Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Trump eats NATO for breakfast

That's how Sundance puts it.
Oh snap.  Brilliant, simply brilliant.  President Trump keeps the cameras rolling during a breakfast with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg; and absolutely crushes the NATO position on needing money to defend against Russia when NATO -specifically Germany- is funding Russian expansion financially through energy development, and simultaneously asking the U.S. for money to defend against Russia. 
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo looks like he is half going to break out laughing, and half saying to himself: oh, it’s on...
Well, let's see then.


edutcher said...

The Lefties are having conniptions over this.

How can he be so rude, so undiplomatic, so undeferential, so... American?

And he got a nifty soccer jersey from the President of Croatia.

Y'know, the babe. The one who looks better in a bikini at 50 than any feminist you can name might have at 20.

ampersand said...

List of female defense ministers

If Europe's not serious about it's defense why should we be? Russia is the least of Europe's worries. There's a Specter haunting Europe and it's Merkel's Million Muslim March. They and the German left are already demanding chain migration for their families.

The 97 Senators who voted for NATO commitment while Trump is over there negotiating need their teeth kicked in.

edutcher said...

Gloria Steinbrenner and all the feminists told us if the military were run by women, there'd be no war.

See how well that's worked.

Dad Bones said...

Thnx for posting the video. It's great to see the prez at work.

deborah said...

He is so direct, matter-of-fact, and factual. Love. It.

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

What we need is a pack of glad handing globalists smiling for the democrat party media camera while Hillary pockets millions.