Saturday, December 14, 2019

Epoch Times, Victor Davis Hanson

It's American Thought Leaders through the Epoch Times. The interviewer is Jan Jakielek. Remember the name, we'll be seeing a lot of him. When he says his own name it sound like Yanyay Kellick. He is a very good interviewer. Unlike all the rest on cable news he asks the right questions and he allows his interlocutor to answer.

There is nothing like an hour with Victor Hanson. This is better than any of the classes that I took in college. And it's free! Who else reaches back to Greek classic philosophy and mythology and language to explain modern politics? I can forgive him for not mentioning ancient Egypt because our system is not grounded in any of that. So instead we'll get Greek tragedy and the concepts of hubris and nemesis to view the impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

Why is IG Horowitz's report on FISA abuse unlikely to satisfy those seeking more accountability for the Spygate scandal?

Like me.

*waves hand vigorously*

Because it's so narrow. Surprisingly thin. It leaves out very much that we know about. It's only one small part of an outright government-wide coup. It describes one narrow sliver of resistance, and that sliver is described only partially. There are very many known straight up crimes left unmentioned. There is more to the FISA abuse that the report doesn't mention. The lacuna glaring the IG report is written about everywhere; Bongino, OAN, Red State, Breitbart, Epoch Times, The Federalist, for only six examples. The IG report is only a few trees in a whole forest.

Hanson's face is chiseled from a block of stone with much of the block left intact. 

He always dresses drably top to bottom in monotone brown. Always. Everything brown.

Brown on brown on brown on brown on brown.

Imagine him once with a colorful silk tie and the whole picture changes dramatically. 

His language is always reliably extremely carefully chosen. 

Then I saw a guy on t.v. and I go omg that Victor Hanson! I turn off mute to listen and it turns out to be a commercial for heartburn medicine, or some such, and guy speaking is nowhere near anything like Hanson. And I couldn't believe two people can be so much alike in appearance and so different in intellectual gift, emotional grace and in spirit. 

Hanson is rare. Very rare.

I always sense that he deigns to enlighten us.


edutcher said...

The FISA report still has a lot more to it than most think, I read.

Supposedly, it's Durham's findings that will create blood in the water.

We shall see.

ricpic said...

I agree about Jan Jakielek. I've seen him conduct several interviews and don't mistake his soft manner with a lack of backbone. As an aside he also has very appealing features, classically Polish.