Monday, December 9, 2019

NBC News, Inspector General report on Russian Investigation

American media is up to their eyeballs in spreading disinformation, partial truths, emphasis on the wrong things, offenses of purposeful omission. We expect them to spin their wheels off to cover their own misconduct. So it's always a bit of a surprise when they don't.

But you have to pay attention to them to notice when they don't and they wore me out years ago. So  I wouldn't know. It must be pointed out. From my point of view this is rare.

The report itself is a whitewash. FBI made mistakes here, CIA made mistakes there, DOJ made mistakes here and there, media made mistakes here and there and everywhere all day, all night, day in and and day out and always in the same direction against Trump and against everyone who voted for him, but it was all honest sincere concerns on their part. Orange man bad. Surely you can understand this.

Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit.

I've read several times that the name "Comey" is disguised so that when his name is searched it comes up empty. "r" + "n" is substituted for "m" so that "Corney" becomes "Comey."

This is easily tested. The name "Comey" does not come up in a page search while "corney" for "Comey" comes up repeatedly. 

What a bunch of dicks. 

The last IG report allowed an outsider to provide all the section summaries that contrasted sharply with the content of the paragraphs, knowing most sensible readers will skip through the near endless body for the various summaries. Like me. He fed us all lies. Totally misdirected. Back we go to read the whole thing, now trusting nothing. Dishonest by nature, dishonest in their work, dishonest with their work about their work. Totally unreliable and wholly dishonest. They're not worth the trouble reading.

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edutcher said...

That they lie speaks volumes.