Friday, December 13, 2019

Antifa rioting in London

Maybe they're just protesting. Hard to tell.

We lost so badly we must now protest. Okay, you asked for it. Here goes:

Boris is not the boss of me
Stand up to racism
Stop Islamophobia
Defy Tory rule
Uckfay Orisbay
Flounce like this
Mask your face
Stomp the ground
Scream at the sky
This sign is heaver than I thought
This is the worst date ever
Does green hair make me look fat?
Migrants and refugees welcome here
I thought riot was going to be comedy
Thith tongue pierthing tathtth like metal.
Where was I. Oh the election. You're all racists.
We never did like you very much.
Redo the election


edutcher said...

Imaginative, aren't they? /sarc

ampersand said...

Release the Krampus.

ricpic said...

The English (well, the actual English) just voted for their survival. A hissy fit won't impress them.