Friday, July 22, 2016

Ivanka’s $138 Dress versus Hillary’s $12,495 Jacket

Breitbart News July 22, 2016 by Alex Swoyer

Ivanka Trump reportedlywore a $138, blush-colored dress from her own fashion line — sold at Macy’s and Nordstrom — when she introduced her father Donald Trump on Thursday night at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, where he accepted the Republican Party’s nomination for President of the United States.

The 34-year-old fashionista also wore her own dress on Wednesday night.

“The entrepreneur was also sporting her own designs — $158 off-white dress, $135 black suede pumps and her own considerably pricier precious jewelry — in the Quicken Loans Arena on Wednesday night, when photographers shot her pointing toward her father’s nemesis Ted Cruz,” Women’s Wear Daily reports.
Trump’s decision to adorn her reasonably priced clothing line makes her relatable to every woman and it’s in stark contrast to presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s decision to wear a $12,485 Giorgio Armani jacket during her New York primary win in April.
As the New York Post noted, Clinton’s jacket reveals her disconnect from the everyday woman.
“It was a clear attempt to position herself as an everywoman,” the Post reported of Clinton’s victory speech, adding, “But an everywoman she is not — she gave the speech in a $12,495 Giorgio Armani tweed jacket.”


Methadras said...

Ivanka has gotten so much hotter with age. Yummy.

AprilApple said...

Ivanka would look good in a potato sack.

Hillary will be camouflaged in upholstery fabric.

AprilApple said...

Hillary has money to burn. If she wins, she will suck us all dry for her own enrichment.

ricpic said...

Yeah, a cheap dress, but look at what she puts in that dress!

Hottest Jewess on the planet. Well, okay, a shiksa. Hey, without shiksa enrichment there wouldn't be any hot Jewesses. Like Henry Miller said, shiksas laugh easier and are altogether less grating.

Trooper York said...

And she just dropped a rug rat a couple of weeks ago. Amazing.

Trooper York said...

That's why the fun bags are so awesome now! Hot diggity dog!

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Ivanka is brilliant for doing this. When I saw this at Victory Girls I said it was a nice touch.

Trooper York said...

Ivanka knows how to play the game.

She will be an awesome candidate for President in about ten years. Wait and see.

edutcher said...

Troop, I thought you liked Jews.

And Jewesses.

AprilApple said...

Ivanka would look good in a potato sack.

Hillary will be camouflaged in upholstery fabric.

Have Ivanka wear one of Cacklepants' Armanis and we'll see.

Minus the colostomy bag, of course.

Trooper York said...

Eddie you got to follow a little closer. We kid because we love.

edutcher said...

I've known people that didn't.

Never hurts to ask.

bagoh20 said...

Making China great again.

Synova said...

In my world $138 and Macy's *is* high end.

Chip Ahoy said...

Would you like to become incrementally disappointed in humanity?

Who doesn't?

Twitter search [ivanka's dress]

Last night when she was speaking I noticed how her ample norks are packed into her dress. She appeared lopsided in heels yet incomparably beautiful as speaker. And I thought, good Lord, she would wear anything and look great. I wondered why she didn't wear something that truly followed her lines. And then I learned today she did that on purpose. And that she sold her dress. Great gimmick. Why would she want it except it's the dress she introduced her dad. And the dress sold out in Macy's or wherever.

Twitter commenters are too young and too immature to know and appreciate anything. Too callow too unfledged to know one of their own sold his boxers for tax write off. So ears are deaf to charges of n.c. *whispers* (no class). Especially laid up a woman with such natural class. No b.s., truly well bred.

Damn, there's some fine families in this country.

Too many great families in the U.S. for political power to settle around the likes of Bushes, Clintons, Doles, Udalls, Daleys and the like.

Shut up shut up I must now sing Sexy People featuring Pitbull. The song is too fun to ignore. Hang on.

Yes! It the immigrants. Taking over.

When I hear the ocean calling.

Sexy people all around the world.

I was born in Miami, my blood is from Cuba Cuban America don't let me fool ya hazme favor, y deja la buya any doubts, has corulla, I've been around the globe, ripping and ride it, dippin' and divin', runnin' and gunnin', sleepin' and slidin', go ahead try me you can't, it works too hard to deny it.

The night is young let's have some fun.

I should show you what this song looks like some time.

XRay said...

@ ricpic. But OT. Bravo for the Henry Miller reference. My Uncle, ANG, having served in Korea, servicing P51's, had nearly the entirety of Miller's work in the third drawer down on the left, under his underwear, in the chester drawers of his bedroom, in English from Japan, as they were still banned in this country at the time. You'd never have guessed such a thing of him, my Uncle. Good church going man that he was. I read them all, of course, at 14 or so, and was ever disappointed that Henry's was a singular experience. He was a great writer, ignored due to his subject matter.

Yes, back on topic. Invanka is delectable, no matter what she does or doesn't wear.

William said...

I don't think off the rack is the correct term for Ivanka's clothing. Everything she wears is on the rack.......I guess older, richer women dress to highlight their affluence. Younger women have other things to highlight.........I read Molly's soliloquy in Ulysses for its prurient value. How starved we were for porn back then. Studs Lonegan had some good parts. God's Little Acre despite its reputation wasn't all that hot......I wonder if the quest for porn in that era led to improved taste in literature.