Sunday, July 31, 2016

Here is a post that will dial the outrage meter up to red zone!

We'll make it up on Volume
Vox Popoli Blog by Vox Day July 31, 2016
Steve Sailer observes that Muslims serving in the US military have been a net negative since 2000:
As far as I can tell, 14 Muslim-American U.S. soldiers have died in this century versus 15 American soldiers murdered in a couple of terrorist attacks by Muslim-American U.S. soldiers.

Okay, so we’re losing soldiers on each one. (Never mind 3,000 dead civilians in the U.S.)

But we’ll make up for it on volume!

But that’s not the point. The point is that global empire costs a lot of money, which lines a lot of pockets around the Beltway, so we need to keep the Invade / Invite perpetual motion money machine going.
The Khizr Khan story was pretty good rhetoric for the Democrats. But it was hampered by the fundamental weakness of rhetoric that is used to sell falsehoods rather than the truth. Of course, one can't effectively counter rhetoric with dialectic, although Trump could have been even colder than he was in pointing to the silence of Khan's headscarf-wearing mother.

The more effective rhetoric would have been to point out that Khan's death likely saved American lives, as he was killed before he experienced an attack of Sudden Jihad Syndrome and turned his guns on his fellow soldiers. The outrage would have been epic and would have served to underline the fact that even some who wear the uniform and are sworn to defend the US Constitution are not, and never will be, Americans.


William said...

I respect the valor of his son's service and the authenticity of his grief. I don't have a problem with him, but I would respect the media more if they questioned whether the constitution which he waves about covers Mohammed cartoons. What does he feel about gays in the military? Or gay marriage? Does he have any daughters? If so, would he allow them outside without head covering and with a bare midriff?

Trooper York said...

I suspect that as we look into Mr. and Mrs. Kahn's beliefs we will determine that they care very little about the constitution. Just a feeling I have. The longer he talks and the more exposure he gets the more problematic it becomes for the Democratic propaganda. Their best bet is to take this hit and then step back. They are going to overplay their hand. They always do.

edutcher said...

I'm a little skeptical of the 15 American soldiers murdered in a couple of terrorist attacks by Muslim-American U.S. soldiers.

Seems to me it's more. We had a lot of grenades rolled into tents and stuff in the early part of the GWOT.

Saw the comment at the link about turning the Armed Forces into a US Foreign Legion.

First, the McGovern crowd talked about the same thing 40 years ago.

Second, that's what we had in the 50 years after the Civil War. Regiments were often described as Irish (7th Cavalry) or German (7th Infantry) because of the preponderance of foreigners. Army bands were often said to have been imported direct from Italy. The best scout we had in the Southwest, Al Sieber, was German.

The difference was those people wanted to become Americans.

edutcher said...

Khan says Terror has nothing to do with Islam.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Chip Ahoy said...

Khan is a very LOUD griever.

Where Democrat political activism substitutes for wailing, pounding the table, and rending of clothes, like regular people grieve.

Is he paid for wailing so loudly the way the ancient Egyptians did for their pharaohs, or is all this on his own initiative?

Maybe we had just wait for DNC server to be hacked again to find out the truth behind all this machination.

Let's hear from all the parents of gays murdered in Orlando for counternarrative.

Let's have the parents of the folks killed and maimed in Boston. I'm a little bit curious as to their opinions on immigration from unsettled Islamic states, disrupted by Hillary's incompetence.

Let's hear again ISIS tell us how death destruction and rampage and slavery are motivating tenets of their version of Islam and where they get such ideas. Which book they are reading that makes all that okay. We're curious to hear from all these people. We need to hear all sides.

And again, his wife didn't say anything onstage that first night because HER HUSBAND was talking. So don't give us this shit there was any other reason. HE was talking and your job as good Muslim wife is stand there and shut up until spoken to directly. Did he give you his permission to write the NYT oped? Did your husband approve what the text wrote before you submitted.

Heh heh heh, I said, "submitted."

Islam is about submission. With eyeballs outside of Islam and looking straight at it, Islam is for bottoms.

(So is Christianity. They say it differently. The way to heaven is align your desires with God, that is, submit your wishes in all things to His. That's the way to go. And it amount sto the same thing as Islam submission. Except the reading of what God wants differs greatly.)

rcocean said...

Remember the woman who's son was killed in Iraq? She was all over the news and on TV constantly - attacking Bush. And then Obama got elected and she disappeared.

What was her name? Anyone remember?

edutcher said...

Cindy Sheehan.

Leland said...

So is Khan's child some how more important than Patricia Smith, cause people were calling for stoning her discussing the loss of her child and a politicians inconsiderate comments. I don't recall the press covering her for more than the length of her speech, if that long.

chickelit said...

Islam is about submission. With eyeballs outside of Islam and looking straight at it, Islam is for bottoms.

(So is Christianity...)

Yeah, but only Muslims assume the position when they prey. Prostrate thyself for pro-State prostate tickling.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

The problem here is Trump walked into a media ambush and gave a huge gift to Hillary, the Democrats and their Media allies.

Had Trump answered like Troop suggested on my post, this story would have gone away with little or no long term harm to Trump. Trump even could have turned it into a victory of sorts by pointing out media bias and how Hillary is far more culpable.

You could have seen this coming after the DNC and Trump should have had a strategy session with his team to be ready for it. These are not the primaries anymore.

Is this the end for Trump. Hardly. But if he does not learn from this mistake (and it was a mistake on his part) I doubt he will win the general election.

Methadras said...

Islam is utterly incompatible with human life on earth much less the Constitution. It is a religio-political ideological tyrannical system of governance. Jihad is it's militant arm. This is not in question. Trump stepped in it for sure, but once the reality of who the Khan's are starts to surface, which of course the media will protect them from by not reporting, the more that Trump will look right about this. As soon as he moves on, the sooner he can go about trashing HRC's untrustworthiness.