Friday, July 29, 2016

Do you smell the Honeysuckle?

New York Post by Danny Collins July 29, 2016
“Foyle’s War” actress Honeysuckle Weeks has been reported missing from her home.
Fears are growing for the 36-year-old who was last seen in Chichester, West Sussex, at 9pm last night.
Her family alerted police one hour later who confirmed she had recently spoken about battling with anxiety.
Detective Kate Witt said in a statement: “We are concerned about Honeysuckle as her recent behaviour has concerned family and friends and she has expressed to them she is feeling anxious."

“Although she travels around a lot and has links in London and has family in Wiltshire, it is unlike her not to be in touch with family.
“If you read this Honeysuckle, please get in touch to let us know you are ok.”
Describing her appearance, Det Witt added: “She is around 5’4″ with cropped gingery blonde hair. She was last seen wearing a blue anorak and faded blues jeans.”
Sussex Police also tweeted a picture of the actress with an appeal to the public to help trace her.
A caption read: “Pls RT to help find missing #Petworth woman Honeysuckle Weeks.”
The actress had reportedly told close family and friends that she had been suffering from anxiety recently.
She was given an electronic ankle tag and slapped with a curfew in February after being caught speeding in South West London while already banned from driving.
Cardiff-born Honeysuckle has starred as Samantha Stewart in ITV drama Foyle’s War since 2002.
The Oxford-educated actress has a young son with husband Lorne Stormonth-Darling.
Commentary: I really enjoyed Foyle's War on Netflicks.  Honeysuckle played an interesting character. She was the sex appeal but did not have a sexual relationship with the main character. It was almost a father/daughter relationship which is quite unusual in episodic TV. The only other example I can think of is "Barnaby Jones."
I have been binging on British shows these days because they are less brutal and graphic than the slop you get on American TV. Honeysuckle had a gentle and diffident manner that was really interesting and different. 
I hope that she is ok.


chickelit said...

Really enjoyed her role in "Foyle's War." And, I recall it was a DBQ recommend way back in the TY days. Prhaps Foyle himself can look into her whereabouts?

Trooper York said...

It seems that she has some mental issues. I hope she is ok.

ricpic said...

England's such a tiny place. "The Petworth woman." I don't know what Petworth is like now but in the early 1800's it was the sight of the great country house of the aristocrat who was Turner's chief patron. Some of Turner's most dramatic paintings came out of that house, the light pouring through the high windows and overwhelming, almost obliterating the interior darkness. So much history crammed into England's small places.

chickelit said...

@ricpic: A short while back I linked to a cover version of Led Zeppelin's "When The Levee Breaks." There so much more trivia surrounding that song. One piece of trivia is that it was partially recorded a Headley Grange, an old Victorian mansion in Hampton, south of London, not far from where "Foyle's war" was set. The recording engineers got that voluminous echo sound you hear in the original by setting up the drums at the landing of a three storey staircase and recording from above. More history in small places.

ricpic said...

Site not sight. Yikes.

AprilApple said...

I enjoyed her in Foyles war as well. I hope she shows up.

Sydney said...

Found safe.