything like it.


edutcher said...

No problem.

I suppose Boobs McCain (is that a great name or what? sounds like a stripper. or a hooker, or both) is the token "Conservative".

Much like Daddy.

ricpic said...

The View is a very effective ruling class tool for keeping upscale white suburban matrons in line.

chickelit said...

The depressing thing is that these media losers continue to thrive.