Thursday, December 19, 2019

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell orates about Democrat irresponsibility

"The House conduct has damaged the institutions of American Government."


The US Senate blocking House Impeachment is virtually irrelevant.

The Trump impeachment on it own is irrelevant.

Three brilliant top Jewish lawyers meet at a bar and after a few sips of whiskey they agree to join Benjamin Witte's group of leftist lawyers in Washington, Lawfare, for the purpose of contorting the various mechanisms of government to do what the founder's warned against and built mechanisms to prevent. 

Doesn't matter. Rules are made to be bent to the point of being actually broken and re-written.

These things are convenient to know for when the civil war they bring about gets hot we know whom to kill first.

Conveniently sometimes they're seen together in elevators presently without body armor or personal guards. Careless of them. Considering the damage they do openly. 

Observers were confused when all prior evidence debated for inclusion in the discussion of impeachment were dropped to favor only two weak articles. 

This is the work of the Lawfare Group. This has their smell. They are much smarter and even more devious than all of Democrat Congress put together presently pretending to be ever so somber, oh so serious, should you watch them but nobody sensible does. The Trump impeachment is not important to the Lawfare Group and their clients Nadler and Pelosi, except as gateway to future litigation.

Pelosi said as much. 

Sundance doesn't like channeling the unsavory Lawfare Group but comprehending Nadler's actions requires it. Nadler is a sleepy fat slob dope who must be gently shaken to attention in his own procedure, but the Lawfare Group advising him is brilliant and fast and extremely twisted. Comprehending what Lawfare Group does requires one to think twistedly. 

Sundance explains his own twisted thinking in this Thread Reader page.

They seek evidence in the Mueller 6e material and with McGahn as a witness and less so the Trump financials and taxes.

With the new material they can assemble new articles for impeachment 2.0

They'll have a treasure trove of opposition research for 2020 election; FBI 302's, hundreds of anti-Trump witnesses, massive accusations and speculations, surveillance results, wiretap results, national security letter results all in the hands of Jerry Nadler and Nancy Pelosi, Lawfare Group and Fusion-GPS, DNC, all Democrat political activists and 2020 Democrat presidential candidates. 

Full time surveillance was done on the Trump family and his administration for two full years. All of that will be available to Trump opposition. Leaked to corrupted U.S. media during an election year. 

More details at the link if you care to read them.


ricpic said...

Dismiss without a trial, Mitch. It's within your power to do that.

ampersand said...

Trump needs to declare mob widow Nancy a domestic terrorist and put her on a no fly list. Bye bye Gulfstream jet.

AllenS said...

I do not believe that this impeachment BS is going over very well with most of America.