Friday, July 22, 2016

"Our hearts go out..."


You just keep your heart inside your hollow chest where it belongs. Your vapid sympathy is noted.


Lem said...

Zero days since the last time our hearts went out.

They are just not design to take that much sun.

Lem said...

Chip kills me. I think that's a tag Chick made up.

Jim in St Louis said...

Have they released Mohammed's last name yet?

ricpic said...

I try not to think of being murdered "accidentally" by a filthy Muslim. I mean what else can an expendable citizen expect from his servants in government in the way of protection? That's right, you got it in one: nothing.

edutcher said...

It's around 11 pm in Munich and they're still looking for the crazies. Telling people to shelter in place.

Sounds like Orlando and Bataclan. Somebody wants to make Trump's point for him.

Sixty Grit said...

Or Boston - anywhere the populace is disarmed. Come on out - let's play cowboys and muzzies!

rhhardin said...

Gee, I was in the main Munich train station not 56 years ago. Terrorism strikes someplace I've been. Six degrees of separation.

On what prayers and thoughts are worth, see Anthony Jeselnik, who explains the matter.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Wow, rh knows everyone's values and therefore what differing things, prayer for example, are to every person at every moment in time in terms of worth both in the present, and in the future.

I bet old rh would be an Atheist in the foxhole, just like Compte de Lautremont told him to pose as in the safe theories of the singular mind.

Prayer never accomplished anything for Jeselneck or Hardin ergo prayer is "less than nothing." That sounds like any and all prayer only benefits the Devil, or the Devil's ends as you like; nothing positive at all. No placebo effect even.

Jeselneck knows, and I thank Hardin for showing me how damn smart he is!

Thoughts, dialogue, meditating, prayers, focus, concentration are all bad after terror (or tragedy as the comic says) because Feynman.

Recognition of the new terror reality should never be allowed to be acknowledged through code words like " thoughts" or "prayers" or what have you.


Guildofcannonballs said...

To be fair, that Wounded Warriors commercial with the crying woman, struggling to say through the tears, "feeling like we were forgotten and alone was the worst thing" or something, did get on my nerves too after awhile.

Like the suffering dog commercials, Sally Struthers from the 1980's, Alex from Shriner's.

The reasons for the manipulations succeeding isn't the manipulation technique itself but instead predominately the perceived underlying substantive context. To the extent the manipulations create and reaffirm the perceptions they are valuable, but they turn off people like me too as a trade-off.

Synova said...

Thoughts and prayers may be vapid and near meaningless but some of the other options for making public statements are worse... like explaining how guns need to be banned... or scolding people not to blame the people who did it... or using the opportunity to act superior for not blaming the people who did it... or joking about some cute thing your kids did.