Thursday, December 19, 2019

Guys with better things to do than listen to news get update from Alexa

This could have been tonight or it could have been 2016 for all that I know.

I love watching kids use technology.

Imagine getting your president-related information from Alexa.

I love clerks who are kids explaining their silly cheap plastic toy credit card readers and their toilets that flush without touching but only once, and their sinks that deliver water without touching, and soap without touching.

"No, this small hidden slot is where the card goes, not the large slot dominating the bottom. You enter your response on the keyboard, but you enter your second response on these tiny side buttons. No, you touch the screen, not the keyboard. The flush button is on the wall."


I love the coffee house clerk who explains the UPS setup in the shop where she happens to work. UPS has nothing to do with her. But she is the person who knows you have to go all Minority Report on the technology with a keyboard that appears in the air. Not really. But it's like that. Nowhere does it say that it's a touchscreen. Why the keypad is there is beyond me. Why the instructions don't mention to enter only the last four digits of their thousand-digit number for your box is beyond me. You're supposed to have been born yesterday and just know these things.

While the technology that led to present technology is utterly beyond them. Even a single step previous stumps them.

They're adorable.

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edutcher said...

As many have observed, a lot of Lefties will awaken to find Donald Trump, to their incalculable dismay, is still President.