Thursday, July 28, 2016

Nancy Pelosi tells us what the Democrats really think!

White Guys

Town Hall by Leah Barkoukis July 28, 2016
In an interview on Tuesday at the Democratic National Convention, PBS host Judy Woodruff asked Rep. Nancy Pelosi about the fact that Donald Trump is handily beating Hillary Clinton among ‘non-college educated’ white men, and how the Democratic nominee would be able to counter that.
Pelosi said that Clinton will be able to make up for the deficit with a strong economic agenda, but then proceeded to explain why the Democratic nominee is doing so poorly among this demographic.
“So many times non college educated white males have voted Republican, have voted against their own economic interest because of guns, because of gays, and because of God, the three G’s,” she said, “God being the woman’s right to choose.”
Her answer—revealing how Democrats truly feel about this segment of the population—is reminiscent of President Obama’s infamous remarks in 2008 when he categorized conservatives as those who’ve become “bitter and cling to their guns” and “religion.”


edutcher said...

IOW Reagan Democrats.

So she admits Tim Korman is only there to get the white guy vote.

BTW Looks like young blacks are wising up (scroll down to the last vid).

edutcher said...

Somebody didn't get the memo. Leftist group will attempt citizen's arrest on Hillary during her acceptance speech.

But, hey, what else could go wrong?

Flash flood warning for tonight's DNC finale.

Get the feeling God is getting fed up?

Methadras said...

Nothing says Schadenfreude like radical Marxist progressive collectivists cannibalizing each other.