Saturday, December 21, 2019

Origami horse

The paper is a specific foil type that makes a sound when Jo creases it.

Best muted or the sound will get to you. And best on double speed so you can watch the thing before your grandkids grow up.

It's a very nice horse.

Jo has nice hands. It's fascinating watching them work expertly.

Now a dummkopf horse for dummkopfs.

Now an expert horse for people who are really good at this sort of thing.

We did this, of course. First thing. Everyone learned how to make the storks. And the boxes. And frogs.

But now people go insane mathematically.

At age nineteen I had a nice apartment and a neighbor who was a bit fussy.

He used to take grocery bags and crumple the rims so they held themselves open, for trash bags. He said, "It's impossible to just fold them. The paper always tears."

I knew from basic paper folding that it is possible to fold paper without tearing. The same thing these guys do in the videos. You make initial folds to weaken the paper then hold it in the likely places to tear, and invert the direction of the fold so that it slips into place securely.

     "Smart ass."

"One of these days you're going to drop the "ass" part because there is nothing smart ass about it. It's just that you never bothered with origami."

Now when I try to do that it rips all over the place.

So the paper has four corners. How do they fashion four legs and a neck and a tail from triangles in a square? It's mystifying.

Now even NASA is using origami principles to unfold large screens in space. They use mathematics to apply to a large flat light screen then draw thousands of triangles on it.

One time on an airplane the guy sitting next to me fashioned two frogs on a see-saw from a dollar bill. It took a very long time. Incredibly tiny folds. Very good frogs. I'm certain that I still have that somewhere. I think it's in a box of weird stuff that I arranged in a glass cabinet three apartments ago.

[I'm sick. Yesterday I felt a tickle so I broke open a Zantac (I think)  and rubbed it inside my nose. It seems to have lessened and quickened the whole thing. It's awful and debilitating, but actually not all that bad. And I think I'll be cured fairly quickly. I don't know why Im coughing so harshly, there isn't any congestion to clear.]


Sixty Grit said...

"Do you have a sore throat?"

"No, I am just a little horse."

ricpic said...

The Tree Objects

I can have origami reindeer and an origami sleigh,
But not an origami Santa 'less he's skinny, heigh heigh heigh.

ricpic said...

I can wear is better than I can have. Oh well.

MamaM said...

The cough may be worth mentioning to the doctor. If I recall correctly someone beloved on this blog thought they were experiencing an allergy response when it turned out to be a heart issue.