Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Pensacola Naval shooter was infuriated after instructor nicknamed him 'Porn Stash'

Story goes to Fox.

I felt guilty for laughing so hard, but not enough to get me to stop laughing.

Fox has it wrong. Surely, the flight instructor tagged him "Porn Stache."

Hidden porn or porn-mustache. Either way he would hate it. 

It's just a thing that came out in the investigation, not the reason he flew off the handle and killed Navy personnel. I think everyone knows that but I still see mass confusion throughout comments all over the place. Commenters think the instructor meant a stash of porn and they think this is the reason explaining away why he flew off the handle and killed Americans.

Were it so, then he'd have certainly killed the flight instructor. 

This photo does show a porn stache but his eyes are more prominent. They are perfect Egyptian-style eyes. Art eyes. Way back decades ago it didn't makes sense to me to draw human eyes like deer-eyes, with two huge black dots with no distinct pupil and iris. To them blue eyes but seem weak or spooky. They must wonder how our eyes even work. "Your eyes. They are two pools. Two mysterious pools. Your eyes are two mysterious cesspools of love."

Comments all over restate Arabs have no sense of humor but that is far from the truth. They laugh. And they laugh at themselves. 

I don't see a video on YouTube about what I saw on t.v., but I do see others that are similar. Dunham did a world tour. He tells an interviewer outright that he was worried about his Achmed character in Arab and Muslim countries. His routine killed in Saudi Arabia. I think. Maybe it was another Arabian country, but the audience was mostly men dressed uniformly in white robes with red checkered headdress. Not literally killed. His Arab audience knew what to expect. They laughed their butts off seeing themselves depicted this insanely as a dead terrorist. His Achmed character routine killed in Arab countries and it killed in Israel. 


Amartel said...

The Saudis at Pensacola are a bunch of spoiled princelings who do whatever they want. This asshole had no sense of humor because "Porn Stache" is both hilarious and true.

Amartel said...

Excellent Background on Pensacola Shooting

ricpic said...

Our gubmint is married to the fakokta Saudis!

ndspinelli said...

Jeff Kent, former Met 2nd baseman, hated that people called him porn stash. I don't think he killed anyone.

chickelit said...

Porn state also has unibrow. Such are his people.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

Islamic supremacist assholes are like leftwing supremacist assholes. Delicate little twat-twat freakazoids ready to mow you down the second they feel a moment of disrespect for their BS religion.

edutcher said...

Time to start arming our guys (and girls) on post.