Tuesday, July 10, 2018

White House trolls the press

"Here, Children, we're off to cover Trump's Supreme Court nomination, right this way please, mind the gap, and we're walking ... and we're walking ... " right past a portrait of Hillary Clinton.

Story by Matt Vespa for Town Hall who tells it this way, now, that has to get under their skin for its classic 'what could have been' moment, but will never happen -- Hillary Clinton becoming president of the United States and choosing her own Supreme Court picks. Hogan Gidley, Special Assistant to the President & Deputy Press Secretary, was asked by Benny Johnson of Daily Caller if that was done on purpose and Gidley said, yes, it was done on purpose.

Benny Johnson tweet:
In a troll of deeply epic proportions White House staff just walked all reporters & journalists covering the SCOTUS pick by the dumpster & a portrait of Hillary Clinton. When I asked @hogangidley45 if that was done on purpose he said "absolutely." 
The article goes on to discuss how Kavanaugh caught a break in his legal career by investigating the Clintons. — the Whitewater deal and the sexual details of of the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Lots more about that at the link, the discussion devolves to a conversation between CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin and Chris Cuomo rueing about Merrick Garland not having his chance and how galling that must be for him, and how Hillary Clinton must be suffering in silence seeing Trump picking another SCOTUS nominee. This was her moment, remember?

1) Silence. Ha! There is no such thing as silence with that screeching harpy around. CNN are out of their miserable minds. Suffering in silence like a garden rake across a chalkboard.

2) No. It was not her moment. Proven by reality. Hillary Clinton owns only her own actual moments, the moments that she lives. In reality. Not CNN's imagined moments. Only in CNN's impossible fervent dreams and their hyper-imaginative political wanderlust, their constant fantasizing that they keep sharing on air is this Hillary's moment. CNN dopes really do have a very serious problem accepting reality. *knock, knock, knock* This reality. The hard slow one we're in.

3) Thinking CNN as America's source of information makes me sick. It's why we don't bother watching them. The video is at the link if anyone cares to slink over and sink to it. You know, for vindictive fun.

Vespa concludes, Kavanaugh has all the qualifications to be our next justice but selecting the guy who helped set a fire that almost engulfed the Clinton presidency to ash being picked for SCOTUS is quite the coup de grace. WHAP.


edutcher said...

A master stroke by the God Emperor.

And, no, CNN is not America's source of information any more than the Gray Lady is America's Newspaper of Record. CNN is wall paper in airports and doctors' offices and hospital waiting rooms and McDonald's.

PS Merrick Garland was not going to have his chance because Harry Reid couldn't leave well enough alone and had to grind the Rs' faces in the fact he was running things.

So McConnell, who didn't like Trump, but had a score (or 2 or 200) to settle said, "You want hardball? I will show you hardball". And now the Demos can't do anything but sing, "Shut up and deal".

deborah said...

Almost as good as Melania using the china the Clinton's tried to take when they left.

Amartel said...

Instead of bending the arc of history we are ending the bark of her story.
Except she won't shut up. Like a discarded doll that's been thrown out but it's battery is still working and the recorded voice is still cackling away in the depths of the dumpster, the tinny, creepy preprogrammed message still audible from under layers of refuse. My turn, my turn, my turn ....

Chip Ahoy said...

You paint a lovely picture, Amartel.

Amartel said...

"Almost as good as Melania using the china the Clinton's tried to take when they left."

That is breathtaking.

Amartel said...

"You paint a lovely picture, Amartel."

Well let's consider the source material before we get all judgey about the aesthetics!
: )

deborah said...

@ Am, it was a stroke of genius :)