Sunday, July 31, 2016

21st-century caveman

"Hunter-gatherer, 79, has lived in Argentinian mountain grotto for 40 years drinking from a creek and eating what he kills"
When he gets hungry he picks up his rifle and goes hunting or heads on a three-hour trek down the mountain to the nearest settlement of San Pedro de Colalao. A creek is his main source of water.
'It's the purest, richest water there is' he says.
His cave mates? Eleven roosters and two goats that roam the mountainside during the day and return at night looking for shelter from pumas and other predators. The crows of the roosters wake him up at around 3 a.m. every morning and he begins the day.
His only technological gadget is a small, battery-powered radio, but he has a hard time tuning into stations because the signal is weak up the mountain.
He walks three hours every day, climbing the steep mountainside to reach his cave. Luca's skin is weather-beaten and he has few teeth left, but he seems much younger than a man who is almost 80. (pictures at the link)


edutcher said...

Big whoop.

Half the Japanese Army did the same thing after V-J Day.

Chip Ahoy said...

This is awesome. I would like to try that water.

Today I had an adventure. It involved roadside service and a wait for AAA. It was 4:30 and they said a guy would get there at 6:05, and I go, "thank you very much" while thinking privately inside, GODDAMNIT NOW I GOTTA WAIT AN HOUR AND A HALF!"

So I settled in for a long wait being patient and reading twitter on the phone, as you do, and BANG in five minutes the guy was there. Under promise and over-deliver, that's the way things go around here. In all six recent cases of such time projection the party arrived far earlier than stated.

Not just a little bit earlier, A LOT earlier. All six from Grub Hub and now Triple A. It took longer to phone in the request than it did for them to arrive.

I am mightily impressed.

And not just regular impressed, MIGHTILY impressed.

So I said to guy, "Hey! Here, have yourself a mint."

(the restaurant gave me two.)

But back to the wilderness guy, honestly, there is nothing like having your own teeth late in life. He really should have brushed more often all those decades.

Lem said...

I got retweeted by a couple of new media big foots.

Instapundit and Kurt Schlichter.


In a response to Jake Taper of CNN I said.

@jaketapper The mother of the Benghazi soldier did not receive nearly this amount of coverage.

It was a big hit.

edutcher said...


Trump wants people to remember the issue is radical Islamic terror.

Khan says terror has nothing to do with Islam.

Sixty Grit said...

Caveman dude - livin' the dream!

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Sort of like the guy in Alaska, except the Alaska guy is an awesome carpenter

AllenS said...

Living in a cave is usually a result of having no employable skills.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

If all you want to do is walk around and drink mountain water, cave living would work. Might as well age some cheese and wine in that cave and go fishing (the fishing in Argentina is supposedly awesome).