Thursday, July 12, 2018

Peter Strzok testifies before Congress

Pulled in like a dog on a chain. Or perhaps more like a serpent in a box. Unrepentant. After all that he's caused he hasn't learned a g.d. thing. After his emails are released for the whole world to see, and yes, to judge, he says this in his opening statement before his testimony before the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees.
Let me be clear, unequivocally and under oath: not once in my 26 years of defending my nation did my personal opinions impact any official action I took. 
In the summer of 2016, I was one of a handful of people who knew the details of Russian election interference and its possible connections with members of the Trump campaign. This information had the potential to derail, and quite possibly, defeat Mr. Trump. But the thought of exposing that information never crossed my mind. 
But the honest truth is that Russian interference in our elections constitutes a grave attack on our democracy. Most disturbingly, it has been wildly successful — sowing discord in our nation and shaking faith in our institutions. 
No, Asshole. In the last few of his 26 years in service his personal opinion did in fact deeply affect all of his official actions he took all of his activities, including protecting Hillary Clinton through distortion of justice and by attacking candidate Trump through distortion of FBI activity. All of us are aware of Russian interference in U.S. elections, they do it all year long, we read them everyday. Their trolling is obvious and so are their activities through the Clinton Foundation. And the honest truth is Russian interference doesn't harm our democracy so much as Strzok has himself, nothing comes close to sowing discord and shaking faith in our institutions as Strzok has himself. One man, Strzok, has done more damage than all Russian interference put together. There he is testifying. Like a snake.

And his pals are still doing it.

This reporting is by the Washington Examiner.

At Hot Air there is more about Gowdy asking Strzok why he would text "F Trump" before interviewing a single witness.

Fox News GOP representatives fume at Strzok and threaten contempt.

Townhall, Goodlatte says that Strzok will be be recalled later today and voted  in contempt for refusing to answer Gowdy's question.

New York Post, Strzok said the committee in which he is testifying is another notch in Putin's belt.

Gateway Pundit, Strzok rolls his eyes and smirks as Trey Gowdy tears apart his opening statement.

This is another show. It's not a real thing, it does not affect the real world, and nothing can come of it. It gives Republicans a chance to say how angry this perversion makes them and it gives Democrats a chance to spit and fume and flounce and splash and interrupt and disrupt, and it gives Strzok a chance to convey his hatred for Trump is actually, honestly, truthfully, concern about Russian interference that only he at the top knows the full extent of, so at least half of the audience watching this shit-show are satisfied their deeply held biases are confirmed while real justice, that would have this man and the woman he was protecting both sitting in federal prison at this very moment, is hung a coat hook.


Leland said...

Not watching, because I don't have the time. But what I read is unimpressive. Strzok will, of course, claim he is innocent and a boy scout. Unfortunately, we have representatives, including former prosecutors, that don't mind a golden shower on their leg, and think we won't mind it either.

At this point, I think the FBI is totally incompetent and untrustworthy, which is likely because of the equal quality of Congressional oversight.

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

Strozk is an asshole of the highest order.

Amartel said...

Like the other a**hole, he's got a shit-eating grin on his face the whole time and he's getting lippy with the overseers. I said it before: someone needs to be roasted on a spit before the oversight responsibility is taken seriously. The Republican Congresscritters are way too upset in their presentation. They should be laughing (contemptuously) and shaking their heads but they're all "sacred honor" and justice outrage. I know Gowdy and a couple of others are primo US attorneys or whatever but this trial attorney is not impressed; What have they done/won after all this?

ricpic said...

"This is another show. It's not a real thing."

This is the first time since the NWO reign of Bush I & II, Clinton and Obama that the Deep State has been called....on anything. That alone makes it a real thing. Will it result in the overthrow of the Deep State? Unlikely. But the hubris has been punctured. That's a start.

edutcher said...

Trump wants to reorganize the government in his second term. This is his case for doing so. It also demonizes the Demos and the Left as as self-proclaimed ruling class. These people were set up like this by everybody's favorite Constitutional law perfesser, Zippy. Anybody who bothers to ask how all this happened will find it goes back to him.

Struck (or however you say his name) is another Comey. A legend in his own mind and a Defender of the True Faith.

Congress wouldn't dare lay a hand on him. He's got the protection of the Democrat Party, the media, the Left, and Dr Evil.

But this isn't their show. He went after the God Emperor on the Cherry Blossom Throne.

And there's a different set of rules in the God Emperor's Court.

Remember how I said Stevens, Smith, Doherty, and Woods would see their justice done on the Beast?

Same thing. ric is right. We're in a new war now.

ndspinelli said...

I watch all channels in SHORT doses. Maddow now LOVES the FBI and hates Russia. She is like all the alt left. They've done a 180 from the days, not long ago, they hated the FBI and loved Russia. If guys like this smug asshole Strock thinks these Dems and MSM will be there for him when the heat is turned up, he's more stupid than I thought. He's been thrown a life buoy but it's on a short fucking rope.

ndspinelli said...

I grew up w/ a lot of Pollacks. This Pollack shortened his name and he's a traitor in their eyes.

chickelit said...

DoJ needs to make an example of this asshole. They're waiting for something -- what? -- but then put his career down.

ndspinelli said...

You mean Henry Gibson's DOJ?

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

James Woods nails it on twitter.

chickelit said...

Can I buy a vowel for 10, nick?

What's the long version?

edutcher said...

Trump is the one calling the shots. Stookey (or whatever his name is) makes Trump's case perfectly.

And Sessions' job is to get the illegals. Trump will tell him when to put the hammer down on these clowns.

ricpic said...

Pollack? Pollack? Finally the nickel dropped. You meant Polock! Yes, Strzok is definitely 110% Polock.

edutcher said...


This is why spelling and phonics are important.

Sixty Grit said...

My polish is relegated to woodworking only.

XRay said...

I do love me a good polish hotdog.

Dad Bones said...

I can polish off a hot dog but I don't know how you'd polish off that Polack.