Thursday, December 26, 2019

Here is the perfect new series for youse guys for the Christmas Season!

I give it top marks. It is engrossing. And gross. Just what you need as an antidote to cloying Holiday Cheer.

You just have to have Hulu. Most people who cut the cord have Hulu because you can get the regular channels ABC, NBC and CBS with a little add on so you don't have to get the whole cable package. Add in the Amazon Fire Stick with the pirate downloads and you can see every show and every movie as soon as it comes out in the privacy of your own home.

You get to treat the cable company like a harlot. So to speak.


ricpic said...

Not one of those incredibly zaftig young things have the black dots on their cheeks or bosoms that were like the cherry on top beauty marks in the 18th Century. Go look at Hogarth's strumpets. Or Rowlandson's. You'll see.

ricpic said...

Should be not one...HAS. I hope that pacifies a grammar enforcer out there.

ricpic said...

On HER cheek or bosom. It just gets worse!

MamaM said...

How close to the mark was "old photos of well-endowed women?

Enhanced but moving pictures of well-endowed women from olden times covers this one!

Worse yet, what I watched last night included black marks along with the French Pox.