Saturday, July 9, 2016

Day at the beach

We're just tryin' to be friendly,
Come and watch us sing and play,
We're the young generation,
And we've got something to say.

Was Philando Castile an arm robbery suspect?

"Ginsburg worries 'everything' will be up for grabs if Trump wins"

Washington Examiner:  "I don't want to think about that possibility, but if it should be, then everything is up for grabs," [Supreme Court Justice] Ginsburg said of the presumptive Republican nominee succeeding in his bid for the White House in an interview published Friday by The Associated Press.
The 83-year-old justice, who belongs to the court's liberal wing, said it's "likely that the next president, whoever she will be, will have a few appointments to make." Ginsburg is the oldest of the eight justices currently on the bench, while two of her colleagues – Anthony Kennedy and Stephen Breyer – are closing in on 80.
I thought it was considered improper for justices to publicly go on the record with their political opinions. Specially so close to a presidential election. What's next? A rally appearance with Hillary?

"Researchers reveal the 'building blocks' of storytelling"

DailyMailFrom Harry Potter and Romeo and Juliet to the stories of Oedipus and Icarus, almost every tale told conforms to one of just six plots, researchers have claimed.

A major new analysis of over 1,700 stories identified the core plots 'which form the building blocks of complex narratives'.  Researchers used complex data-mining to locate words linked to positive or negative emotion in each story to reveal the set of arcs.

To conduct the study, researchers used sentiment analysis, which is the idea that words have both positive and emotional impacts, to map the emotional arcs.  Words can be measured of the emotional valence of text and how it changes from moment to moment.

The team then analyzed the emotional polarity of 'word windows' and slid these windows through the text to create a picture of how the emotional valence changes.  This task was performed on fictional works taken from the Project Gutenberg website that had been downloaded more than 150 times each.

Friday, July 8, 2016

This bitter earth

Link to video

We Expected This, Didn't We

"At the event, MAS leader Khalilah Sabra openly discussed the importance of Muslim support for Black Lives Matter, and urged ‘revolution.’ Comparing the situation in the United States to the Muslim Brotherhood-led Arab Spring revolutions, she asked, ‘We are the community that staged a revolution across the world; if we can do that, why can’t we have that revolution in America?’” And with the mass murder of police in Dallas last night, we’re getting there."

Here is why the Duopoly and the Neocons hate Trump with a passion!

Obama Wants NATO to Remain Tough With Russia, Promises 1,000 Troops

Posted by     Friday, July 8, 2016 at 4:30pm 
Legal Insurrection Blog
President Barack Obama wants NATO to “stand firm” against Russia until the Kremlin has fully complied with ceasefire agreements in east Ukraine.
He also promised 1,000 troops to Poland for extra security:
“In Warsaw, we must reaffirm our determination — our duty under Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty — to defend every NATO ally,” Obama said.
“We need to bolster the defense of our allies in central and eastern Europe, strengthen deterrence and boost our resilience against new threats, including cyber attacks.”

WKLEM: Youtes on their way to apply for college!

Dragnet 2016

I was sitting in the dayroom of the Sunnyvale Retirement Home in the early morning hours. The Head Nurse was Evelyn Ratched.  My name is Friday. I used to carry a badge. Now I carry a colostomy bag.

My grandson Pete was coming to visit this morning. Pete was named after my friend Pete Malloy who had just recently passed away. Pete had followed in my footsteps by joining the LAPD instead of becoming a jazz musician like his idiot father. Pete had be a patrolman for ten years in the Rampart Division before becoming a Homicide Detective with my old friend Harry Bosch in West Hollywood. I looked forward to his visits. He always gave me the facts. Just the facts. Just the way I liked it.

Pete walked in to the dayroom.  He was tall and well set up. Wearing a nice suit. Not a Robert Hall suit like Bill Gannon used to wear but still a nice one. He came over to sit next to me on the bench facing the window.

“Hey Pop how are you.” “Good. How is the job going?” “Not good Pop. In fact I have to tell you something. I am going to retire.” “Retire? But you don’t even have your twenty in yet. How can you retire?”

Comey: Hillary could not understand classified markings

David Burge: I'm just a simple unfrozen cavewoman lawyer, your modern email rules confuse and frighten me

Richard Pryor

Yesterday at night I placed an order for dinner online with an expected hour window before delivery. Bad planning all around, no planning actually, I stepped out for a quick errand, there'd be enough time. The shop didn't have what I wanted so I spun out and left immediately making my entry/exit appear suspicious. Tall oafish Lurch, the bottle shop clerk was engaged listening to a customer animated in conversation about the Dallas sniper shootings. Lurch had nothing to say, he just listened.

The customer left after I passed by them, he's faster than I am going through two sets of double doors then we both ended outside on the night street together. "Hope I didn't scare you back there."

"No. They didn't restock 12 pack of Pepsis, so I intended to go over there." I pointed across the street, "and buy Pepsis there," but now this conversation is pinching my window. "What happened at the traffic stop?" The man, a young black man who I hadn't encountered before and still quite excited about the days events eagerly described the BLM protest in Dallas and the snipers that followed."

"Before that, the original traffic stop that was uploaded to Facebook video. What happened?"
"He was stopped. The officer told him to show his I.D. When he reached for his wallet the cop reacted and shot him."
"Shot him!"
"Yeah. Reaching for his wallet and shot him. I'm telling you. Whenever I'm stopped by police I'm looking straight ahead, holding my chin up and..."
"What are you going to do? "
to get
wallet." (because I don't wanna be no motherfuk'n ackcident. )
He's too young to know he's delivering stand up comedy that was hilarious forty years ago. He sounded exactly like a specific Richard Pryor routine but without being the slightest bit funny. And like Lurch inside, I have nothing useful to add, so I stood outside with him as the minutes ticked away and my scratch plan abandoned, and just listened until he was done.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Dallas Fox station reporting 3-6 officers hit.

Background to BLM protest and subsequent events.... "Facebook Live streaming of shooting spotlights ethical, legal policies"

(Reuters) - A live, 10-minute video of the aftermath of a police officer shooting a black man in Minnesota was the latest example of the riveting power of video streaming and the complex ethical and policy issues it raises for Facebook Live and similar features.

The graphic video taken by the victim's girlfriend and broadcast on her Facebook page shows Philando Castile covered in blood in the driver's seat of a car as the officer points a gun into the vehicle.

By Thursday morning, the footage had more than four million views and together with another police shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, topped the items on Facebook's "Newswire", which promotes stories of broad interest.

Facebook this year has made its Live feature, which allows anyone to broadcast a video directly from their smartphone, a central component of its growth strategy. Rivals Twitter and Alphabet's YouTube are also pushing live video as a new frontier in Internet content.

While traditional TV broadcasters are subject to "decency" standards overseen by the Federal Communications Commission - and have a short delay in their broadcasts to allow them to cut away from violent or obscene images - Internet streaming services have no such limitations.

"FBI didn’t record Clinton interview, did not administer sworn oath"

Here is a thought, phrased in the form of a question. Can you think of something, from what we learned since the surreptitious airport tarmac meeting, that would point away from a rigged proposition on the part of Comey, Lynch, Hillary et all?
The HillHillary Clinton did not swear an oath to tell the truth before meeting with the FBI for three and a half hours last weekend, and the interview was not recorded, FBI Director James Comey told House lawmakers on Thursday. 
The lack of a sworn oath does not remove the possibility of criminal penalties against Clinton if she lied to the FBI, though he said he had “no basis to conclude” that she was untruthful.
“Still a crime to lie to us,” Comey told the House Oversight Committee.
FBI policy is not to record interviews as part of its investigations. Yet the revelations will nonetheless raise questions among Republicans, who have been skeptical of the FBI’s investigation and have demanded to see the transcript of the former secretary of State’s interview in downtown Washington on Saturday.
From the clips I was able to watch (following via twitter) Comey should no longer be trusted to continue as the head of the FBI. That should be the first thing, if anybody is interested in putting things back together again.

A Very Serious Post for all Fans of Lem's Levity!

Most of us really enjoy posting and commenting here at Lem’s. It had offered us a safe port in the storm of a few years ago that we all remember so well. It has grown as a place of great conversations and pointless arguments. Both of which have an important place in our day to day lives or we wouldn't bother with it. If we didn't care about it we would treat it the way Hillary treats the law. So if it is as important to you as it is to me I have something I need to talk to you about.

Lem has graciously offered us this place to converse and generously let other mooks like me pontificate. But this is not real life and in real life Lem could use a hand. He is too modest and proud to ask for contributions but since I am neither of those things I ask that you put something in the tip jar for him. Use his Amazon portal or just send a couple of bucks. He could really use it and if you value this place at all it would be great if you could help out. Everyone should do what they can do. I know many of us are in tight economic circumstances and it is hard to find extra cash but every little bit helps. Please don’t explain yourself in the comments one way or another. Do it if you can. Do it if you want. It’s up to you.

Many other blogs with the proprietors who are in much better financial circumstances ask for contributions all the time. I see them incessantly at joints like Powerline and Legal Insurrection and those guys are swimming in it in comparison. It is almost impossible to monetize a blog as many can attest. But a little bit right now would go a long way. So do what you can and accept my gratitude and that of our fearless leader.

Let’s keep our friend in plantain’s and pointy shoes if we can. Thanks.

We Know What Happens When Politicians Are Above The Law

Posted on Facebook by Danielle Vermeule

Today, I took my civil test for naturalization. I was sitting with all the other applicants who came to this country legally, despite all of the legal hoops, tomake a better life. The news was on, and we were watching Comey give his report on Clinton...

There I was, the South African, speaking with a Mother of 4 from Mexico, an attorney from Venezuela, and a Greek student. Flabbergasted. All of us with a feeling of deja vu. We have seen this before. We know what happens when politicians are above the law. We know what it is like to watch your country crumble before your very eyes because of corruption.
We also know the heartache of having to leave your country and everything you know because you fear for your safety and that of your children. 

You will always be a foreigner in a new country, despite your love, loyalty and gratitude toward that country. But, in 20 years, where will Americans go? Who will be America's America?

I don't care which party you support. If you can't see that today was a sad day for this country, then you are a fool.

(h/t Darcy)

WKRLEM: Hey Hillary.......

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Because I love you guys.

TMZ Harvey Levin: Something is up that is not savory

Man rents car, sold it on a e-commerce site, then steals it back the same night

Hindustan TimesMintoo Kumar, 28, a BCA graduate, took a car on rent, sold it on a e-commerce site posing as the car owner and then stole it the same night from its new owner.

Last week, police received information at the Dwarka Sector 23 station about a car theft. On checking the car’s record, the police were perplexed because the details given by the owner belonged to a different Mahindra XUV car of the same colour belonging to a Delhi resident.

Explaining the sequence of events, an officer said,“The owner was not lying. He had bought the car through the site.It was stolen the same night. Initially we thought he was sold a stolen vehicle but later we suspected the seller may have stolen the same car from the new owner. We registered a case and began probe ,” said an officer.

Police sources said that during investigation, an officer received a tip-off about the suspect who was in Dwarka to sell off the vehicle again. Mintoo was nabbed by a team of officers.

Mintoo’s modus operandi surprised even the most experienced of police officers. Mintoo told the police that he had stolen the car around seven hours after selling it. He said he ran a massage parlour cum spa in Faridabad was running into losses.

Hillary Clinton vs. James Comey, email supercut

There is something wrong, more wrong than usual with Hillary this day of the gray scratchy dress, there is something drug-y to her aspect and then at the end we see her handled by proper nursing home assistant, "This way, Ma'am, offstage, that's right, no answering pesky nattering questions. Here we go. We're walking, and we're walking..." Hustled right off stage. Handled. Physically turned and led and handled by a handler.

The video is produced by Reason TV.

"Feds open investigation into deadly police shooting"

APThe announcement came a day after the killing of 37-year-old Alton Sterling, who authorities say was confronted by police after an anonymous caller said he had threatened someone with a gun outside the store where he was selling homemade CDs.

In a cellphone video taken by a community activist, two officers had Sterling pinned to the ground, and gunfire erupted moments after someone yelled, "He's got a gun! Gun!" Baton Rouge police have not said whether Sterling in fact had a gun.

"I have very serious concerns. The video is disturbing, to say the least," Gov. John Bel Edwards said in announcing that the Justice Deparment's Civil Rights Division would lead the investigation.

The shooting fueled anger and protests in Baton Rouge, with community leaders and Sterling's family demanding a federal investigation and the firing of the police chief.

"Mr. Sterling was not reaching for a weapon. He looks like a man that was actually fighting for his life," said state Rep. Edmond Jordan, an attorney for Sterling's family.

Link to video

"Venezuelans storm Colombia border..."

The GuardianFive hundred hungry Venezuelan women have stormed across a bridge into Colombia, defying a year-long border closure in search of basic foodstuff and goods which are hard to find back home.

Dressed in white T-shirts, the women from the Venezuelan town of Ureña marched up to the barriers manned by members of the National Guard. The guardsmen formed a cordon to prevent the women from passing but they eventually broke through, cheering as they ran across the bridge into the Colombian city of Cúcuta.

“The women of Ureña decided to come to the international bridge to cross the border because we don’t have food in our homes, our children are going hungry, there is a lot of need,” one woman told the Cúcuta daily La Opinion.

The women poured into the markets and shops of the Colombian city, snatching up toilet paper, flour, cooking oil, corn flour and other goods hard to find back home.

Because of the exchange rate between the Venezuelan bolivar and Colombian peso, and the lack of subsidies in Colombia, the women who forced their way across the border on Tuesday may have paid 10 times the price for the goods they bought compared to the official prices at home.

But their complaint was that the goods cannot be found in Venezuela. (link for more)

Obama hesitates

Taking a shot at Trump does not come easy (link to story)

Maybe we just need to evolve further. Matt Damon

That is a lovely sentiment. I'm for it. Gun owners will say, good, Matt, do, evolve, by way of example. We'll cover your flank. For this world evolves  unevenly. Way unevenly.

He's such a fascist. 

He is fiercely sanctimonious, and I'm repulsed by that but my problem is I agree. It's just such a girlish fantasy, evolving beyond ugly smelly oily dangerous guns,  but with him linked with facile fascism. So forget about Matt Damon, over opinionated actor, and think about something else. 

His remark reminded me of another quip delivered seriously on another satire site, the subject was an individual who was too short to perform some ordinary function and the commenter said, "Well, maybe she had just grow legs" an impossibility the group found funny for its stupidity and that became a catchphrase for the place to answer people like Matt Damon the actor and outspoken political fascist.

The show put on is like a figure 8.

Both clumsy inept square dance and elegant waltz. It is a fantastic and beautiful show, not kabuki, better than Broadway, better more expensive than anything Hollywood ever produced by themselves but includes them, written large across the sky in contrails left by private jets and through clouds of public money, by the clumsiest ugliest performers ever staged who couldn't get a job in show business if their lives depended, and together they hold the rapt attention of a nation.

The principal dancers are living the dance and making it up as they go, that's what is so incredible. It's entertainment value is gauged by blood pressure fluctuations, engaging because it means global power. It is remarkable how the performers disgust each other, even husband and wife, even boss and subordinate, yet reach out, connect, press a hand on the back of their partner and swing around and promenade, reach out again, press a hand again, swing and promenade so the shape is an 8 that connects to another partner and to a another swing and promenade as curiously engaging interconnected Möbius strips. 

The show begins well before two jets touchdown but the audience does not see that. The crime syndicate principal meets with the highest justice official there is to discuss her role in the family's insinuation into presidency but the audience does not see that either. The audience does see the official's subordinate and head of his own investigative department describe the crime family's matriarch on television in scathing and damning prosecutorial terms then pass the responsibility to prosecute onto his boss, the highest justice official. The justice official's direct boss carries the crime family matriarch in his official transport and presents the crime family matriarch behind his presidential seal. 

The anti-hero is a creep put forward for his creepy qualities that include slash and burn proclivities, and could even be a mole, so the audience's apprehensions are divided different ways.

"I'd pay money to see a show like that." 

Whatever the cost, irrelevant to actors, we're already paying. 

WKRLEM: Hillary's new campaign song...Lying is the most fun a girl can have with her clothes on!

Overheard At Lem's

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ricpic wrote... 
Look Out, Far Out

In the rigging
Where it's all rigged
I found some peace of mind
By climbing to the fo'c's'le
And scanning the horizon line.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Overheard At Lem's

ndspinelli said....I'm not some Trump dick sucker like some. I do not jump for joy about saying President Trump. I just see big pictures better than most who get bogged down in minutiae.
The only joy we should jump for is Joy Harmon.

Here she isn't in "Cool Hand Luke"

What is your "It's 2016, we put a man on the moon, but we can't even..." complaint?

Top voted reddit comments...
Banking transactions take three business days. Why?
Get mobile phone signal everywhere
Seal teeth to never get cavities
We can't figure out how to relieve the symptoms of menopause.
Baldness. Seriously, what the fuck? I'm only 25 for God's sake.

Sloth selfie

Link to source

It's all Rigged!

FBI Director James Comey: We Will Not Indict Hillary Clinton Even Though There is ‘Evidence’ of Violations

Breitbart News, By Patrick Howley July5. 2016

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) director James Comey said Tuesday at a press conference that he will not recommend an indictment against Hillary Clinton, though he found “evidence” that she might have violated laws pertaining to the handling of classified information.

What about the star of David and Trump?

BreitbartIf you read establishment or left-wing political news this weekend, you know the big story is that Donald Trump obviously made a big mistake by tweeting an anti-Semitic meme — an iconic Hillary Clinton campaign photo in front of piles of cash, next to a Star of David. He’s under fire from the press, Republicans have nothing to say in his defense, and he’s sending out erratic statements denying that the shape is a Star of David.

But what if that’s not what happened at all?

What if Trump sent out something patently offensive to a couple hundred journalists who are Verified on Twitter — so they would blow up its reach to an audience that might not take such great offense?

He’s done it before.

New Jersey agency: Being murdered is no reason to forgive student loan

Miami Herald:   “Please accept our condolences on your loss,” a letter from that agency, the Higher Education Student Assistance Authority, said. “After careful consideration of the information you provided, the authority has determined that your request does not meet the threshold for loan forgiveness. Monthly bill statements will continue to be sent to you.”

DeOliveira-Longinetti, who co-signed on the loans, was shocked and confused. But her experience with the authority, which runs by far the largest state-based student loan program in the country, is hardly an isolated one, an investigation by ProPublica, in collaboration with The New York Times, found.

Gilbert Gottfried, autism

Autism is a cause near to Gilbert Gottfried's heart. I don't know the whole story behind that. It might be so simple as his parrot role helping a boy. And his involvement might be more longstanding than that. I've seen this act before, Owen Suskind whispers into Gottfried's ear what he wants Gottfried to say but loud enough for Gottfried's microphone to pick up so everyone hears. The act as an act is not impressive. The thing is, Owen was lost. Completely. Owen was so turned inward his only access was by Disney. Originally the act was presented as "man overcomes stuttering though Aladdin parrot character" voiced by Gottfried. When I watched this video I went, "eh."

This video goes further in showing why the stage act is special. On Twitter I read some women say this made them cry. With Jon Stewart at the beginning hosting the show my impulse was okay fine then well just FORGET IT and flounce right along but resisted that impulse and went skip, Jonskip, Jonskip, Jonskip, no Jon, watch all the way through to near the end where it goes Jonoff.

My Jon dodge reactions are gamer sharp.

But you might not have that neurosis. When you know the whole story, how as a boy grown to a man Owen still cannot look anyone in the eyes and converse then this act can be seen as a feat.

object clause

Pop quiz!

Does this sound right to you?

It is right. 

Normally, you'd say "who should simply leave the Internet"  But this time the clause is the object to the previous chunk, the clause that tells who does what to whom, "I believe whom" That is the previous chunk and the main clause so you stick with whom even though that noun is the subject of it's own continuing clause, this time it's an object clause. 

I believe whom/who should leave the internet.

Whom wins.

And oddly, the same thing happens in hieroglyphics and the same thing happens in ASL. The noun as object has its own form and keeps its form as subject of its own clause. In hieroglyphs all of the "it" "you" "he" "she" "them" all those things change, and stay that way as the next chunk continues. In sign the same thing happens. When subject noun A does something to object noun B then B is positioned where A left off and whatever B does after that starts where A left it. Out there in left field perhaps.  So it's changed. You do not revert to textbook sign for B because A did something to it and your story continues. 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Poll: Hillary Clinton’s Lead over Donald Trump Drops to 5 Points....April and George Will hardest hit.

Brietbart News, By Joel Pollack July 4, 2016

A new USA Today poll revealsthat Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump has dropped to 5 points, 45.6% to 40.4%. Clinton had led Trump by 11 points in May, 50% TO 39%.

Her lead drops even further, to four points (39%-35%), when third-party candidates Gary Johnson (Libertarian) and Jill Stein (Green) are added into the mix.

The poll was conducted among 1,000 likely voters, with a margin of error of 3%.

WKRLEM: Let's Call it Macaroni!

The New Revolution....A Rabble in Arms!

Vox Popoli by Vox Day July 4, 2016

Joel Kotkin tries to explain why the world is rebelling against the experts claiming the right to lead it:
The Great Rebellion is on and where it leads nobody knows.

Its expressions range from Brexit to the Trump phenomena and includes neo-nationalist and unconventional insurgent movement around the world. It shares no single leader, party or ideology. Its very incoherence, combined with the blindness of its elite opposition, has made it hard for the established parties across what’s left of the democratic world to contain it.

What holds the rebels together is a single idea: the rejection of the neo-liberal crony capitalist order that has arisen since the fall of the Soviet Union. For two decades, this new ruling class could boast of great successes: rising living standards, limited warfare, rapid technological change and an optimism about the future spread of liberal democracy. Now, that’s all fading or failing.

Living standards are stagnating, vicious wars raging, poverty-stricken migrants pouring across borders and class chasms growing. Amidst this, the crony capitalists and their bureaucratic allies have only grown more arrogant and demanding. But the failures of those who occupy what Lenin called “the commanding heights” are obvious to most of the citizens on whose behalf they claim to speak and act.

The Great Rebellion draws on five disparate and sometimes contradictory causes that find common ground in frustration with the steady bureaucratic erosion of democratic self-governance: class resentment, racial concerns, geographic disparities, nationalism, cultural identity. Each of these strains appeals to different constituencies, but together they are creating a political Molotov cocktail.
It's moderately amusing that Kotkin first asserts that nobody knows where the Great Rebellion is leading before promptly explaining where it is going to go. He doesn't know. No one does, but the idea that someone whose sympathies clearly lie with the dishonest, predatory elite that has met with such a visceral rejection from widely disparate people suggests that he will no more be able to anticipate its direction than he was able to see it coming in the first place.

Happy Birthday Boss! I miss you!

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat. (Theodore Roosevelt)

(character) Thomas Whitmore's Independence Day speech by Gilbert Gottried


I think that guy on the bongos is our own Sixty Grit.
How do I know?

veteran sharpshooter frees trapped eagle

The story is all over the place. I chose Huffington Post, interested in reading their comments. Everyone is supportive, moved, pleased, and happy. The only ugly remarks come from conservatives saying how out of character that is. And some people do not understand the sharpshooter blasted the branches around the eagle then shot through the rope and that's why it took 150 shots.

Imagine the poor exhausted bird during that hour. Stuck up there for two days, starving, dehydrating, dying and now ping, ping, snap, ping, pingchip, chip, ping, pause, ping-chip, ping ping, pause ping-chip, ping for an hour as the branches around you are destroyed but you're never actually hit except with flying chips and and bark and twigs and bits as the world around you is destroyed bit by bit. You'd be hanging there by your talon going, "HIT ME ALREADY!" 

Independence celebration, Denver, 2016

Early Morning 4th of July

Because it's after midnight and tomorrow someone will probably post something heartfelt and sentimental... so... I give you... silliness, for all of you who should be in bed asleep.   Say thank you!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Breakup Song

Link to video

"Hillary Clinton oversaw US arms deals to Clinton Foundation donors"

The Intimidation Game

How the left is silencing free speech, by Kimberley Stassel. Amazon Books

If it hurts Lois Lerner then I'm for it. But I know nothing of this Kimberley Stassel's book. Sixteen people reviewed it for 4 and 1/2 stars. Let's go straight to the 1 star review. I bet the person did not read the book but will try to sound like they did. 

1 star review titled Hush up!  Authored by E. Normous Johnson. So there you go right off. The review is a beautiful thing. They claim to be liberal and admit to shutting up people and list reasonable shutuppable circumstances Then list Republican media outlets that get on their nerves and then characterize Republican opinion both accurately and inaccurately then tells everyone to just pipe down and shut up the adults are taking over and trying to have adult conversation, 

I was wrong. They did not try to sound like they read the book, they just banged on as they do. This one star review garnered 20 comments to it. They all pile on. They acknowledge he didn't bother reading the book, he's just mouthing off. And demonstrates the premise of the book doing so. Insufficiently over the top to be a complete joke.

We still don't know anything about the book.

  • How Citizens United set off a wave of liberal harassment against conservative politicians
  • The targeting of Tea Party groups by the IRS
  • How Wisconsin prosecutors, state AGs, and a Democratic Congress shut down political activists and businesses
  • The politicization by the Obama administration of a host of government agencies including the FEC, FCC and the SEC

  • We've been following all this. We're familiar with the details of all these cases. If the US were tested, we would all get A's and bend the curve for everyone else. No brag, just fact. You guys are nuts. I try to keep steering off this stuff but you keep dragging us back. Demanding meat. Like ravenous lions.

    Back to the reviews, the rest are all 5 star. They say the book is both detailed and easy to read. That it is a riveting account of the Left's reaction to Citizen's United.
    ... and the utter obsession of the left to use every available avenue to limit its impact, as well as its ability to squelch dissent and evade prosecution. The irony of the NAACP vs Alabama (limiting disclosure due to damaging repercussion) and current state of the left (including public shaming and blackmail to force donor disclosure on the right) is but one of the themes throughout the book that should give readers thought about the dangers of our current political discourse.
    I think we already know that. This would be a book to buy to have all your argumentative ducks put in a row for you. So that you can blurt out facts in unstoppable torrent and win the admiration of your peers and be hoisted life of the party.

    I was going to say I bet you can read it in one day, then I see 416 pages. Well it makes a difference if the typeface is small and a lot of words are crammed onto each page for maximum paper economy. (to determine if you can read this in one day)

    No. Large typeface and fewer words per page. This book would be easy to read. The language is straightforward. I don't know if this link shows the look inside feature directly but it's where the feature is available.

    Hardcover new is $17.00 for Prime, suggested price $30.00.  Kindle 16.00.

    Maybe you should buy it to intellectually shut people up. 


    Netflix is offering a pretty good documentary on the life and times of Janis Joplin called Janis: Little Girl Blue (2015). We watched it last night. She was never my idol nor my favorite -- but the treatment of her is very even-handed. Much like the Jimi Hendrix documentary I mentioned here, the inclusion of family letters (narrated by Cat Power) shows that there was much more than just another wastrel behind her persona. But her demons and sensitivities got the best of her, and all of her surviving family, friends, lovers and colleagues still grieve.
    [added]  Dad Bones links what would have been the perfect video to use in this post:

    To wade in or to not wade in at the WWII memorial?

    Greater Washington blog:   Wading in the World War II memorial is emphatically not allowed. Solemnity is the officially preferred emotion. But the memorial's buoyant design inherently invokes liveliness, and strict rules violate the spirit of the war against fascism.

    "The memorial doesn't have a solemn design"

    The good news is the ozone layer is healing

    MIT News:  “We can now be confident that the things we’ve done have put the planet on a path to heal,” says lead author Susan Solomon, the Ellen Swallow Richards Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Science at MIT. “Which is pretty good for us, isn’t it? Aren’t we amazing humans, that we did something that created a situation that we decided collectively, as a world, ‘Let’s get rid of these molecules’? We got rid of them, and now we’re seeing the planet respond.”

    "Something is wrong in TrumpWorld"

    Byron York: Joining the crowd, a Trump adviser becomes a former adviser

    "It's all informal," Bennett told CBS News back in January, when he joined Trump. "I've been talking to them about some of the things that they need to do, some of the new problems that will be coming their way..."

    Bennett ended up doing a lot of TV appearances in which he was identified as a senior adviser to the Trump campaign. And then, in the last few days, Bennett has been identified as a former senior advisor to the Trump campaign. Quickly and quietly, Bennett became "former."

    Even as it tries to build up, the Trump campaign has been hemorrhaging staff in recent days. Republicans Kevin Kellems, Erica Freeman, Vincent Harris, and now Bennett have all left recently — Harris after two days on the job and Kellems after a little less than three weeks. And that is on top of Trump's firing of campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Earlier, Rick Wiley, a former top Republican National Committee official and Scott Walker campaign chief, also left Trump after a brief tenure.

    Among GOP politicos not associated with the campaign, there's a commonly-accepted explanation: As an organization, TrumpWorld is a mess. "Total dysfunction, zero plan, bifurcated leadership, and a principal who is so unwilling to be staffed it makes it impossible to have any self respect, pride in your work or sense of accomplishment," one veteran of many Republican campaigns told me.

    Did You Ever Get The Feeling That...

    ...the Left's apologies for Islamic terror in this century rhyme* with the Left's apologies for Stalin in the last century?

    Watch Hugh Hewitt play paddleball with the foam rubber brains of two dopes.

    They know only partisanship so they see only partisanship, both dopes do and both say so, and that prevents them from seeing what grownups see. Honestly, Cub Scouts honor, you're better off hitting mute whenever they're speaking. I mean it. I tried that and it works. You feel immediately better, and miss nothing. The young man babbles over Hugh to avoid hearing him speak. And he literally flounces around. Kidding. Their positions get switched on the monitor so it looks like he's flying around. Over here, boink, over there.

    I have to keep double checking the spelling of Hugh's name, triple checking, then again and again like a compulsive neurotic because I know another man named Hugh and at 6'5" in cowboy boots and real working cowboy hat he really is huge. 

    oxalis bulbs (again)

    I forgot how tiny these are. I was expecting rhizomes larger than these. The plants are wonderful and fun to watch grow and they go and go and go all summer then peter out and slip into dormancy. 

    But how long? How moist? How cool or how warm must they be kept? Because mine dried out over the winter. Dried to dust. Bringing them inside didn't work. Do I keep them barely moist and they come back to life on their own in their good time inside sometime during the winter? That's what I'll try next time. I'll try keeping the dirt moist instead of digging them up. See if that works. Live and learn. 

    I think I bought 20 last time. This is 50. This time of year you can get very good deals.

    These two photos are from last year, already shown here, before I knew how cool the plants are. They're fun plants. 

    Grasshopper Lies Heavy, caperberry

    Sometimes Tweets are nearly incomprehensible. I don't think that it's so much people enjoying talking over the heads of dummkopfs, rather, I think they give credit and assume the people who follow understand what they're on about.

    This would be the book within a book. He's asking for the book that tells history the right way, our post WWII history. The Man In the High Castle is the name of the book by Philip K Dick. It's alternate history fiction where the Axis wins WWII. Now the book is a new historical series on Amazon. In the plot of that book, the novel Grasshopper Lies Heavy tells the story of the Axis losing WWII and is illegal in Germany while legal other places.

    The phrase grasshopper lies heavy is a portion of Ecclesiastes starting at 12:1 where followers are instructed to remember their creator in highly poetic and labored terms. Remember your creator in the days of your youth before the days of trouble come. Then 12:2 before the sun and light and moon and stars grow dark and the clouds return after rain. Then 12:3 when keepers of the house tremble, when strong men stoop, before your eyesight goes dim. Then 12:4 When the doors to the streets are closed, and grinding stops and people are startled by birds without enjoying their song, Then finally, and this is where the ancient writer really lets himself go 12:5 when you're so old you're afraid of heights and too scared to go outside and your hair turns white (the almond tree blossoms) and the grasshopper drags himself along instead of springing and even caperberry can't get you hard anymore and you go to your rest and your mourners are all moping around, remember your creator.