Saturday, July 23, 2016



Let's try "cash"

There are a lot of memos about Trump not releasing his taxes. But I don't care about those. I'm looking specifically for dirt on Hillary. Here's one that looks promising, "Mentions of money laundering and the victory fund"

From to The documents lists quite a lot of media mentions of Clinton fundraising. Apparently they asked for them.

The first references a video clip that cannot be seen without logging in. It disclaims association with any Democrat candidate. The text is provided

Maddow is interviewing Jeff Weaver. Maddow asks Jeff Weaver why he is calling the Clinton campaign money launderers.

Jeff Weaver responds:
That term was used by Democratic state party officials. That wasn't our term. They've been getting huge donations from wealthy people and doing two things. They said they would give it to the state parties. The state parties have gotten 1% of the money. What they have done is quite remarkable. No one has done it before. They take the money they get from people from contributions above the limit that they are allowed to take and turn it into a small dollar contribution machine which all goes to the Clinton campaign. They are turning it into a small dollar contribution machine that goes to the Clinton campaign. Money that goes to the state parties gets vacuumed up by the DNC sometimes, according to the news report, when state parties don't realize the money is being taken out of their account. It's quite phenomenal.
That's pretty good. Right off I'm satisfied the effort is worth the trouble of looking.

The next one is a link to the Inquisitr. Bernie sanders rips Clinton for campaign 'money laundering' scheme. Justin Streight writes:
Hillary Clinton has long justified taking large sums from wealthy donors by saying the money was going to DNC down-ticket Democrats to help them win state-level elections. The Hillary Victory Fund was touted as a vehicle for these joint-fundraising operations, but according to an in-depth analysis from Politico, less than 1 percent of the $61 million raised by the committee has stayed with the state candidates. In most cases, the campaigns see no benefit from their agreements with the DNC. In others, it is actually hurting the down-ticket Democrats. Sources speaking to Politico said the state campaigns were afraid to complain, fearing reprisal from Clinton and the DNC. The former secretary of State accused Bernie Sanders of doing nothing for the party; turns out that doing nothing might have been relatively better. 
Wow. What a hag. Everyone suffers. All goes to elevate her. Money for Haiti, for her. Money for Clinton foundations, for her. Campaign money for all candidates, all for her. This is the person Democrat voters support willingly.

So it goes on and on. Sanders again at Daily Caller, Clinton campaign 'money-laundering' scheme exposed NJ Today, Sanders again at LAW NEWZ, more memos, clips with Jake Trapper, articles and memos and clips all mentioning this scheme to elevate H. Clinton at the expense of everyone else.

What an awful crime syndicate to be all entangled. Admittedly that was a big word to search, "cash." But this is just peeking. And it is only one portion. And it is vast. This one thing having to do with cash. Imagine what else there is in here.


chickelit said...

I write as if Hillary were some sort of cash cow.

Let's ask Evi.

ricpic said...

Well, 1% is more than nothin'!

chickelit said...

I mean, you write as if Hillary were some sort of cash cow.

edutcher said...

If we're talking cash cows, this look like a job for EBL.

rhhardin said...

I don't see what leaks could reveal that wasn't already known of this bunch.

edutcher said...

The Bernies are being reminded how they were screwed.