Friday, July 29, 2016

Dem Donor Class, why did you put your personal information out there?

You did that by giving your vital information to the Democrat party. You trusted them with your personal information, very personal, and they betrayed your trust. Yes, again, you did this yourself, to yourself, by putting your information at risk by handing it over to an untrustworthy agency.  I'm sorry to say, your beloved party is not a trustworthy agency.

Now, here is the whole world with your vital information just put out there so carelessly, handled carelessly. I feel an urge to call each one of you and ask, "Why did you allow this? Why did you trust?" I doubt many phone numbers still work, but who knows? 

Maybe a few would actually answer. 

I feel an urge, a faint one but still an urge to mass produce a simple pop-up card that goes boing "PSYCH" then in tiny typeface "DNC gave us everything vital. You trusted poorly" and send to every address. 

Just for fun. And let this be a lesson for placing trust in unworthy agencies.

I just now realized, and this awesome I must admit it, the first two pages are wealthy people with money to burn who I don't recognize, scanning the names, except Soros jumps out at the end. So there are a lot of wealthy people. It's actually comforting knowing that. And the third page is only a portion, that's what I just noticed, alphabetized list of names that I do recognize, all famous and political names, but the odd thing about it is they are first names, some out of place, it's funny, Tom Keating, Tom Manatos, Tom Epstein, Tom Daschele, Tom Litjen, Tom O'Donnell, with some names out of exact place alphabetically, Tammie mixed in there with Tony and Todd displaced from their own pack, Toni Buoy, Tony Hadley, Tony Magnetti, Tony Reeves, Toney Russo Tony Podesta, and you go these are just the To -- Tu names a whole page of them, man, this Vast Left Wing Conspiracy sure is vast. It's awesome. That list has telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. 

And this isn't even the WikiLeaks, this is the Guccifer pages. WikiLeaks is another world much larger. So large you cannot even go through it all. People form teams and comb it for damaging entries. Then compile the most interesting things that they've found. So far. DNC workers are already freaking out, searching their own names, preparing their resignation notices and statements, some have already been told to do so. An ill wind blows through the Party Democrat, the entire party apparatus is shaken and all talk of party unity is among survivors.  


edutcher said...

And nobody is more unworthy than the Demos.

And what's norks?

(aside from North Koreans)

Chip Ahoy said...

Acronym natural organic real knockers, sweater puppies, fun bags, what have you.

Trooper York said...

The emails that will be released will be Chinese Water torture for the Democrats.

Fitting since it is most likely the Chinks who will be releasing them. Good times.