Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Listen up....all you white people get at the end of the line!

Biden: Democrats haven't 'spoken enough' to white, middle-class Americans

Vice President Joe Biden joked Wednesday that he is “going to be living in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan” in the coming months as the Democratic Party looks to reconnect with white, middle-class voters ahead of November’s general election.
Biden told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that Democrats have increasingly failed to connect with white, middle-class Americans, a group with which Republican nominee Donald Trump has consistently polled well. The vice president said that while Democrats have continued to advocate for policies that would benefit those voters, they have not spent enough time assuring them that Democrats understand their problems.

“I think the Democratic Party overall hasn't spoken enough to those voters. They've done the right thing for the voters. Haven't spoken to them,” Biden said. “We have the right policies but I don't think we spend enough time.”
Diagnosing the problem, Biden said both parties, but especially Democrats, have become too distracted by the conveyor belt of crises politicians deal with and as a result have forgotten to engage with white, middle-class voters.
“I think we have, in part, and the reason is we’ve been consumed with crisis after crisis after crisis,” Biden said. “And so I go into my old neighborhood and they go, ‘Joe, hey Joe, over here. What about me?’”
“I think there has been in both parties not enough -- this is going to sound strange -- enough respect shown to ordinary people busting their necks,” he continued.


ricpic said...

Some democracy we've got here where the Dems won't admit they're the black and brown party and the Pubbies won't admit they're the white party. I guess you've gotta be a Samoan to catch a break.

edutcher said...

So, Halo Joe is gonna lecture us again, the way he did all through the Iraq campaign. The way he did when he told us how Roosevelt went on TV in '33.

Oh, please, let this self-important buffoon have all the prime time air he can get.

Looks like Hillary may need some comedy relief. The Donald is comparing her to Tommy Flanagan

PS ric, if they were the black and brown party, black and brown people would be doing much better.

Sixty Grit said...

Come on ed, the quote was "Biden told Couric: “When the stock market crashed, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed.” - and as we all know, at least those of us who were there, that the market crashed in '29, FDR was inaugurated for the first time in '33.

Yeah, I know, every utterance by that brain damaged idiot is a target rich environment, how does one focus on a single nugget? But resist we much.

AllenS said...

"I be loving me some white people.-- Joe Plugs Biden

edutcher said...

This is too good. God must truly love Donald Trump (look at the women he gets).

The Demos need actors to fill 700 seats tomorrow night.

Could be it has something to do with the Bernies.

The Bernies seem to be turning into Greenies.

Could have something to do with all the intimidation by the DNC.

And their challenge to Kaine that was blocked.

BTW, I finally figured out who he looks like.

Think Harvey Korman without his Hedley Lamarr beard and mustache.

Methadras said...

"They gonna keep you in chainz... 2 chainz!!!" Joe PolyGrip Biden

Rhythm and Balls said...

Biden. Just another blowhard bozo who thinks he can order white dudes to eat from his hand and vote according to his command.

Fuck him, too.

My swing state has 20 electoral votes to offer. I have no problem preventing them from going to the candidate who insults me so reflexively and her "dumb dad" lackey bitch who apparently has taken after this strategy.

Hell, try debating a single Hillary supporter. They are completely incapable of convincing and simply shame and blame and complain and defame you... into voting for their candidate!

They can suck a dick and live with the Trump candidate they find so scary, then. Let them live with the consequences if they can't see that they're just as insulting as they accuse the guy they love to hate of being.

Fuck the DNC and Fuck Democrats.

Trooper York said...

Just wear a condom buddy. I worry about you!

Those Brazilians can give you the Zika you know!

Rhythm and Balls said...

Lol! I'll be fine!

Never better. Just mixing it up with the ruff and grumble of the crazy commie party. I'm my own man and we'll show them a thing or two! Not to go completely wild or destructive. Just to set them straight.

It'll be ok. These are Democrats - just as supine as you always warned me/us about. They apparently need to be yelled at every now and then to do the right thing. Ha haha.

But yes, of course you're right about protection. Or maybe a spacesuit/hazmat when dealing with the DNC.

edutcher said...

So those of you feeling guilty know, there's a reparations website that lets whites pay black peoples' rent.

That way, Joe is saved the trouble of making an ass of himself.

Amartel said...

This Biden speech is some very weak tea. All the stuff he's claiming about what Trump is going to do is exactly what the Dems have already done to America. Fucked over the middle class, said one thing and done another, fear mongering etc., Projection.
He's been failing upwards in government since the age of 29.

Amartel said...

I'd be rah rah about America, too, if I'd had a free ride all my life thanks to the taxpayer.

XRay said...

R&B, I'm starting to worry about you. Have you had a run in with a lsd spiked punch bowl or something. You're making a lot of sense lately.

Rhythm and Balls said...

There are two DNCs right now. THere's the silly video feed you guys (if you bother with it) can watch of the floor of the DNC convention. And then there are hundreds and hundreds of videos all over YouTUbe of every single Democratic constituency protesting the hell out of her ass.

I just saw a video of Haitian American Trump supporting anti-Hillary protestors.

I even saw MSNBC interviewing Bernie delegates who flat-out refused to commit to Hillary.

All these things and more, I saw. Watch them with me. She and her organization are as much our enemies as they are yours.

We are legion.

Amartel said...

The Clintons stole/siphoned off Haitian relief funds. They are truly cold hearted greedy hypocrites.