Monday, July 9, 2018

End of the world

Rick Moran writing for American Thinker notices liberals going out of their minds at the prospect of another conservative justice on the Supreme Court. He likens their situation to the REM song "End of the world."

Moran provides the lyrics and a link to the video on YouTube.

Don't get caught in foreign tower, slash and burn, return, listen to yourself churn. Lock him in uniform, book burning, bloodletting, every motive escalate, automotive incinerate, light a candle, lite a motive, step down, step down, watch your heel crush, crush, uh oh. This means no fear, cavalier, renegade and steering clear. A tournament, a tournament, a tournament of lies,. Offer me solutions, offer me alternatives and I decline.

The lyrics are better when all smashed together like that. Amusingly, Moran writes Democrats are slightly more distraught about the prospect of another Supreme Court conservative justice.

Moran provides a Greatest Hits video compiled by Gabrien, a montage of the craziest, most outrageous, most insane predictions made by leftist pundits. I didn't watch it. Come on. I avoid these people like plague, why would I watch the worst of them? That would be a plague-avoider carefully examining samples of plague like a pathologist. The key frame is the very weird Rachael Maddow to assure you're put off the thing before even starting like the symbols put on buildings indicating levels of possible hazardous chemicals inside.

That's what Maddow's face is. And her voice is another except the numbers are higher and the W isn't crossed out. You'd have to be out of your f'k'n mind to watch such a video. 

So then, in case you are out of your f'k'n mind and do care to watch it, here's the video. It's all nervous liberals trying to scare people taking about how their world is coming undone.

The undone world under their discussion about how their carefully managed mangled government is being set aright. How they can no longer use Supreme Court to eliminate a federal republic based on the Constitution, contrary to its intended founding principle of making sure the laws of the United States align with the Constitution. And that's purposefully restrictive. To make sure federal government doesn't get out of hand.

The Constitution, the Constitution, the Constitution, yes, it's a fetish. It's a thing. The thing. The only thing. The only thing we have that makes the United States what it is, so unique among nations, the single thing that holds us together, the only thing that we have. And without it, we have nothing. Nothing. 

So naturally, the left needs to trash it. It's too slow, too hard to change into their conceptualization of true social justice. Too hard to comply with the new rights they continuously pull out of their asses. It's too restrictive for their fast-paced progressivism. So they require like-minded justices. 

The whole article at American Thinker is very good, you should click over there and read it. I'm pretty sure you'll be entertained as well as informed.

But maybe you already know all this. You're all very smart people. You scare me sometimes.

I wonder why it was the REM song resonated with Rick Moran for the end of the world comparison. I saw the video for the first time. It's a teenage boy, a skater, picking through a torn up old house. 

A single torn up house isn't very end of the world-ish. There are other end of the world songs. Usually end of my world since you left me type songs. 

Here's one that I noticed in my iTunes and deleted a few days ago because it's mostly talking and I never listen to it anyway. 

Then I noticed something that validates the decision to delete it. Nick Cave sounds like an American western dude. But he's speaking with a British accent, with quaint precious rhotic enunciation. Then when singing, reverts to glorious beautiful fully pronounced American English, "girl, world, dark, curls," not gile, weld, dahk, kels."

A British sounding Dashiell Hammett that reverts to Josh Turner *boink* delete. 

Conclusion: American-English is standard for music. British English is fey, too twee, too childish, too precious for music.

And it's nobody's end of the world. But do expect a bit of liberal nonsense to be knocked down for awhile anyway. The greatest legislative distortions and judicial damage is done. Our left should take a deep bow, an elaborate exaggerated gracious salaam, on their tremendous perverse successes. 


edutcher said...

Trump picks Kavanaugh. I have no idea how good he is but Team Jacobson and TOP will give anybody who wants all the pros and any cons.

The good part is, whoever it was, the Lefties will hate him, telling us, "He's not the America we know".

That's because their America was Russia in the 30s and Red China in the 60s.

Have fun.

ampersand said...

Ugh. I fear we've got another Bush squish. His dissent in the Obamacare was that you can't challenge a tax until it is levied and the case shouldn't have been in court. He'll fit right in with John "It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices" Roberts.

edutcher said...

I noticed that, too, but most of his decisions seem pretty good.

We'll see what happens when Cruz and Lee get a shot at him.

edutcher said...

OK, something hit me which may be relevant here.

His point was, until somebody is affected, you really don't have a case. Not knowing all the ins and outs, I got the impression Roberts used Kavanaugh's decision as a hook to hang his opinion.

This is the hook with a strict constructionist. Occasionally, his view may clash with your desires.


ndspinelli said...

An Irishman Catholic replacing an Irishman Catholic. He should be OK. However, some of the other candidates would have broken the Ivy League monopoly, which needs to happen.

edutcher said...

Agree on the Ivy League, but Kennedy was as much a Catholic as all the other Kennedys, I'm afraid.