Thursday, December 5, 2019

Matt Gaetz rips impeachment witness

Who can even watch this crap?

What comparisons can we make, Professor Karlan, between KINGS, that the framers were afraid of, and the president's conduct today?  
Ms, Jackson Lee, she of Busy Day wig fame, the braided wrap that gets thrown into the washing machine on synthetics cycle, the same G.d coiled snake worn year after year, decade after decade delivers her practiced intro about kings. 

The framers weren't afraid of kings. They were disgusted by kings, and wary of parliaments. Conflating the name Barron with a title is funny in Democrat cocktail circuits, I suppose, but definitely not funny within an impeachment setting. The tone-deafness is astounding. And this was practiced! The thing that they think is so brilliant, so amusing, so witty, so sharp, so wry, cynical and ironic is so f'k'n s-t-e-e-e-w pid. And she, a professor, and her a congresswoman. 

Goddamnit that's sick. 

I kept seeing myself paying my son's or daughter's education and getting this professor for my money. 

I'd yank that kid out of college so fast it'd make your head spin. I'm imagining. Because I don't have any kids, yet I'm still offended for the people that do. Being educated by dopes like this who haven't a clue how bad their cocktail jokes sound outside of the cocktail circuit and brought into a sham impeachment hearing. None of them have any idea how bad all this appears. For them. Not for the target of their crackpot derision. These two women actually thought this was clever. And this joke is just one part of her testimony which is similarly ridiculous on all of its points. Imagine this woman nominated to the Supreme Court. She was actually considered. Imagine this dope making constitutional decisions. This is what the Democrat party considers worthy. This is who they are.

And they both had to overlook the understanding and tacit agreement of not making targets of president's progeny.

Of course that applies only to Republican presidents. Strictly enforced under Democrat presidents. You notice this in your own lifetime. It's media bias magnified glaringly. 

They can defend themselves with "the parents did the naming, not the child" but they still dragged Barron into their ridiculous unfunny un-clever, un-ironic screed. 

Sheila Jackson has always impressed me with her rank stupidity and her no-class having ass, and I never had any respect for Stanford or Columbia professors but this crackpot Karlan and the rest of Schiff's lineup are all a new extremely profound low. These people are out of their f'k'n minds. Imagine them each teaching a class. Imagine being in that class. Imagine paying for that. This is the best that they have.


Amartel said...

Of COURSE the "female" (not sorry) law professor is the one to get all emo. Anti-feminist hag! Ruining the reputation of women everywhere. Shameful that she was ever considered for our highest court. (Obama found her too left. Think about that!) Feldman was equally ragey and strident but in a twitchy sort of a way. You could tell he was thrown off by being interrupted. Haha. Real life is a bitch, bitch. The other one mumbled a lot. All three were all disappointing and embarrassing, consumed by unrighteous rage and thoroughly unimpressive. Harvard, Yale, and Stanford do not produce good lawyers. Sorry, but it's true. They produce legally trained apparatchiks and frankly the quality of the credential is in doubt after yesterday. They did NOT read the room (ie., Amurka) and since I doubt any of them have ever actually practiced law in open court with no presumptions on their side, and never lived outside their ragey little bubble, so I doubt they're capable of reading a room. They're trained to blurt out talking points in legalese. Sad!

chickelit said...

Harvard, Yale, and Stanford do not produce good lawyers. I agree that Harvard and Stanford look bad in the light of these professors.

edutcher said...

They were ready for their close-up, but Mr DeMille yelled, "Cut!".

Amartel said...

If only