Saturday, December 21, 2019

New shirt

I just bought the most expensive shirt that I've ever owned.

From The Rack.

I think Nordstrom's moves everything over to The Rack for discount when they're not selling quickly enough. But I don't know. The prices are usually reasonable marked down from extremely unreasonable. But, I'm happy with everything that I bought from them.

Just yesterday my housekeeper said, "You have really good taste."

I used to buy shirts for work. All high quality but plain as day. Disgustingly plain. Disturbingly plain.

Now I don't have that concern so my search always includes "pattern." Nordstroms is careful about quality.

And I've learned that when something jumps out at me from the thousands, then stop thinking and buy it. And that's what happened now.

But I had to dismiss an incredibly high price.

What the heck.

My rule says, "buy it."

I'm guessing my neck is 15.5, what the heck, I'm not wearing a tie anyway.

And the description says the sleeves are long.

We'll see. The package is already here. That was fast.

It's goofy.

And I like that.

From a distance the shirt appears to be pale blue with prints of animals. This color is wrong ↓.

It's actually white with thin blue lines. The description says "blue." The thin blue lines makes it appear light blue.

And the animals are retarded.



Each animal is divided in three and put together randomly. The legs don't match. Birds are put with fish and mammals. But you have to get up close to notice.

And that's why I like it.

I can't wait for people to notice.

"Hey! Your shirt is actually retarded." 

Imported. I think it's Yurpean. But I don't know.

That might explain why it is so expensive. All those socialist countries try their best to rip off Americans. And now Trump's tariffs make that even worse. 

Oh well. 


Rabel said...

I see it has a French Placket.

That sounds a little dirty and sure 'nuff.

That Shakespeare guy had a dirty mind. Kind of like Trooper.

Rabel said...

Back when I cared what I looked like I would go to the local upscale department store late in the week. Way back in the back behind all the other circular racks, somewhat hidden, they had a 75% percent off section.

I scored some really nice stuff. Still have most of it.

Rabel said...

I still care what I look like. Just not as much.

The end product, regardless of the effort and expense that goes into it, has a limited potential.

More limited every year.

ricpic said...

Those animals scream UPSCALE IRONIC.

MamaM said...

I wondered if the design function on the machine that embroidered the fabric had malfunctioned and the shirts made from those bolts were bought by Nordstrom as seconds and shipped to their Rack stores without having darkened the door of their primary retail space.

But no, on closer inspection it looks deliberate. Another way to subtly dominate and punk the hapless fly who buzzes in close enough to notice the absurdity and get caught in the attention trap.

MamaM said...

Chim Chim Chimera

From 7 Things to Know About Nordstrom Rack:

2. Not everything sold in Nordstrom Rack stores is from Nordstrom. Though items that did not sell at the mainline Nordstrom stores do get moved over to the Rack, other items purchased specifically for the Rack end up in Rack stores, too. Rack buyers are super concerned with quality and value and they want to make sure they purchase brands Rack customers will love, so you can also find a great deal on these items.

Brands that are purchased in lots for the Rack include Calvin Klein, Democracy Jeans, Lush, Pleione, Bobeau, Splendid, Vince Camuto, Lucky, True Religion, Daniel Rainn and more.