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WKRLEM: Hillary raised a Kaine!

sun through Los Angeles sky

James Woods posted this image on his Instagram page, un-photoshopped taken from his Hollywood home. 

Sale Says Jersey Sales More Important Than Winning

Deadspin:  "White Sox Scratch Chris Sale After He Reportedly Cuts Up Throwback Jerseys"'

Chris Sale was scheduled to start tonight’s game against the Detroit Tigers, but the Chicago White Sox scratched the lefty at the last minute. The team said in a statement that Sale was removed because of an incident in the clubhouse that was “non-physical in nature.”

Multiple reports say that Sale was mad about the throwback jerseys for tonight’s game. According to Tommy Stokke of FanRag Sports, the pitcher cut up the uniforms so they were unusable:

Sources say: Sale cut up throwbacks during batting practice. Upset that, in his view, PR and jersey sales were more important than winning.

White Sox throwback uniform 1

White Sox throwback uniform 2

WKRLEM: The terrorists just want to put us in the camel clutch!

The Tao of VP Kaine

VP Kaine: Mistress, our bodies are prey to many needs: hunger, thirst, the need for love.
Mistress Hillary: In one lifetime one knows many pleasures: a mother's smile in waking hours, a young woman's intimate, searing touch, and the laughter of grandchildren in the twilight years. To deny these in ourselves is to deny that which makes us one with nature.
VP Kaine: Shall we then seek to satisfy these needs?
Mistress Hillary: Only acknowledge them and satisfaction will follow. To suppress a truth is to give it force beyond endurance. That is why I never deny myself a young woman’s intimate, searing touch. It is what keeps me sane. I must depart. Huma awaits in my seraglio.



Let's try "cash"

There are a lot of memos about Trump not releasing his taxes. But I don't care about those. I'm looking specifically for dirt on Hillary. Here's one that looks promising, "Mentions of money laundering and the victory fund"

From to The documents lists quite a lot of media mentions of Clinton fundraising. Apparently they asked for them.

The first references a video clip that cannot be seen without logging in. It disclaims association with any Democrat candidate. The text is provided

Maddow is interviewing Jeff Weaver. Maddow asks Jeff Weaver why he is calling the Clinton campaign money launderers.

Jeff Weaver responds:
That term was used by Democratic state party officials. That wasn't our term. They've been getting huge donations from wealthy people and doing two things. They said they would give it to the state parties. The state parties have gotten 1% of the money. What they have done is quite remarkable. No one has done it before. They take the money they get from people from contributions above the limit that they are allowed to take and turn it into a small dollar contribution machine which all goes to the Clinton campaign. They are turning it into a small dollar contribution machine that goes to the Clinton campaign. Money that goes to the state parties gets vacuumed up by the DNC sometimes, according to the news report, when state parties don't realize the money is being taken out of their account. It's quite phenomenal.
That's pretty good. Right off I'm satisfied the effort is worth the trouble of looking.

The next one is a link to the Inquisitr. Bernie sanders rips Clinton for campaign 'money laundering' scheme. Justin Streight writes:
Hillary Clinton has long justified taking large sums from wealthy donors by saying the money was going to DNC down-ticket Democrats to help them win state-level elections. The Hillary Victory Fund was touted as a vehicle for these joint-fundraising operations, but according to an in-depth analysis from Politico, less than 1 percent of the $61 million raised by the committee has stayed with the state candidates. In most cases, the campaigns see no benefit from their agreements with the DNC. In others, it is actually hurting the down-ticket Democrats. Sources speaking to Politico said the state campaigns were afraid to complain, fearing reprisal from Clinton and the DNC. The former secretary of State accused Bernie Sanders of doing nothing for the party; turns out that doing nothing might have been relatively better. 
Wow. What a hag. Everyone suffers. All goes to elevate her. Money for Haiti, for her. Money for Clinton foundations, for her. Campaign money for all candidates, all for her. This is the person Democrat voters support willingly.

So it goes on and on. Sanders again at Daily Caller, Clinton campaign 'money-laundering' scheme exposed NJ Today, Sanders again at LAW NEWZ, more memos, clips with Jake Trapper, articles and memos and clips all mentioning this scheme to elevate H. Clinton at the expense of everyone else.

What an awful crime syndicate to be all entangled. Admittedly that was a big word to search, "cash." But this is just peeking. And it is only one portion. And it is vast. This one thing having to do with cash. Imagine what else there is in here.

Mount Fuji?

I mean who would want to do that? Even Titus would turn up his nose at that. Just sayn'

Guccifer 2.0

Say, would you like to see three documents of pages of Democrat donors, their salutation names, their mail names, their primary residences, email addresses, phone numbers, employers, occupations, and positions?

Well you can't. Debbie Wasserman assured us nothing personal was stolen so all this information must be bogus. Syllogistically speaking. Check premises later. a treasure trove of things we must not see. Private things. Emails between private parties doing their own business.

Guccifer claims he's found something akin to a dossier on Hillary Clinton amounting to a bunch of files in one big folder on DNC server.

At Guccifer, clicking on any of these downloads the document to your computer.

* 2016 Attacks-- HRC Defense Master Doc updated
* CGEP (Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership)
* Democrats Positions Cheat Sheet
* MEMO Clinton Cash Unravels
* Attacks on Clinton Family Members
* Clinton Foundation Donors $25K+
* Clinnton Foundation Vulnerabilities Master Doc
* Clinton's PFD 2015
* HRC Defense -- emails
* HRC Travel -- Private Jets
* MEMO -- Clinto nCash Claims (2)

political crab


The Relative Size of All Known Objects in the Universe from dataisbeautiful


"In this presentation, you can see the relative sizes of objects arranged on a single scale. This lets you grasp the sizes of things that you cannot compare side by side in the real world. Today's electron microscopes and astronomical telescopes reveal objects that were invisible to people of the past. How is your grasp of the sizes of such things?"

"Universcale lets you see and understand the relative size of the full range of known objects in our universe."

"Japanese 'rent men' who are paid just to listen"

Yahoo News:  "For me, the service is a hobby more than anything," says Nishimoto, who first came up with the concept four years ago and who now has a growing network of some 60 men across Japan.

"The initial idea was to improve the image of guys my age, people who might not be spring chickens anymore and not taken so seriously."

"The people who rent me are just asking me to keep them company for an hour or two, mainly to listen to them," he tells AFP between sessions, giving the example of a woman in her 80s who would book him every week for a walk around the local park.

"I almost became like her son," he says.

[T]he people who come to Nishimoto do not suffer from detachment from society or challenges adjusting to it.

Rather, those who use the service say it allows them to forget the expectations of their family and friends and speak freely -- an option which experts say is especially useful in Japan, where social roles can be tightly defined and expectations rigid.

"There's a different 'me' depending on whether I'm with my friends, my family, or my boyfriend," says 24-year-old Nodoka Hyodo after her session with Nishimoto.

She explains: "I create a 'me' in relation to others. Here, all that disappears because I'm talking to someone I don't know -- thanks to him, I feel like I'm understanding myself better."

Friday, July 22, 2016

Meet Kaine, Hillary's Choice for VP

"Kaine accepted clothes, vacation as gifts"
Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine took advantage of the state’s lax gift laws to receive an $18,000 Caribbean vacation, $5,500 in clothes and a trip to watch George Mason University play in the NCAA basketball Final Four during his years as lieutenant governor and governor, according to disclosures he filed.
Now a leading contender to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Kaine reported more than $160,000 in gifts from 2001 to 2009, mostly for travel to and from political events and conferences, according to disclosures compiled by the Virginia Public Access Project. The givers included political supporters, a drug company that soon after bought a facility in Virginia, and Dominion, the state’s biggest provider of electricity.
While legal under Virginia’s unusually permissive ethics rules, the gifts could become attack-ad fodder after similar presents led to corruption charges for Gov. Bob McDonnell, whose conviction the Supreme Court overturned Monday. Republicans could also use the records to portray Kaine as part of the self-dealing establishment in a cycle animated by hostility toward the political class.
This is not the guy who is going to ask uncomfortable questions about foreign donations and the like.

Tim Kaine

Terror hits Munich

Ivanka’s $138 Dress versus Hillary’s $12,495 Jacket

Breitbart News July 22, 2016 by Alex Swoyer

Ivanka Trump reportedlywore a $138, blush-colored dress from her own fashion line — sold at Macy’s and Nordstrom — when she introduced her father Donald Trump on Thursday night at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, where he accepted the Republican Party’s nomination for President of the United States.

The 34-year-old fashionista also wore her own dress on Wednesday night.

Melania Trump's Diary

Thank God that is over. Finally this stupid convention is over and we can get on with the rest of the campaign. I thought this was going to be a lot of fun. Balloons. Celebrations. Champagne. Instead it was government cheese on Ritz Crackers with Cold Duck.  What a mess.

I got in a lot of trouble with my speech. I don’t understand it. I trusted Meredith to write up something for me. You know English isn't my first language. In fact it isn’t even my fourth. So I relied on her to come up with something more personal than the tripe that the campaign came up with. I didn't know she was going to copy off someone else’s paper. Normally I can say anything and nobody cares. They just stare at my tits. Not that it really mattered. It was a pile of platitudes and bullshit like all first ladies do. I told her that admired Michelle Obama’s speech. And I do. It is amazing the bullshit she gets away with. I want to follow in her footsteps. But as a Republican you can’t do anything without the press trying to hang you. I have to get used to it. I will because I have gotten used to much worse. I mean when I was a model I had to smell Heidi Klum’s clam that was like low tide at Coney Island. And look at Naomi Campbell’s pubes that sort of look like Todd Bridges head after he got a mini fro. Talk about your monkey sex. She was always trying to finger me. So I can put up with a lot of crap.

Donald Trump……..Reagan….or Goldwater?

After a raucous convention we have to answer the essential question: Donald Trump the Republican nominee can either be Reagan or Goldwater. Which will he turn out to be? What will the actions of the party faithful and just regular everyday voters do to influence how he turns out in the view of history.

"Our hearts go out..."


You just keep your heart inside your hollow chest where it belongs. Your vapid sympathy is noted.

"Mass AG Unilaterally Changes Gun Laws..."

"Redefines Assault Weapon Definition"

Town Hall:  With most of the media attention on the Republican National Convention (Melania Trump’s speech)—the Massachusetts Attorney General seems to have decided to unilaterally rewrite the state’s gun laws. The attorney general is targeting so-called copycat assault weapons (their words not mine) and would force manufacturers to stop making them and gun dealers to stop selling them. The law goes into effect on July 20. Those who have bought the firearms being targeted prior to that date will be allowed to keep them (Mass Live):
Gun manufacturers have manufactured these weapons as legal versions of prohibited guns," Healey said. "These weapons are illegal. They are copies or duplicates of banned weapons, and they cannot be bought or sold in Massachusetts."
"The gun industry doesn't get to decide what's compliant (with state law)," [Attorney General Maura] Healey said. "We do."
Gun owners, however, said they had no notice of Healey's interpretation of the law and were still unsure of what would be included.
Advocates for the gun industry warn that Healey's ban is likely to face a legal challenge.
"You have a person that's unilaterally changing the laws without actually going through the process, then telling licensed retailers they're not allowed to sell something basically with no notice," said Jim Wallace, executive director of Gun Owners' Action League of Massachusetts, a gun rights advocacy group. "This is going to be probably a very interesting legal challenge at some point."
Massachusetts already bans the sale of assault weapons and of copies or duplicates of assault weapons. But, according to Healey, some gun manufacturers made guns that are very similar to assault weapons but with small changes. For example, they do not have a collapsible stock or a flash suppressor. That does not change the lethality of the weapon, but it does let the gun manufacturers claim it is not a copy of an assault weapon, so it is "state compliant."
Healey's directive to gun manufacturers clarifies the definition of "copy." Under Healey's definition, if a gun's operating system is the same as that of a banned weapon or it has components that are interchangeable with those in a banned weapon, the gun will be illegal to sell in Massachusetts.
According to Healey's office, an estimated 10,000 "copycat" assault weapons were sold last year in Massachusetts.

"Google finds Americans searching for a 3rd party candidate is surging"

Buffalo NewsGoogleTrends shows that voters are searching for an alternative to Republican nominee Donald J. Trump and Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton in big numbers.

Over the last week, searches for a third-party candidate in the 2016 Presidential Election is up by more than 1,150 percent, data shows.

Who's on third?

Segments of the American electorate are asking and Abbott and Costello's "I Don't Know" is not a good answer.

Not in 2016, anyway.

Over the last week, searches for a third-party candidate in the 2016 Presidential Election is up by more than 1,150 percent, data shows. The leaders appear to be in the states of Missouri, Colorado, Washington and Michigan, the data shows, with the biggest hits coming from the nation's largest metro areas including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and Dallas. (charts at the link)

Peter Thiel Speech at the GOP Convention

Link to video

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Are you watching Trump?

Link to video

Chris Matthews asks an SNL comedian "Who is the ‘Funniest Black Guy’"

Via W Free Beacon“You are so funny,” Matthews said. “What do you think? Funniest guy? Funniest black guy?”

“Funniest black guy?” Che repeated incredulously.

Fellow “Weekend Update” host Colin Jost burst out laughing at Matthews’ question.

“I’m going to say Cosby so nobody gets mad at you,” Che said, referring to Bill Cosby, who has been accused by dozens of women of sexual abuse.

"I don't think we're thankful enough that the whole world agreed on the same units of time"

Reddit lallapalalableEarly man tracked time day by day using apparent time, or time based on sundials and other observations of nature. I can't find too much info right now but as far as I can tell there was no standard unit of time shorter than a day among any major civilization for a while.

The Egyptians defined hours as 1/12th of either day or night, and had seasonal variations on the length of their hour.

Greek astronomers were the first to establish the modern hour, by dividing the day into six parts and then dividing those parts into four more. They also had an early version of the minute, which was how long it took for the sun to travel one degree along the sky, or about four minutes.

The Babylonians went a little nuts, also dividing the day into six parts, but then divided each part by sixty for their sub-units, up to at least six subdivisions, the smallest individual units being as accurate as two microseconds. However, instead of using a 1/24th of a day hour like the Greeks, they had a 1/12th day hour (120 min), but did use the 1/360th day minute, and something resembling a second called the barelycorn, about 3.5 modern seconds and still used in the hebrew calendar today as the helek.

In 1000, a Persian scholar named al-Biruni first termed the word second when he defined the period of time between two new moons as a figure of days, hours, minutes, seconds, thirds, and fourths. The minute was the first subdivision of the hour by 60, then the second, and so on. Roger Bacon did this again in the 1200's, but started with hours, giving a more accurate figure. The term third still exists in some languages, such as Polish, but fourths were apparently too small for any practical use and fell out of style with the general population.

The late 1500s what the first time a true standard second came to being with the advent of mechanical clocks, so that the time could be measured objectively from mean-time instead of deriving it from the apparent-time. The first clock with a second hand was built between 1560-70and 1579 saw the first clock with actual markings denoting the seconds. However, they weren't very accurate, and the second remained arbitrary from machine to machine and unable to be reliably measured.

In 1644 it was realized that a pendulum of a specific length would have an oscillation period of exactly two seconds, and by 1670 William Clement had tinkered with the physics enough to build a clock precise enough that the second was now an established unit of time. By 1862 it was established that the second would be the base unit of time for all scientific research, along with the millimeter and milligram, by The British Association for the Advancement of Science (BAAS), defining the second as 1/86,400th of a solar day by the 1940s.

From there we've just been refining the accuracy of what we call a second, accounting for the Earth's axis and ever-so slowly declining rotational velocity, to the point where it's not even measured by observations based on the earth and sun, but by the distance light travels in a vacuum or how many vibrations a cesium atom makes. We've divided time so hard that to do so any further wouldn't make sense; events in subatomic physics just don't happen quickly enough for smaller units of time to be measured.

But yeah, that's where we got our units of time. It's such a ubiquitous thing that we've had literally our entire existence to hash it all out, and while today we're all in agreement about the standard subdivisions and have been for a long time, there were discrepancies in the past and in the context of your post it must have been a special kind of frustrating trying to figure out what two people mean by "hour"

*However, while we all agree on the day/hour/second situation, the annual calendar is still pretty sporadic in it's appearance. The lunar month may seem standard, but there are many South-East Asian cultures that have their own unique way of dividing the year. I won't get into that, because it's mostly a headache and I'm kinda losing steam on this anyway, but long story short we're far from having a universal system here.

‘Why Am I Even Here?’

"First Openly Gay Republican on GOP Platform Committee"
Over the last two days, Rachel Hoff has considered leaving the Republican Party for the first time in her life.
The think tank defense analyst from Washington, D.C., who is the first openly gay Republican to serve on her party’s platform committee, sat through a slow march of disappointments that led her to that point days before the 2016 convention. Her peers voted down every amendment that offered softened or inclusive language about the LGBT community, instead doubling down on the belief that marriage is between only one man and one woman and other socially conservative positions.
On Monday, Hoff made an emotional appeal asking the committee to replace some of those sentiments with language she had crafted, stating that marriage is a fundamentally important institution and that “there are diverse and sincerely held views on marriage” within the party. “We are your daughters. We are your sons, your friends, your neighbors, your colleagues, the couple who sits next to you in church,” she said. “Freedom means freedom for everyone, including gays and lesbians … And all I ask today is you include me and those like me.” By an unofficial vote of about 30 to 82, the amendment failed.

"It's Trump's moment"

APIt's Donald Trump's big moment to make his case to the country — and to the many rattled doubters in his own party. The most important speech of his presidential campaign will bring down the balloons on a convention marked by divided loyalties and unwanted distractions as well as full-throated roars against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

The latest diversion landed Thursday morning in an interview in which Trump declared he would set new conditions before coming to the aid of NATO allies. The remarks, in an interview with The New York Times, deviated from decades of U.S. foreign policy doctrine and seemed to suggest he would put new conditions on the 67-year-old alliance's bedrock principle of collective defense.

As president, Trump said he would defend an ally against Russian aggression only after first ensuring that the allies have fulfilled their obligations to the U.S. "If they fulfill their obligations to us, the answer is yes," he said. (read more)

Bill Burr Standup vs a Crowd of PC Zombies

Shaolin Soccer

It started with Vbspurs asking if a brief animated GIF is "Shaolin Soccer"

Indeed it is. The gif is derived from a clip in the movie. (clip doesn't work in the screengrab below) Other commenters identified it. Off to YouTube to watch clips of the film, Shaolin Soccer. It has GOT to be weird.

Whatever you think, I like it. Enough to watch another. And another, and another until it seemed like I watched all the fights, all the salient scenes, that I'd seen the whole film in English and Chinese and Spanish. Each clip has over a million views. Some are uploaded for education purposes. The film is used in college film study courses, so they say in thier descriptions. 

The film is old now, released in 2001. It has a solid following. People love this film and having seen the whole thing now I can see why. It's a sweet movie with this type of self-depricating humor throughout, the exaggerations are comical they get much more exaggerated than this, and I noticed some very nice film techniques throughout, nice artistic transitions by depicting what the character is thinking or feeling that segues into reality, some work better than others. For example a fight training scene feels like war, the actor crawls and picks up a helmet that is really not there in the field, puts it on, ping,  and war scene develops, ping ping, as hallucination building up to exaggerated layered rifle shots pinging around him, he calls for help and momentarily sees the rescue helicopter blades blur blend into the face of his coach who is poking him with stick telling him to snap out of it, he looks and his walkie-talkie held up to his face is actually his shoe.

Threadbare and dirty and poor cloth shoes throughout. It's a theme.  

Other transitions work less well. The movie is made in  Hong Kong, the signage is written in English. The coach in an alley is peeing on a wall. He turns his head and reads spray painted in white on a brick wall, "no peeing on the wall." He walks up to the brick wall and it crumbles revealing a scene behind it with a Shaolin fighter facing a gang. 

Obviously the film's target audience is young males. 

And they love this movie so much it makes them behave online. Honestly, the comments I've read to all of the clips are a delight to take in. Along with its exaggerations the film is loaded with very nice touches. The ugly girl he encounters making dough as a Shoulin master is nicely and artistically done very well. What is that move? "That move is the 'shoving of a thousand horses with four tails." Just something weird tossed in. The love story within it draws from classics, sufficiently humanistic and emotional to appeal to females while insufficiently chick-flick to put off the target audience.

Here is a page of YouTube offering. [shaolin soccer]

Oddly, it's not giving me a full version anymore. I watched it all the way through and now it keeps switching to something else no matter which one I select. Except the Spanish and Hindi versions. Oh! I watched it throughAmazon Prime. 

It just keeps going. Yet another video is titled, "What happen if Real Shaolin Kung Fu face MMA on UFC small" That sounded interesting. I watched. It's all about Shaolin training and not about a comparison. I hoped comments would resolve my confusion.  

Anthony Quigley delivers a long explanation. He says the same thing twice as he develops his answer. It is a very good answer as to what would happen if the two types engaged and it answers all similar questions. And that's good, but then here's what I want to show you, the person who answered Quigley had me laughing so hard it made me adore all the people who love this movie whatever their reason for loving it. (I didn't realize until c/p how recent these comments are.) I hope you like this as much as I do.
Antony Quigley1 hour ago
What'd happen? He's get hes ass beaten to a pulp. Just like any other martial artist going against an MMA fighter.
Because people seem to forget. What MMA is, the the culmination of all the best styles, that have been honed and whittled down over the years, to a point where MMA fighters are using only the martial arts that are able to protect them, and the ones that are most effective offensively be it on the ground or standing that expend the least amount of energy.
Remember, the first bunch of MMA fighters were all kinds of single minded fighters against eachother. Boxers, Kickboxers, Muay Thai, BJJ, Wrestlers, Karate guys, Sabat Guys, Taekwando guys etc. And over the years, People started training in the most effective ways ontop of the skills they already had.
Like Boxers were getting taken down or eaten alive on the feet with kicks by Muay Thai guys, Kickboxers, etc. So they had to learn to kick, Defend kicks, wrestle, do BJJ, defend against these things etc.
So the answer to all these questions is Any Martial Art vs MMA fighter = MMA fighter wins easily. Otherwise the martial art that beats the MMA fighters, would be the only thing we'd see being used in the Octagon. Or are you all idiots and don't realize that MMA is just a mix of the most effective ways of attacking and defending developed over years and years of thousands of wins and losses? Thats why i think it's hilarious when boxers say "A boxer would knock an MMA fighter out before he could get close enough to kick him or take him down" lol. If that was the case. We wouldn't have MMA. ALl the boxers would have just won all the titles in the first 20 UFC's and it would have just been turned into a boxing organization. But thats not what happened. Boxers got ripped to shit by kickers, BJJ guys, Taekwando guys, Karate etc.
People need to grow up,
Then he is answered.
A comment that says the same thing over and over, yet delivers it beautifully like verses of a song; restating the same thing with increasing enjoyment. My experience on you|tube is complete now, I need not return again. I asked for the world, then was given a galaxy.

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Laura Ingraham speech

Link to video

"My parents didn't believe that there were jobs Americans wouldn't do"

Grace Hopper explains Nanoseconds.

Link to video

The Turkish man who lay in front of a tank

Metin Dogan, 40, didn’t think twice before he put himself in front of a tank and between armed soldiers attempting to take over the country on Friday - and told them to 'go over me or go away'.
‘When I lay down, I aligned my whole body, because I wanted my heart, my brain, and all my organs all to be crushed at once.

‘I’m waiting to see how that one second is going to feel. I didn’t want to miss that one second, If I miss that one second I would have felt like I missed something huge, so I’m waiting there, concentrating, waiting to see how that second is going to feel because that’s death.'

Metin, who served in the Turkish army himself when he was 30-years-old, said he had no doubt what he was doing was right – and his actions have been praised all over the world with #tankman trending on Twitter.

As soon as the medical student saw tanks on television on Friday night he wasted no time in running to the streets to face off with Turkish soldiers – and was thoroughly prepared to die for his country.

‘I immediately turned to my brother and said you have kids and a family — but I’m going. And I just left without letting them say anything or think about it,’ he told MailOnline.
(Read more)

You looking good are a hat rack....well at least you have a great rack!

Bill Cosby is now “completely blind,” said a well-placed source, who added that the embattled comic is “in his own personal hell.”
The disgraced comedian once known as “America’s Dad” is now confined to his Pennsylvania home with only his incomprehensibly loyal wife, Camille, at his side.
The source close to Cosby told us, “His alleged victims may take some solace in the fact that he’s in his own personal hell. He has been suffering from a degenerative eye disease and is completely blind . . . All his Hollywood friends have turned their backs on him.


“He is confined to his house in Pennsylvania, and the only person on his side is his wife, Camille, who is masterminding his defense. His only friends are the small army of lawyers on his payroll.”

April will be happy to hear this one!

Trump said to have promised tabloid boss ambassador job 

New York Post July 19, 2016 by Keith J. Kelly

Insiders at American Media, home of the National Enquirer and Star, are buzzing that Chief Executive Officer David Pecker, a well-known booster of Donald Trump, has been promised an ambassadorship if and when Trump is elected president.
The coveted international post would be offered, went the buzz, in exchange for continued positive coverage of Trump and continued negative stories on Hillary Clinton.
“It’s something people have been talking about for weeks,” said an insider.
Pecker, through a spokesman, dismisses the rumor: “It’s a ridiculous claim.”
The CEO does acknowledge that he has been pushing favorable Trump covers — and anti-Hillary covers — because that is what readers want.
“Our readers have clearly spoken and they want more news about Trump and his vision for America.
The pro-Trump and anti-Hillary covers have seen newsstand sales pop 23 percent, Pecker said. “That is the only poll data that I care about.”
The only bright spot for April is that he is going to be appointed the Ambassador to Libya.

ISIS train axe attacker may have lied to obtain refugee status

The terror group released a video yesterday featuring the attacker, who is claimed to be 17, who was shot dead by police after the attack, which left four people critically injured near the city of Wurzburg.

ISIS used the name 'Mohammed Riyadh' to describe him, however, sources close to the investigation in Germany said that he registered in the country as Riaz Khan Ahmadzai.

Six things

"Joe Lieberman: Here’s what to do if you’ve just been nominated for vice president"
Never forget who gave you the opportunity to run for national office.

Don’t flip-flop on positions you took before becoming the vice-presidential candidate.

Speak out inside the campaign.

Don’t believe the cynics who say that the vice-presidential candidate doesn’t have any effect on the outcome of the election.

Don’t forget the main reason you are so grateful and excited to be running.

The time from now until Election Day will be the most physically and intellectually demanding of your professional life.

The News Anchors at FOX are revolting...And I am not just talking about Gutfeld and Shep.

Fox News Stars Stand With Roger Ailes Against Megyn Kelly, More Than 50 Fox Contributors, All Primetime, Willing To Walk
Breitbart News by Matthew Boyle

LEVELAND, Ohio — All of Fox News’ primetime lineup is willing to walk out of the network with chief executive and chairman Roger Ailes if he is pushed out by Rupert Murdoch and his family, Breitbart News has confirmed.

Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Greta Van Susteren, Shepard Smith, Bret Baier, Eric Bolling, Neil Cavuto, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Laura Ingraham, Geraldo Rivera, Juan Williams, Jeanine Pirro, Bo Dietl, Monica Crowley, all of the Fox and Friends hosts, and at least 50 Fox News contributors are willing to depart the network if Ailes is ousted, and leave with him to form a new network, one of the network’s anchors told Breitbart News late Tuesday.
All of them stand against Megyn Kelly, and all of them stand with Roger Ailes.

This is why Trump has so many people who are loyal to him....and will go to the mattresses for hiim.

The speechwriter who screwed up Melania's speech by cribbing from Mooschelle's speech has fessed up. She offered her resignation and Trump refused. It said the everyone can make an honest mistake and he wasn't going to fire her or accept her resignation. Text of her letter:

So you see this is how Trump handles things for loyal subordinates. Yes she screwed up. Yes she made Melania look bad. But he supported her because in the end it is only the attacks of liberals, Democrats and the media that are stake. He is not going to eat his young to curry favor with these scumbags. Good on you Mr. Trump.

The Daily Show would not allow someone to film them

Link to video

Breitbart News’ Joel Pollak sent The Daily Show running for cover, armed only with his cell phone camera, outside a “Gays for Trump” party hosted by Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos near the Republican National Convention early Wednesday.

A crew from The Daily Show... set up outside the event and approached people as they left the party, asking them for interviews. (read more)

Australian school bans clapping in favor of silent cheer CLAPPING has been banned at a Sydney primary school which has introduced “silent cheering”, “pulling excited faces” and “punching the air” to respect students who are “sensitive to noise”.

The school now only allows its pupils “to conduct a silent cheer” when prompted by teachers and says the practice “reduces fidgeting”.

Elanora Heights Public School, which is on Sydney’s northern beaches, announced its new “silent cheer” policy in its latest school newsletter.

The ban on clapping at Elanora Heights Primary School emerged on the same day that an exclusive girls school banned teachers from calling “ladies” or “women” in favour of “gender-neutral” terms.

correction: the best kind of Chris Christie

Chris Christie presented one of the two top speeches Tuesday night at RNC convention in Cleveland. The other top speech by Trump's son, Trump Jr., who watchers agree humanized Trump considerably. Several said they'd prefer him as candidate.

Christie opened with a few positive remarks about Trump's strong leadership and voices that want Donald Trump being heard in the hall, then he  went into this administration that refuses to prosecute Hillary or hold her responsible for her record as Secretary of State. So he will do that onstage.

Pundits are impressed with his prosecutorial style. He says straight up he intends to prosecute her and allow us to be jury. Then proceeds item by item beginning with North Africa and the overthrow of Qaddafi in Libya all across the globe, through the Middle East and China and Russia then Cuba and ending with the FBI.

Full text at

Viewers liked his trained pit bull type meanness. Even his detractors are impressed. But that's it. Both of them compress the whole thing into that summation;  Christie being prosecutor. 

He left out a lot. He could have put the entire European migration debacle on her shoulders. He could have linked precipitous withdrawal from stabilized Iran to all that and place blame on her ideologic wavering leadership. He didn't even mention Egypt and Muslim Brotherhood. Didn't mention South China Sea. He could have enumerated her exposed lies through the decades that are important to people but he didn't. Obama's foreign policy history is her foreign policy history too.  She has a lot of history he left out, so much that even talking about it is wearisome. So wearisome it drags down your own convention were you to be thorough about it, so all of it gets summed up as, "typical attack on Hillary that you expect." 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Cleveland rocks


"Columbus police officer hospitalized after glass found in sandwich"

WSYX/WTTE -- A Columbus police officer was rushed to the hospital after officials say he cut his mouth after biting into a sandwich, which contained several shards of glass from a restaurant on East Long Street Monday afternoon.
The officer was taken to Grant Medical Center around 3 p.m. where he's being held overnight. The officer is expected to be okay, according to investigators.
Police say the officer bit into the sandwich and felt what was a grisly texture as well as a crunching sound. When he looked into the sandwich, he saw the glass. When he checked his mouth, he saw it was bleeding. The restaurant was subsequently shut down as assault squad investigators conducted interviews.
Detectives said it's not clear whether the incident was accidental or intentional.
Tweets claim the restaurant is a ‘Progressive Coffee House’

"Fox News' Megyn Kelly accuses Roger Ailes of sexual harassment"

CNBC:  One of Fox News' top anchors, Megyn Kelly, has also alleged that she was sexually harassed by CEO Roger Ailes, New York Magazine's Daily Intelligencer reports.
Two sources told the publication that Kelly told a team handling an outside investigation into Ailes' behavior that she too was the victim of sexual advances from the Fox News executive about a decade ago. The probe is being handled by New York-based law firm Paul, Weiss, Kelly, on behalf of Fox News' parent company 21st Century Fox.
That's why she had not come forward to defend Ailes, following the Gretchen Carlson charge, like all the other Fox News stars.

Michelle and Melania

Link to video

Germany train axe attack

Teenage refugee shouted 'Allahu Akbar' and hacked passengers

A 17-year-old Afghan refugee believed to be behind the attack was shot dead by police as he reportedly charged at them following the incident at Würzburg-Heidingsfeld station.

18 people were injured after a man armed with an axe went on a bloody rampage after storming a train in Germany.

Armed police swarmed the area soon after receiving reports that a man hacked at passengers on board a train close to Wurzburg in southern Germany.

Aftermath video at the link. Motive is said to be unclear.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Rudie Can't Fail - The Clash

"Ted Cruz contemplates the unthinkable"

“They didn’t expect a Republican to say that. I said, ‘Listen, Bernie talks about how Washington is corrupt, both parties are in bed with the lobbyists and special interests. I think he's exactly right.’”

The best kind of Chris Christie

Make America Safe Again.... A Preview

Judge acquits Lt. Brian Rice of all charges on the Freddie Gray case

Baltimore SunProsecutors in Baltimore have failed for the fourth time to secure a conviction in the Freddie Gray case, with Circuit Judge Barry G. Williams acquitting Lt. Brian Rice of all charges related to Gray's arrest and death.
Williams cleared Rice, 42, of involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment and misconduct in office in a downtown Baltimore courtroom on Monday morning. The judge had dismissed a second-degree assault charge at the trial's midpoint, and prosecutors dropped a second misconduct charge at the start...
Williams said prosecutors had failed to meet their burden of proving the charges beyond a reasonable doubt, instead asking the court to rely on "presumptions or assumptions" — something it cannot do. He said the court "cannot be swayed by sympathy, prejudice or public opinion."
Based on the law, he said, the prosecution failed to prove the elements of the crimes.
The prosecution did not show Rice acted in a "grossly negligent manner," required of manslaughter, he said. It did not show that Rice acted in an unreasonable way or ignored the substantial risk in placing Gray in a police van without a seat belt, required for reckless endangerment, he said. And, it did not show Rice acted "corruptly," which is required for misconduct in office, he said.
Kevin Rector wrote the article posted above.

Conventional Behavior

The following is excerpted from a chapter called "Some Real Pigs--the Politicians" in Chicago cop Jack Muller's memoir "I, Pig." His words were dictated to author Paul Neimark. Muller is long dead. I previously posted about his take on the '68 Chicago Convention here.
The President of the United States drunk.
  Naked women running wildly down hotel halls, with the men who were running this country running after them.
  A U.S. Senator pulling down his zipper and taking a leak against the side of a shiny limousine in front of one of the world's most famous hotels.
  That was just some of what I saw when I was assigned to the 1952 Republican and Democratic National Conventions in Chicago.Three years had passed since my tangle with Edward Shumak,* three long years, fighting judges and politicians and learning the hard way--the hardest way--that it isn't the "public enemies" you've got to watch out for.
   It's the "public servants."
   But I really got the message at the '52 Conventions. From the lowest alternative delegate all the way up to the President of the United States, these sons of bitches acted like they had complete immunity against the law!
   The Republicans weren't as bad as the Democrats. That's because they'd been out of power a long time, and were dead serious about nominating somebody who'd let them cut up the pie again. At the time I was on solo motorcycle and when the politicians came to town was assigned escort duty and patrol for some dignitaries. My commanding officer then was a good guy who kind of sympathized with how I kept coming back for more against the boys with influence. Actually, most of my commanding officers have been good people. Any gripe I ever had against the police was usually due to the fact that my superiors had been forced to do something by the politicians or judges or private kingmakers who run the show.
 *Shumak was a deranged thug who shot Muller in the head.

Alex Jones meets Carl Rove on the way to Cleveland and you won't believe what happens next

YouTube recommended this video based on the things that I watch, presumably. I don't know anything about Alex Jones.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Governor Kasich upholds state gun rights

This is a nice sequence separated by only a few tweets. It could be one of those shot, chaser things but that suggests drinking and this is Sunday. What are we, lushes? 

Someone is going to get hurt. Somebody is going to bleed. And you might think the bloodshed must be from those gun-toting Rethuglicans while they might be victims, as we've seen. 

We notice firsthand, right here in Denver, the crazy that follows Democrat conventions as insects to excrement are all various left wing concerns and all of the crazy that follows Republican conventions as witnessed at Trump rallies are also left wing concerns. Conclusion: all the troubles worked up by political crackpots at conventions are generated by left wing concerns. 

Surprising New Evidence Shows Bias in Police Use of Force but Not in Shootings

NYT:  A new study confirms that black men and women are treated differently in the hands of law enforcement. They are more likely to be touched, handcuffed, pushed to the ground or pepper-sprayed by a police officer, even after accounting for how, where and when they encounter the police.

But when it comes to the most lethal form of force — police shootings — the study finds no racial bias.

“It is the most surprising result of my career,” said Roland G. Fryer Jr., the author of the study and a professor of economics at Harvard. The study examined more than 1,000 shootings in 10 major police departments, in Texas, Florida and California.

The result contradicts the image of police shootings that many Americans hold after the killings (some captured on video) of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.; Tamir Rice in Cleveland; Walter Scott in South Carolina; Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, La.; and Philando Castile in Minnesota. (read more)


Thoughts on Baton Rouge Police Ambush

Statement from Donald Trump.
We grieve for the officers killed in Baton Rouge today. How many law enforcement and people have to die because of a lack of leadership in our country? We demand law and order.
  From Breitbart TV:
Cleveland police officer and Police Patrolmen’s Association President Steve Loomis said President Barack Obama had “blood on his hands.”
Loomis said, “The president of the Untied States validated a false narrative and the nonsense that Black Lives Matter and the Media are pressing out to the public — validated with his very divisive statements And now we see an escalation. This has got to end.”

Citizens Untied

The real reason behind the Left's undoing Citizens United

I read the link yesterday and then I saw that April linked it at TOP.  I never made the connection between Citizen's United and Rodham. Now I understand why she has prioritized undoing that SCOTUS decision.

"Reports of officers shot in Baton Rouge"

"2 law enforcement officers dead in Baton Rouge, multiple shot, authorities say"

Live coverage.

TX Lt. Gov. Tells Obama Cops Don’t ‘Know in Their Hearts’ He’s On Their Side

Link to video

"Did Erdogan STAGE the coup?"

"US-based Turkish cleric facing extradition over botched rebellion claims president orchestrated plot to justify a clampdown on civil rights"
A US-based Turkish cleric accused of plotting a coup to overthrow the Ankara government has claimed President Recep Erdogan staged the rebellion himself to justify a major clampdown on opposition forces.
Fethullah Gulen, who was a former key ally of Erdogan has been blamed by the politician of using his contacts to develop a 'parallel structure' to overthrow the state.
Erdogan has called on US President Barack Obama to extradite Gulen, who is based in Pennsylvania.
Erdogan, left, and Gulen, right, were close allies in the 1990s