Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Dr.Sebastian Gorka with Jan Jekielek.

It's a broad sweep of the geopolitical landscape with interesting personal story besides.

Now find some singular element, his yellow tie being the same one worn in this Breitbart interview, the background noise, Gorka's non-rhotic accent retardifying whatever it is that he's saying, and have that stand for the whole thing then dismiss it as toxic or a joke or whatever else comes to mind to demonstrate you have trouble appreciating things. 


ricpic said...

What's that thing on Gorka's right wrist?!

Chip Ahoy said...

I don't know, but reason enough to dismiss the whole thing.

ricpic said...

The guy's got on a thousand dollar suit and he's got a schmatta on his wrist.

MamaM said...

Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas to all, with a wave of the prickly leafed holly branch toward Santa and all the reindeer who help pull the sleigh with Rudolph while crassly noticing and remarking on his blinking red nose. At least they've narrowed their snappy judgments to something silly and bright and aren't zinging Santa about his fat or muttering under their breath about what an awful bitch the woman who hangs out with him can be. Woe be to them who resort to that kind negative approach. Imagine the songs and gestures that would form around that behavior!

Wishing the Christmas Blessing of wonder, growth, peace and light to all who are part of the Lem's Levity Experience, including the guy with the vision, the one who keeps the sleigh running, and all the near and dear who help pull it along to deliver presents of one kind and other to the appreciative and the ingrates alike.