Saturday, July 7, 2018

Five years, eh?

I have certainly had my moments here, but now I want to focus on the "Levity" part of this blog. I don't always succeed, but it's good to have goals.

Based on Chicklet's comment earlier I took a look at pictures from five years ago and found some pictures of a couple of sweetgum (Liquidambar styracaflua) burls that I sawed in 2013. They weren't exactly anniversary ready at that point, but I did turn one giant bowl out of the largest burl and sold it to a woman who lives in Dublin Ireland.

It was a beautiful bowl and I doubt if I will ever find another burl like that one.

I finish turned it after it had dried for two years. It really was a stunning piece of work.

Today's sunset:

It was a great day, I got a surprise visit from a couple of friends who live far away and I even took a road trip to Capital City. How about that, eh?

Oh yeah, I woke up at 4:30 this morning and while I was out in the backyard I heard barred owls for the first time this season - perhaps they have been here the whole time and I just slept through their hooting.

Lem's Levity Is 5 Years Old Today

Her's a link to the very first post:

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Taking up Freeman's* suggestion

I'm creating this blog to be able to comment to Althouse's Blog posts, which she has decided to turn off.

UPDATE: She is calling her decision Comments Vacation.

I'm not going to speculate as to why I believe she turned off the comments, because, one, it's not going to change anything and two, I probably contributed to the decision. So, if anything I should be apologizing for contributing to the ruination of a good thing.

Althouse longtime commenter Freeman Hunt suggested*....

"Please blog at your own blogs and link to me. I notice where I'm getting linked, and can link to your blogs to include you here."

Make it so. (captain Picard)  -

ESPN went to a different commenter format themselves but I chose not to follow them because the only choice available to comment will be via Facebook, and I'm not a Facebook enthusiast. Facebook is not for me.

So, hopefully I'll continue to comment, even if at least for a while, it will just be for myself.

Correction* - It was Althouse that suggested commenters blog at their own blog.

Hot potato

This is silly.

The title of an item on Instapundit had me laughing so hard I had to hold onto my laptop and let the paroxysms of belly laughs happen, "Drinking beer and throwing axes."

That's just plain funny.

More like hatchets. But still axes. It's a place in Tennessee, indoors, simple bar and four lanes for throwing axes at a target.

Another thing over there on Insty is less funny. Some dope named Max Boot joins George Will in saying that Democrats must win to purify the GOP.

And that isn't going to happen so whatever the article says, we're already in polysci and fantasy category of fiction writing. But one sentence into it Max says he cannot be identified with the party of child-snatchers, so I dropped it right there like a hot potato. What a f'k'n dope.

Actually, I could go for a hot potato.

Even a cold one will do.

I haven't had breakfast and I'm hungry.


I have cold potatoes.

OMG, I can satisfy this yearning right now. In an instant. No cooking, just reach into the refrigerator and have the best potato salad that I've ever tasted. But it's much more than that. It's smashed waxy potatoes treated similarly to traditional potato salad but with an entire English cucumber, salted and squeezed of its water, and onion, salted and squeezed of its sulfur unpleasantness, carrots and corn, and pork. It should be ham but I don't have any of that around right now so I used pork instead. And it's so excellent I cannot even stand it. I want the whole world to taste this. It changes what you think potato salad should be.

I have pictures!

I'll show you before I show anyone else. You're first.

An English cucumber is sliced and salted and let sit so its water releases. Later, it's squeezed and pressed in a few layers of paper towel.

Waxy potatoes are peeled and boiled until tender.

Sliced sandwich ham is used but I don't have any of that. I'd prefer deli ham  sliced very thickly. 

You know how carrots are tapered. To get them the same size small chunks, then the thin part is cut in chunks up the carrot until it become thicker. Then about half  way sliced in half the long way and continued chopping off discs that fall in two pieces. Then the last third the thickest part is sliced in half again and both halves sliced lengthwise again into four semi-long pieces, and those chopped the same way as cutting firewood for the pieces to be the same size. 

Vidalia onion so it's not harsh as regular onion, but if left in the mixture its remnant sulfur quality will develop and spread through like fumes, so they're salted and squeezed in paper towel like the cucumber.

Potatoes smashed with a fork incompletely leaving chunks. Rice vinegar added while the hot potato is vulnerable to absorption. I added my favorite Asian flavor ingredients to enhance it.

I was going to marinade this pork for awhile but it isn't necessary. It's great by itself.

There you have it. Pre-mayonnaise. Doesn't it look like a fantastic hash? Much more vegetable and protein than regular old picnic style potato salad. That was never one of my favorite things. But enhanced this way it's simply fantastic.

I used to hate mayonnaise. But now I accept it. It's actually rather good once you make it yourself. It amounts to a sweet/sour egg/oil emulsion enhanced with mustard. I think commercial mayonnaise is white because they use only egg whites. I'm not sure. And they don't use very much mustard if they use any at all. And they cook theirs so the eggs are safe. Anyway the potatoes and vegetables need oil, and mayonnaise has that.

Come over here, and I'll give you a plate of this. You'll agree it's the best that you've had.

It will do very well for breakfast this fine Saturday morning.

The Shipwrecked Sailor

This is how I study Egyptian hieroglyphs. Reading the book doesn't lock it in so I re-write the book. This comes from the work of James P. Allen who transliterated eight works of Middle Egyptian Literature from hieratic (cursive) into hieroglyphs. I have two copies of this book, one in print, and Kindle version. Both versions are infuriatingly difficult to actually use. To just read the books I suppose they're almost okay, but to use, not so good. I do not recommend the printed version because the print is too small, but I must admit it holds up very well to bending and creasing and hard book-abuse. So far, not a page has fallen out, and I've mangled the thing, so, it's bound very well.

This story is the oldest example of Egyptian literature found. It survives as a single papyrus manuscript kept in the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Allen uses a strange hieroglyph font, but then, they all have their quirks. And Allen's publisher decided to print them so tiny that they're virtually useless even wearing glasses and using a large capable magnifying glass. And that's no way to read a book. It's impossible to distinguish between certain hieroglyphs. For example, for "children" Allen shows male and female next to each other on chairs but there is no sign for that, yet that's what I'm seeing. There is no such hieroglyph for children in Jsesh font file. So I made the configuration from elements into a ligature to show what I was seeing. Then, in a later episode the printing improved such that I could see the chairs crammed closely together is actually the number 3. And basic male, basic female over 3 is a lot easier to type in by code, a much simpler ligature. That kind of thing bums me out -- looking for signs that don't exist.

What follows is 21 videos of 16 episodes of the story. The story is told in couplets. The columns are shown in the videos first the line in English, then the same line as hieroglyphs, when the episode is told, then Allen makes notes of certain chunks of text explaining grammar and peculiar incomprehensible phrases. Basically half of each video is the story and the second half is Allen's notations.

I mentioned before that linguists are a different lot. Their grammar is different from the grammar we leaned in school. That's because we were taught English grammar, and that's only a very small part of the full grammars of all languages across the world and through time. Linguists have notations for every sound possible to make with your mouth in any language, even grunts and clicks and hawking up flugies, and words to describe types of words, and they have words for the placement of words in sentences, types of placements and types of sentences, for any arrangement found, anywhere, any time. It's awesome. But confusing where our English grammar only just barely helps get a start. You'll see, in Allen's notes that follow the couplets. It's outrageous.

If you don't like that, then this is where videos are better than gifs. Videos don't start running automatically, so they begin when you start them. And videos can be paused so you can examine a frame longer if you like. And videos allow you to skip through them.

Or ignore them all. I don't care. I'm just showing how I learn.

The story without any of this is put at the end of the videos because it's too long to put here in front.

Friday, July 6, 2018


As I mentioned, I am watching the Netflix series Shooter based on the Bob Lee Swagger books written by Stephen Hunter, of which there are ten. Shooter, both the series and the movie, are based on the book Point of Impact, which I thought was a pretty good book.

The movie starred Marky Mark Wahlberger, which was one terrible bit of casting. I could list the reasons why, but compared to the little Frenchie who plays Swagger in the TV show, it was brilliant.

The TV show suffers from all of the things that you know I dislike - it is filmed in California but is set elsewhere - the Pacific Northwest, DC and other places - so it has the wrong trees, wrong hills, wrong light and so on.

The movie version did have Levon Helm in one of his last roles, so that was good. His replacement on the TV show was not good. Which brings up another issue - the writing in the TV show is bad even for TV. It wasn't until the last sniping scene in the last epi that some of the Bob Lee from the books shows up. That kind of redeems the show.

So that's my review - the writing is awful, the acting is not good, the scenery is all wrong and yet here I sit watching season two. So it goes.

But enough about all that. It is what it is. Life, and work go on.

Today I made this:

Here's George Bush singing it!

Who knew he liked to dress up!

Sixty's Relatives sing Rocket Man!

Take off your shoes and grab your snake and sing along!

Here's One with Jim Acosta Singing!

I bet Little Kim would enjoy this one. Just sayn'

Reason Number 3,958 why you have to love the God Emperor.

He was talking to Little Rocket Man when he asked him about the song. Said he didn't know it.

So Trump is sending him an autographed copy of the album with the Secretary of State.

Unfortunately not this version but still.

Master Troll Class 101

Terrine chocolate

Brownies. Except a lot more actual chocolate and a little more eggs and real cream, and a lot less flour.

This video is to relax you. Because she actually chops all the chocolate in real time to little bitty bits. and the steps are quiet and relaxing with no words or music.

The recipe looks Western, (chocolate, eggs, butter, flour) while the aesthetic is Japanese.

Whoops. She baked it by centigrades. That means we can't make it.

You don't have to heat chocolate very much to get it to melt. It melts at a range below your body temperature by 10°-15°. Eggs cook through a range of temperatures, first the whites thicken (140°) then  the whites become tender solid (150°), then the yolks set (158°), the whole egg sets at 165°. Egg whites are actually complex with a wide range of cooking times, but if eggs are cooked at boiling temperature  for too long then they become rubbery because the proteins continue to squeeze out the water. This cook here has a delicate touch.

Parchment paper is sold at your grocery store. Or here.

Cooks who make a lot of terrines recommend the collapsable kind.

I'm getting particular and arrogant as all h-e-double hell sticks about food.  I realized I've begun judging everything for its food value. This is real food. All basic ingredients, except both chocolate and sugar are processed fairly highly. It's very sophisticated. But they don't have to be. You can get less refined versions of both.

I used to love brownies. But now I view them as chocolate sludge. I don't know if that's fair.

The 4th I passed a food truck vending pizza by the slice and as I walked by I was thinking I'd have to be starving. I thought, your pizza is the shadow of my pizza, like the one I just made, and it cannot be beat. No bragging now. Just fact. I make the best pizzas that I've tasted because I've honed my skill to my taste. And that automatically makes me critical of all other pizzas. Which is overcome when I'm hungry.

If I made this chocolate terrine, probably in one my little bread pans, it'd be for the ladies around here, or for a party. I would not make this for myself. Its food value too low.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Today's pictures

Many subjects, many pictures. I will try to limit how many I post.

First up, sunrise - looks ominous:

My leopard lilies (Lilium pardalinum) are starting to bloom. My attempts to propagate them over the winter failed. I have the same number of plants I had last year, so maybe this year I will do some research on how best to produce more of them.

And while walking one of my dogs this afternoon and saw a turkey tail fungus:

A storm moved through this evening, I looked out the window and saw a rainbow. It is a double rainbow but the outer one is very faint.

Then we had a groovy sunset. 

That's is all.

Ed Schultz January 27 1954 -- July 5 2018

Dead at 64.

Theres' a list of sources to choose from if any more information is necessary. (It isn't.)

TV Line
CBS News
LA times business
Huffington Post
The Wrap
Hollywood Reporter
Sputnik News
Chicago Tribune

Let's go with Fox Entertainment. Because "entertainment" is ironic.

* His employer announced it, RT America
* At his home in D.C.
* Was successful covering sports for Fargo-Moorhead
* Originally conservative but changed his views to retarded on many issues.
* Gained national fame hosting "The Ed Sho" on MSNBC.
* Until Phil Griffin wanted a new look

[This is what hearing people do; they speak and write out of chronological order and expect to followed through time-jumps. That's fine. Just an observation, no criticism. Not everyone does this. Some cultures/subcultures, like deaf-subculture speak and write chronologically.]

* Born in Virginia
* Played football at Minnesota State
* Signed as free agent to Oakland Raiders
* Went to Canadian Football League
* Was kind to people
* Had a complex personality
* Remarkably generous
* Did shows for clinics where doctors gave free care to indigent. No one else would.

So that's that.

And now something different.

When I was five-years of age my Scottish grandfather died. My older brother discussed this tragedy with me. I flashback to this moment.

We're standing outside on the street in Bethlehem at the trunk of a dark early model car parked in front of our dad's early home. Very round heavy car, nearly a military tank. Like a '54 Chevy. Grandpa was very old. Very very very old. Old as the hills. Creaky debilitated coughing sick, hard of breath, wrinkly old. Couldn't feed himself, couldn't bathe himself, my grandma was his nurse.  His wrinkles had wrinkles and his age spots had their own age spots. His hair was thinned gray and he had more hair on eyebrows and growing out of his ears than he had on his head. He was remote. Ancient as pharaonic Egypt, his English incomprehensible, hardly English at all, and he flat didn't like us two boys. We meant nothing to him, except aggravation, and it showed. He was sixty-four years old when he died but he looked like a five thousand year old mummy brought back to semblance of life. Barry and I agreed, sixty-four years old really is up there. He had a long life.  (!)

This month I turn sixty-four. What a stupid little bastard I was. No wonder Grandpa didn't like me.

How to treat a reporter.....the right way

I don't know if you are aware but Rolling Stone Magazine is commissioning a big hit piece on the rise of conservative comic books that have arisen in response to the ultra pc of Marvel and DC Comics. Where they made Thor into a woman and Spiderman into a Mexican and the Hulk into an oriental.  This reporter is calling around for interviews that she can twist into something to take down people who are attempting something different that the usual pc bullshit that encels, cucks and feminists are trying to shove down the throats of the traditional customer base of comics. Heterosexual young men.

Now Vox Day has written a lot about this since he has started his own very successful alternative comic book line. He also outlined the perfect response that this guy Pax Dickinson who really did the right thing to this enemy of the people. He sent her on several wild goose chases. The best move is when he had her buy a MAGA hat and take a selfie so he could identify her when he was to meet her at a Cracker Barrel. Perfect.

Imagine Sarah Huckabee Sanders refuses to call on Jim Acosta unless he wears a MAGA hat. Man that would rock.

The only way to handle the press is with contempt. Well done sir.

My dog says "Hey" to Chip's dog

A picture I took in 2009. "Bark!"

I took this picture yesterday. 

Yet another picture of the sky yesterday. Stawm's a-comin'.

MAGA hat

Buy yours here from Trumpland for $25.00.

Or here from Amazon for at half that.

But honestly, why would you wear one?

It doesn't even make sense in this tightly wound period. Too may people out there too easily triggered to violence. They cannot take losing so badly. They cannot take winning either but we're much better off when they lose.

I wouldn't want my automobile keyed just for sporting a sticker.

Daily Caller has a post about a large man who rips the hat off the head of a scrawny teen, says something disparaging and heavily racial and sweary and as he walks off announces the hat is going straight into his fireplace. The video doesn't run for me so I found it on YouTube.


8-chan tracked him down immediately, uncovered property records, dug up photos and Google Earth pictures of his family's homes and they don't have fireplaces.

The abused party asked for help and they got it.

For we live in a time of marvels.

The aggressor is already fired. And legal action is already being prepared.

And on 8-chan we see all kinds of family photos, Facebook account, YouTube channels, property records.  They have this guy pegged. The thread is ugly. These people are not nice.


This is the dog I was watching last night.

The guy gave me his card with a great photo of himself on a shore with his feet in a lake and this dog having fun with its paws on his back. The tiny printed photo has the dog look like an ink blot, a common photographic washout that happens with this breed's black coat. The camera's sensors go, "that area is the darkest" so its algorithms make the entire area black with light to dark range based on that.

So I offered my services. Because with raw files I can adjust mid-tones. But he responded he's set with photos and sent a few that are outstanding. Tremendous shots of himself with this dog at the grand canyon. Very fine photos most likely taken with a phone camera. Others are better for scenery but this one is best for the differences within black. It's a veritable study in black. I don't think I can do any better than this. 

They wear their collars like jewelry. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

WKRLEM- What America Means To Us!

Raise a glass

To those who have gone before, who fought for our freedom, for those who came back and those who didn't. For those left howling at the moon. For those who lost friends and family. For those who have stories and dreams and nightmares. For those who gave the last full measure.

I appreciate your sacrifices.

I am not big on celebrating the 4th - have seen the fireworks on the National Mall and survived the crush of humanity there, saw them through the fog in Maine, saw easily a dozen different cities' displays from atop my apartment building in Sunnyvale, saw the displays every year as a child in the small town I grew up in. Back in '61 or so one enterprising friend climbed the fireworks tower on the 5th and found an unexploded report. Of course we took it home, lit it and tossed it over the hedge at the back of the yard - it truly was an earth shattering explosion - it blew a crater a foot deep in our neighbor's yard. Oops. We scattered. He did it, not me!

But now I stay home, try to comfort my 16 year old dog who does not like explosions, and also try not to test fire any weapons. Hey, I'm not that kind of guy - I have a rudimentary understanding of gravity - what goes up will probably come down, somewhere.

But I have decided that I will have a shot of single malt. It's time. Summer is moving along, work is getting done and I am grateful for all that I have including the ability to work. I'll drink to that.

(Click to enlarge picture)

Tonight's fireworks will be provided by nature.

Personal vs. Possessive.

I realize this might not be your cup of tea. Skip it and I won't be offended.

Grammarians and linguists are strange people. But aren't we all? It's the odd way they talk around the subject, using words for types of words. Linguists are worse than plain grammarians. I was pondering, why are our approaches so different. Why don't I want to be one of you? If I were teacher, then I  would just jump right in and describe what is going on without using specialized language to do it. (I wouldn't use the word "possessive" but I would use the word "possess." Then I understood our goals are different. Mine is to handle a language fairly well for my own fun and their goal is to become interpreter, top in one's field, to pass exams, to break into the business, to translate technical messages, to be totally ace and erudite with PHD in their pursuit.

I was looking for a translation is ASL for "She's come undone" because I thought it would be funny to include in a post to something like the Jennifer Rubin one. There isn't a video, unless I make it myself. Bummer. But on YouTube, for some reason unknown, this grammar video appears within three search results. I wasn't going to bother watching but I'm glad that I did. It's a guy explaining English in sign, so apparently teaching hearing students how English personals and possessives are done. It's all extremely easy, the words all virtually pantomimed, all of them very natural movements. A few things arrested my attention.

First, although common movements, his signs are perfectly formed. Each frame could be used to illustrate a text book, his fingerspelling looks like a typewriter, his sign-handwriting is gorgeous. He is clear as a bell. He looks like a book.

Second, English to deaf is like Egyptian hieroglyphics to us. We put all types of extra things in it. Extra words that are not needed to convey clear thought, extra decorations, extra letters in spelling verbal serifs and elaborations all over the place. I know this because that's how they make fun of me.
"On, I got this. I got this, I understand Bo's way of talking. (very gracefully) Here, watch me, allow me to interpret Bo for you. Then get into elaborate sign with way too many movements, way too may words, loaded with archaic language in their version of Shakespeare, adjectives stacked up, unnecessary perfects, and pluperfects, double and triple  "have had had" all over the place that doesn't even make sense in that language, frilly exaggerated fingerspelling with extra letters thrown in randomly. Then laugh like loons at the way that I speak.

Hardy har har. Very funny.  So funny I forgot to ... put down my cocktail before laughing so hard. You dopes.

I take a lot of abuse.

The way the guy explains grammar is for English speaking people. Not for deaf. This wouldn't even make sense to them. They'd recognize all the words, of course, but why be so particular? Why so exacting?

The third thing that gets me is how do you explain possessive with saying "have?" Or, "own." Or, "possess."

How can you explain "personal" without saying, "do?" Or, "are." Or, "will." Or, "be." It's the discussion of language by grammarians and by linguists using tweezers and chopsticks that gets me. The paradox for me is, I think I could teach this better, but along the way I'd learn a lot less.

I have another thing to show you that's making me think about this. I'll show it later. It's Egyptian, and it's outrageous. I'm re-writing a book instead of just reading it, to really drill it in. And while drilling, I keep asking, why are you talking like this? I suppose you must. Prove your bonafides by tweezing out each phoneme and its precise position along with its historic usage. You have a million words for words and sounds and grammar and it's achingly technical. But when the writer reverts to plain English the insights are quite good. Things like, "giraffe tails were highly valued because they were used as fly whisks."

Denver Civic Center, independence celebration 2018

I didn't think that I left too early but the metal bench was getting mighty uncomfortable by the time the sky became dark enough for fireworks -- stop talking already and shoot off the fireworks! -- the ostensible point of being there while the people one meets is as interesting, certainly interesting to look at, the scenery is splendid if you know what I mean, but you never can be sure based on looks alone.

I walked past the library, down the central path through the trees to the concrete balusters surrounding a sunken area. Still early evening, the place was filling up, an intense mixture of people mostly young, well, younger than myself, young people dating, young families, teens, very young children and well-behaved dogs, but mostly very young families with very young children only now being introduced to this holiday and having the time of their lives dancing with each other, with their mothers and their dads, and with all the various goodies passed out, trollies rolling back and forth filled with plastic toys and replenished continuously so they stay full, the entire lot of them fitted with leds, swords for the boys, inflatable guitars, flags with poles that light up, Minnie Mouse type cartoonish hair bows for the girls that light up, so that thousands of young girls look silly and fun, illuminated hula-hoops, illuminated darts that are shot into the air like a slingshot then float down, illuminated zip copters, glow tubes, lit up spinners, lit up windmills, glow necklaces, glow strands, illuminated hats, the toys kept the children interested and playing and well-behaved. Lovely young families everywhere. Beautiful families. Everywhere.

I timed it perfectly. Only a few spots left on a few of the benches. I had a choice of two spots. But very good spots directly in front of the show.

The slight woman is old and knitting. She welcomed me to sit next to her. Conversation was instant with no preliminary ice-breaking. I thought she said that she had a vasectomy and that didn't make sense.

Mastectomy. I looked at her breasts but they weren't there. Completely flat chested. "So why didn't you have implants?"

"I wanted to see what it would be like to be flat chested."

"So what's it like buying clothes now?"

Thumbs up.

She turned out to be a remarkably determined woman. She used to have breasts out to there BLAM! D-cups, and she got sick and tired of them bouncing in her face when she ran. So she refused implants to compensate for her breast cancer.

"I like being flat-chested too."

We hit it off unusually quickly with tremendous ease.

The man on the other side got up and left.

Immediately two elderly gentlemen came up to his spot. "Boy, you guys are lucky." Visiting from Chicago, they've already been all over the place. The woman picked up our conversation and provided them with more immediate useful information than any travel guide could. She is a veritable encyclopedia of events in the park, the museum, the capitol, the 16th Street Mall, the baseball field, interesting restaurants the visitors must see, additional fireworks displays, where to be positioned tomorrow to see three at once.

The guys from Chicago said they were interested in seeing this one because they had read that it ranked 4th nationally among the best displays to see in the country. "We've been to New York fireworks, Boston, A fireworks competition in Canada, Chicago ... they listed cities around the whole country.

As it darkened the foot traffic in front of us intensified. I looked behind us, the entire park was packed tight, every inch of ground covered with blankets, coolers, folding chairs and people.

"Well, I've seen a lot of firework displays on Air Force bases usually not located in big cities. So huge that the audience is positioned well away from the danger. Large displays but remote. The action way out there on the tarmac. I was always a bit disappointed because you cannot get close. But this one is smaller, shorter, less extravagant, but much more intimate. They're happening very nearby and low. The smoke is right there above us. The band music plays through the displays and the lights on the City and County building are coordinated with the music, they switch from barely observable slow changes of pastel colors to much deeper richer tones and swirl around and pulsate and intensify with the music, switching to straight red white and blue for Souza 1812 Overture that signals the display.

What a rush.

They put on a delightful show. It's very well thought through and practiced over years.

As I'm sitting there I see the back end of a pup.

I tell the Chicago guys, "That's a Belgian Sheepdog Groenendael. They don't know what I'm talking about. I can tell by the feathery black fur, the slope of the tail, and the squareness of the legs. But I'd like to see its head and neck to make sure. They thought I was weird.

I observed this dog in its possession, its presence, within an intense and fast-moving crowd, how it wrapped its neck around the leg of its handler, how it set its paw on his foot, how it shoved its head between his legs as he stood there, how alert it is, and interested in everything especially attention from its handler.

Just like a little kid.

The dog puts is front paws on the man's hip, and as the women were dancing with their children, this dog wanted to dance with its owner. The man danced with the dog. This young pup had its handler wrapped around its paw. I was certain the dog would freak when the explosions started, and it did need attention and comfort that everything is okay, but it didn't go helpless as if being attacked. I was fascinated watching the dog.

The show ended and as people were leaving I waved the couple such they couldn't avoid me. They walked over to me. I told the man I was mesmerized by his dog. He liked hearing that. He told me that he put a lot of effort and time into finding the right dog. He is a dog trainer of eighteen years and his previous mixed breed dog died. He gave me his card. He told me that he researched for hours on end and discovered the dog through books. He hadn't seen one before. With only four breeders in the U.S. he had to travel across several states to get his dog. He told me he was delighted to find someone who even knew about the breed. He told me that I am the only person he's met who got the breed right. So far, everyone else that he's talked to guessed German Shepherd.

So, how about that, huh? Not only can I identify them by their back end, I know all the f about them. The guy really liked talking about his dog. And he has a very fine animal. I'm jealous.

The Chicago guys asked, regarding me and the woman, "so how long have you two known each other?"

"Minutes before meeting you."

"Holy crap! The way you two were talking we assumed you were married or partners for decades."

They must have got a bit of her wit.

Earlier I said to the gentlemen, "I am the slowest person I know."

They didn't believe me.

"Sure. Small children just learning to walk outpace me. Obese people with their legs wrapped up outpace me. People on crutches overtake me."

"Come on."

"Stephen Hawking passes me up."

"Come on! He's dead. He won't be passing you up anymore."

The woman quietly interjected, "So you won't be bothered by him calling you anymore."

Now, that's just funny.

That's why they assumed we'd been together a long time.

There is one part of the show that I must say got me a bit emotional. This crowd is mixed. Racially diverse. Caucasoid-persuasion the minority. The city is liberal. Much of my life is online, so the perceptual reality of the world at large somewhat distorted. My news sources untrustworthy. I did not know all these people are patriotic as I am. I imagined them indifferent. I doubt very many at all have any military experience or association or contact. But they are as emotionally attached to this country as I am. They love this country every bit as much as I do. I was not ready for them to sing words to songs that I don't even know. It kills me how they all know the words. And sing them. A laic public spontaneous choir. The song was introduced as "for our veterans."

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Life imitates Lem's

So a guy calls me up while I was sittin' here reading ricpic's poem, chuckling, and he asks me what's funny? I tell him about Troop's post and ricpic's poem, which I then read to him, he suggests that perhaps that is not the most PC thing he has ever heard, but he, too, laughed, so ricpic's work is now known far and wide. Just then guy on the phone says - hey, wait - a car just passed me and it has a vanity plate that reads "GOOKER". No way, says I - you can't get a tag that says that, even here in the solid South. But it does. Must be the guy's name. We will never know.

As I am winding down the conversation I hear a helicopter. Okay, this stuff is getting a real strange right about now. Given where I live I know that if I hear a helicopter it is a news helicopter, and in the years that I have lived here I know that means that someone has died. Yeah, it is a quaint little town and when there is an accident on the highway the TV station from the nearby big city sends over a chopper because if it bleeds it leads, right?

I check the news and it turns out that someone met their demise in the nearby woods. My concern is that it is someone I know or someone I have interacted with. We have some pretty interesting sojourners here and I give what I can, when I can, so I hope it isn't someone I know.

Maybe that will be reported, but probably not.

Here is the helicopter flying over my red mulberry tree.

Here is another picture of it - circling my back yard.

555-GIRL - Jennifer Rubin Saints & Sinners [1994]

The real Jennifer Rubin.

The other one is a Nightmare on K Street.

I ain't no senator's son....

So we are sitting on the porch and a helicopter is hovering over the neighborhood. It has to be a police helicopter and they must be looking for something. Anyway the noise was unbelievable  and right over head. So I did the only thing I could.

I went on Youtube and started playing Vietnam songs.

And looked in the shrubs for Charlie.

It took me back. I was never brave enough to serve like AllenS. In fact the first year I was eligible the draft was over. I think I would have enlisted if I was going to get drafted because I wanted to be in the Navy like my Uncle. My Dad would have kicked the shit out of me if I tried the Army because he served twelve years. He told me that if I didn't have to go I shouldn't. The service in the early seventies had a lot of problems. Drugs. Racial. It was a bad time and I had a scholarship so I never thought about it at all.

Still I remember Vietnam vividly. At least the effect in Brooklyn. A bunch of guys got drafted but a bunch also volunteered. The guy who lived on the top floor of my brownstone enlisted in the Marines. He was hot shit. He had a convertable and was always riding around with a different hot chick in a miniskirt and gogo boots like Nancy Sinatra. In 1966 he enlisted and did pretty great. He got promoted to corporal and came back on leave to visit his Mom. Couldn't buy a drink. Then he was shipped over to Nam.

They blew off both of his legs. He came back with a chair and a bag. For what? For a bunch of miserable gooks who ended up turning Commie anyway and now have factories that put our people out of work. I truly value with AllenS and his buddies did. Their nation called and they answered. With bravery. Fidelity. Courage.

Just like the soldiers at the Little Big Horn. Normandy. Getttsburg. Iraq. Afghanistan.

I just don't know why we need to ask our best to give up so much for the scum in other shit holes. We need to protect our homeland. Secure our borders. Not spend billions protecting the Krauts and the Frogs. I hope the God Emperor bitch slaps Merkel and pulls our guys out of Krautland. Or at least moves them to Poland, Hungry or Czechoslovakia. Places where they have our back. Otherwise we need to take out boys home. Now.

Random thoughts while I sip coffee and listen to a helicopter over head.

It's just a shot away.

Jennifer Rubin comes out swinging.

With words. Notice how politicians, activists, celebrities, all say the same things urging people to form groups and get in people's faces? They want you to to their dirty work. Their work is words. And when you give them three seconds you hear them have everything precisely reversed.

Every single day I read somebody aver Trump lies every day. That they're sick and tired of Sarah Sanders' lies. So numerous, so often, so common it's axiomatic, but they never bother to specify even one that sits in their craw particularly. And when they do mention, their item is a lie. A mischaracterization. A surface reading but one that is heartfelt. And impervious to correction.

How amazing it is for Jennifer Rubin to specify an incident of Trump calling out a specific fake news reporter, and Trump is right about how they've always reported on him, claiming that works up his crackpots to get in their faces, calling them "enemy of the people" basically waging war of words that gets translated into immediate physical discomfort. Rubens claims media has never fought back. Her view is reversed. She is intensely discomforted in Trump effectively damaging media's value. She speaks from within it. Not from 10,000 feet altitude. She and her like destroyed their own value. Trump is giving voice to what his supporters already knew. She has that reversed. Trump's supporters despised media before Trump said so. But Rubins thought her enterprise was effective. She cannot see a difference between conservative crackpots and liberal crackpots.

It's amazing listening to her for her awfulness and the awfulness of the whole panel. They really are stuck. All that they see occurring to them they have already inflicted on others. Having it returned to them is a shock to their system. Without exception every single point that Rubin makes is more effectively applied and better understood in reverse. As always, she has cause and effect reversed.

In her world the cart pushes the horse. The earth leaves behind the rocket in space. The gun caused the human hand to pull the trigger.

The woman is deeply conflicted and badly shaken. In her world Trump's words cause actual harm. And they do. Nobody sensible listens to her nonsense anymore. While her words to make everyone associated with Trump administration suffer a life-term of discomfort does not instigate violence or real harm, in the exact way she attributes to Trump.  She wants to rip Trump's head off and dropkick it across the marbled floor, but all she has is her words. She is angry and this is her violence. So she uses her words in attempt to activate her crackpots to discomfort others and to violence forever. She says a life-term. That's how unreasonably angry she is. Then denies that her version of the word-war is damaging, that it is righteous while its opposite must be stomped out.

The MSNBC video on Breitbart is good to see how realities are constructed in direct opposition to facts. The guy on the panel jumps in with a journalist-world fact that some Canadian writer listed over a hundred lies that Trump told in one week. "Every day!" All he needs is a list drawn up by a foreigner and he has his factoid for the day, and delivers, doing the the thing he accuses of Trump. We're sick of your lies, Fake New, Enemies of the People, you're good as watching, say, a as cock fight with chicken scratches, torn chicken skin, and feathers all over the place. Word feathers.


I only watched because I was thinking, who is this woman anyway?

I'm tired of hearing about her. Washington Post's token fake-conserviative. I think. A fake setup right from the start. Positioned purposefully to deliver distorted nonsense. Then gravely offended when called on it.

I knew her the moment I saw her.

Ping. Just like that. Her appearance fits a profile now chiseled in stone. Listening to her contributes to the profile.

She's the woman sitting at a table with another woman in a Mexican restaurant forty years ago. Their conversation overheard memorable for its supreme self-centerdness. For its vacuity. For its reversal of moral underpinnings. Young women married to young doctors, they were talking about the things they are buying for themselves. Their husbands mere vehicles for their indulgent acquisition.

She is the top NYT crossword puzzle solver, proven by contests and by employment. Proofreader for NYT crossword and for others. Employed as insurance actuary. Very smart beyond puzzles. Knowledgeable about everything and with eidetic memory for acute detail. But never dares step out of the city. Horrified at the thought of a puzzle convention held in Grand Teton. Wyoming! Are you out of your mind? Collects fluffy stuffed animals.

Comparing Rubin's troubled rhetoric, effete and ineffective, with her natural prim repose one senses the tremendous depth of the psychic disturbance roiling underneath its cultured surface. And that's cheering because it means that whole wearisome world is crashing.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Whose that Girl?

She was part of a sitcom rivalry that was the new Ginger vs Mary Ann. Know for her librarian glasses and great gams she was the pick of the guys who were afraid of the out and out sex pot type.

She never really had a big role after her sitcom and kept living her life off the air. Just in California.

I have a quarter right here that says you can't guess her name.

Whose that girl?

142 years ago.......They Died with Their Boots On

Imagine that?

 It was only 142 years ago. I mean there are people old enough to have been there like Ruth Bader Ginsberg or Larry King.

The Battle of the Little Bighorn is one of the historical battles that is most often depicted on televison. There is a whole cottage industry about Custer and the 7th. Often poorly and always a revisionist history.

I just know that I often feel like Autie. Surrounded with no help in sight.

I am going to raise a glass to the men of the 7th tonight. Ok it is going to be a glass of Metamucil but still. Heres to them!

Now youse got me doin' it.


It’s not very well know, but that bandleader is none other than our very own bagoh2o. As a youth, before he became a captain of industry.

WKRLEM: Walkin' Away In The Rain

WKRLEM: Walk Away This Way

WKRLEM: Walk Away....Like a Man

WKRLEM:- Walk an Egyptian

WKRLEM: Walk Away

July 4/2

I have been trying to find a good bit of music to post on the theme of the idea of the concept of using the letters in Bach's last name to write a motif in a piece of music. I hear some things that sound like B-A-C-H, but research fails to match up with what I am hearing.

Some background - in German music notation they have an "H". That is what we call "B". They call B-flat "B". Confusing, nein? The good news is that allows composers, including Johan Sebastian himself to write music using his last name for four of the notes. Totally excellent. Except it sounds weird. So it would go something like this - start with b, our B-flat, go down a half tone to A, up a third to C, then down a half tone to B. Excellent plan, now all we have to tune up are our ears. When I hear that sequence of interval in a symphonic work I think "Bach" even if it starts on a different note. I should get a grant to do more research.

Here is a short piece with the letters BACH highlighted in the middle.

I swear I have heard better, but I'll keep listening and report back at a future date.

Speaking of date, today is July 2nd and we got another sunrise:

This musical selection is not Bach based, and I have posted it before but I wanted to get cookin' early on this beautiful, hot, sunny July morning - start cookin' guys!

Maria Bartiriomo interviews President Trump

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Loretta Lynch lied to us about her meeting with Bill Clinton on the Arizona tarmac.

Years ago when planning to get together a friend was in the habit of saying, "I'll have my girl call your girl," his way of making fun of how high rollers talk. Ridiculous because neither one us has a girl who schedules our time. I'd answer, "Just have your girl's machine leave a message on my girl's machine." Between the six of us we'll work something out. But we never got so ridiculous as "I'll have my security detail contact your security detail to arrange a meeting, " but that's what Bill Clinton did.

He's ridiculous.

For real.

That's what's on page 203 of the IG report, according to Samantha Chang writing for Biz Pac Review.
“The OPA (Office of Public Affairs) Supervisor said that he later learned that former President Clinton’s Secret Service detail had contacted Lynch’s FBI security detail to let them know that the former President wanted to meet with Lynch. Although Lynch’s staff was supposed to receive notice of such 204 requests, witnesses told us that they were not informed of the request from former President Clinton.”
A lot more damaging details surrounding that fateful meeting at the link.

That was June, 2016. Same time of year as now. As yet I haven't heard anyone mention you have to be insane to fly a private jet into Phoenix in late June to play golf. On its face it's a lie. Juno maybe, Phoenix no. They're such casual liars.

Mac OS, Bluetooth

Bluetooth is brilliant. So is Mac, so is wi-fi. Three brilliant things at once sometimes don't work together. Like geniuses stepping on each other's toes. The answers to connectivity questions suggest things like "uninstall and reinstall Bluetooth." That's stupid. With Mac, there is no such thing as that, it's built into the system. They say, disconnect devices then reconnect, they say turn off Bluetooth then back on, they say shut down the computer and restart. They say reboot. They say reinstall the whole system. They say enter code into the registry. None of this is good.

Sometimes the devices find each other but do not connect, or devices do find each other and do connect but do not stay connected. Sometimes they stay connected but nothing can happen between them. Bluetooth shows it's aware of other devices but does not offer the "send file" option. The connection is there but nothing can happen so the connection is dropped.

Mac operating system have a Bluetooth area in their Mac preference panel, along with another area for network. There is a third area named "Sharing." Nothing can happen until the user goes into the area and turns on the sharing for Bluetooth. There is a list of things that can be shared. Simply check Bluetooth, zoom, your devices now share, and boy, they share brilliantly.

See how brilliant? Mac is trying to protect you from the shear brilliance of Bluetooth. It offers the ability to connect brilliantly then shuts it off with a switch. So that it doesn't go sharing all your stuff all over the place without you knowing it can even do that. They're building in layers of security. For you! But you must be a bit brilliant too, to go looking for switches in places not marked Bluetooth and not marked network. Like a computer game, the key is tucked into a place named "Sharing."

Twitter members promise to protect Ruth Bader Ginsburg at all costs after SCOTUS shakeup

Protect her from what, death?

Bad wardrobe decisions?

Writing asinine opinions in rebuttal?

Must I actually read this Twitter crap to find out what ineffectual twittery Twitter persons imagine they could possibly do to protect a Supreme Court justice?

I try to visualize this.

One time my friends protected me from the massive fluid crowd at an indoor Depeche Mode concert. All young people flowing through the colosseum like independent liquid solids in streams, much faster than I can move, each one making hundreds of movement-decisions per second. None of my friends were in the military but they took up hardened positions around me and formed a barrier, a hard wall, that moved steadily at my pace, and the crowed flowed around them. How can everyone be so situationally aware, far less everyone all at once? Those people woud be characterized as drug-friendly but that is not apparent in their movement. That really was astonishing. I'll never forget that. Is that what they mean? Physically form a protective barrier around her? Bark off any and all intruders into her hallowed space? Carry her around in a litter? An actual stretcher? Push her around on a gurney surrounded by twittery bodyguards? This isn't so easy to visualize. But funny.


I'll read it. Glamour. This had better be glamorous.
Kennedy's retirement sent Twitter into a full panic spiral, as people worried that perhaps RBG, who is 85, might also be planning her exit. Ginsburg is the oldest Supreme Court Justice, and she's already five years past the average age at which most Justices have retired.
Ha ha ha. We know that. So what?
"Protect RBG at all cost!" tweets flying across social media read, with many users promising to send her vitamins, prayers, and even 24/7 security detail. "I’m buying Ruth Bader Ginsburg an Anytime Fitness membership, 10 years of Vitamins, and a lifetime of Smoothies..." one Twitter user wrote. "I’m becoming an organ donor but only if my organs are going to Ruth Bader Ginsburg," someone else said.
Pfft. They're just having fun expressing their desperation, or perhaps flaunting their intimate knowledge of Supreme Court makeup. They need her to live forever. They'd deny the poor woman a proper retirement to satisfy themselves. They're joking about needing her to die right there in her judge's chair. The article lists a bunch of tweets.

The article goes on to assuage their fears citing her good health and her determination to keep on like John Stevens who retired at 90.

Imagine saying that. Tilt your head and look aimlessly at the corner of the ceiling, push out your tongue and let saliva coat your gagged words, "I'm gonna kee-eep on working until I am niny, jussst like Jussst-ussss-Ssstevenssss."

That's too long for anyone to work at a serious job. Or, maybe we can convince Trump to carry on party involvement after his term in an extra-post-presidential capacity as Obama, Clinton, and Carter do, a force that never quits. Because when you quit, you die.

Open borders activists rally across America to abolish ice

Article at Breitbart with a round up. People holding signs with messages cogent as "f*uck this s*it" and "we all bleed the same colour" and "vote them out."

We may bleed the same color but we don't spell the same.

"Baby jails should not be a thing."

I know, right? Ew, these things bugged me so badly.

"Without ethics laws are just the stories we tell to justify horror"

"Zero tolerance for kidnappin." 

"Our huddled masses will beat your fascist asses."

We already beat your fascist asses. It's why you're protesting. Not a single one of them bother making the case why open borders are a good idea. They're reacting. They're hopping their party's bandwagon. As they do. Reliably so. And they don't give one single f about migrants, illegal migration, border acknowledgement far less protection, or about babies!

* Maxine Waters is getting death threats. Imagine that. She joined the Los Angeles bandwagon and told the crowd people are talking about taking her out, Congress is talking about censuring her, people are threatening to shoot her, hang her. She adds, if you shoot her you better shoot straight, there's nothing like a wounded animal."  Breitibart. 

* Maryland Senator Ben Cardin atteneded an anti-Ice rally in Baltimore.  Elizabeth Warren joined a rally in Boston. Senator Ed Markey and Representative Joe Kennedy were also there. Representative Representative John Lewis called on a crowd in Atlanta to commit "good trouble" to put an end to Trump's upholding immigration law. Representative Jayapal addressed the crowd at the main protest in Washington D.C. "I was proud to be arrested with them."  The Hill with photos and videos.

Trump pushes back. "They're going to get beaten so badly." Video of an exceedingly air-headed Kristen Gillibrand who thinks it's a good idea to separate criminal justice from immigration and "reimagine" ICE under a different agency with a very different mission. Much more at The Hill

Don't separate families.
Don't take away children.
Don't be Hitler. 
Build bridges, not wall. 
Stop pretending your racism is patriotism
Welcome immigrants
Make America immigrant again
Hate never made anything great
Immigrants ARE America
No human being is illegal
No hate, no racism
Racists get out
Sanctuary now
Welcome the stranger (basically the whole Bible)
Love trumps hate
Don't ban my family
Refugees are welcome here
Look at my horse!