Saturday, October 19, 2019

Weather report

It is time for the State Fair again, and for many years I have headed over to Capital City on the first Sunday that the fair is open, which this year, is tomorrow. It's a sound plan, one that works with my schedule and it wasn't until I was listening to the radio this afternoon that I heard that we are having a hurricane. Well huh - I had read that Nestor (WTF kind of a name is that for a storm?) was forming in the Gulf and next thing you know it is here. Why wasn't I informed? 

This is our current situation, Nestor is due westor from here, headed our way. It looks as though my traditional Sunday morning fair visit might be delayed a bit but since this storm is moving fast I might just postpone my visit by a few hours and attend in the afternoon. 

This is the part where I review things I have watched. First up, The Killing, directed by Stanley Kubrick, released in 1956. IMDB info here. It has a great cast, including the prototype for Trooper, Kola Kwariani, a professional wrestler and gourmand. The movie shows signs of Kubrick's directorial genius and excellent camera movement even in those days, not to mention his ability to tell a story with great precision and attention to detail. You always get a sense of where the action is taking place and while I won't include any spoilers, the ending shows that when he wanted to, Kubrick could make you laugh at the absurdity of man's plans in the big scheme of things. Oh yeah, Elisha Cook Jr. is in that one - we were just talking about him.

Nestor up, oops, my bad, next up, Goliath - the tv show starring that little bitty guy from Arkansas, who was married to that woman, you know who I mean. I watched the first season, eight episodes, and got the sense, that even as good as the writing is, and in places the writing really is very good, they were stretching the available material very thin. Maybe they could have told that same cliché-ridden tale in four episodes, I don't know. But here's the part that got me - it wasn't until I got to the next to last episode that I realized that the character Wendell Corey was played by Dwight Yoakam. He was unrecognizable, and he did a darned good job in that role. Also, Billy Bob (that's the dude's name!) can act when he wants to, William Hurt can chew the scenery with the best of them, and Alma, beautiful Alma from Deadwood, well, what can I say, change the lighting, change her makeup and bam - is that really her? I guess it makes sense, the whole story is set in L. A. and that is the land of make believe. Also, speaking of camera movement, Goliath takes that to a new level with the use of drones - they do shots that would otherwise be impossible and I kind of like that effect.

I also watched In the Electric Mist, with Tommy Lee Jones, who did a great impression of Cajun Tommy Lee Jones, a bunch of other actor type persons, and the lovely Kelley Macdonald is in this one, too, but she didn't get many lines, sadly. Levon Helm does a superb job as General John Bell Hood, and he was the high point of this movie for me, other than soaking in the humid air of the bayous, which, if Nextdoor, er, Nestor is like other Gulf hurricanes, will arrive here tomorrow, which would be a great relief from the ICE I HAD TO SCRAPE OFF MY WINDSHIELD THIS MORNING! Seriously? Ice? Here? In October. No. Just no.

The Babe Abides

"Smile for the camera there Suzie Wong."
"Me Japanese not Chinese Mr Babe-san."
"I dom't care kid as long as you ain't slanty where it counts."
"You funny Mr Babe-san. You come back to my pagoda and I show you what is under my kimono."
"Oh baby that sounds great. I fell in love with a slant-eyed lady by the light of an eastern moon,,,,,hey that sounds like a song. Lets go keed. And bring a couple of your friends, I think in a half an hour I am going to be horny again."

Memories.....Misty water-colored memories of the way we were!

 I used to love Bat Day. Remember those? That was when you went to Yankee stadium and they actually gave you a bat. It was inscribed with the name of one of the players. The first one I ever got was an Elston Howard bat in 1965. That was a real bat. It was heavy. To heavy for a young Trooper York to use in the softball games we used to play in Carroll Park or Red Hook field, You see we used to go to the park with a team made up of kids from the block. We would bring our gloves and bats and a couple of clinchers and get into a game. Sometimes it was almost a tournament. You kept the field if you won. It was usually a triple header. 

I always would bring my Jim Lyttle bat that I got in 1970. It was perfect. It wasn't too heavy and I could whip it around like a wiffle ball bat which is what I had the most practice using. I loved that bat.

Friday, October 18, 2019

I don't know but I've been told

I don't know but I have been told that a change in the comments moderation policy has led a lot of people to stop commenting at some place we used to know. I got a couple of emails from people bitching about it and all I can say is suck it up buttercup. The control freaks had always wanted to control the comment section and the so called devotion to free speech was always bullshit.

I am sorry that we don't get as many comments here as we used to back in the day. I think we get sampled but we don't put up enough controversial content. There is a lot less rancor and hate. Which is a good thing. A very good thing.

All in all its for the best.

Thanks to Chip and Sixty for carrying the ball. I don't think a lot of the lurkers comment but I think they appreciate all you do. I know I do.

Remembrance of Things Pabst

Those of youse guys who were readers of the old Trooper York blog might remember this series. Where I would detail all of the many joints I might have bounced around to for dinner or drinks. Those days are over now. Due to my health requirements and Lisa's dietary limitations there are not many places we can eat out. There are very few places that offer decent gluten free options and I really can't eat salt and everything you get in a restaurant is salted up the wazhoo.

So gone are the days of Marco Polo or Casa Rosa or The Red Rose or Mezcal's or any of the other places we used to frequent. But some days call for eating out and our recent anniversary called for just such an unusual night out.

We went to place called Meta Osteria which actually has a gluten free menu. They don't have a separate kitchen so I can't be sure there was no cross contamination but Lisa seems to get by all right there so it was the only nice alternative.

Here I am channeling Joe the Boss Masseria before Benny Siegel walked in and whacked him in Coney Island. I am enjoying the superb veal cutlet parmigiana that they serve here. Check it out:

That is a nice thick cutlet not a chop since there is no bone in it. Still and all it was dredged in flour and breaded and covered in mozzarella and a delicious sweet marinara sauce. Now this is a portion that is made for a man. Plus it comes with a side of spaghetti. So I was happy. It was really, really salty though so I paid for it for a week by filling up with water and having some heart complications. But it was worth it. Take a closer look:

See Chip doesn't document his delicious meals by posting photos of when he was half way through!
It takes a Brooklyn gavone to do that!

Oh I didn't post the appetizer. Here are the rice balls:

I started eating them before I took the photo so pardon me.

We ended it off with dessert. I had the tartufo and Lisa had some gelato:

All in all it was a great night out and a Remembrance of Things Pabst. We can't party like we used to but we still can enjoy a night out now and again.

Dear Tulsi

Dear Tulsi,

Listen you lousy Hawaiian whore I am on to you. I know you are a Russian agent and are being supported by Russian Bots and internet trolls like that disgusting Trooper York asshole. Now I heard you are going to run Third Party to get the Orange Man elected as demanded by your lover Putin.


I am gathering my legion of cat loving nonshaving semi lesbians warriors who will take to the streets and throw their used tampons at your supporters. Don't think I forgot how you sucked Assad's dick. I bet that's how you got ahead by giving head like that other whore Kameltoe Harris. I hate pretty girls. They have been a thorn in my side ever since I was a little girl.

You better drop out of the race sister or you are going to regret it big time. Do you know where Fort Marcy Park is? Why don't we set up a meeting there one early morning. Near the cannon.

Now of course if you want to get together on a much more friendly basis I might forgive you and forgo any futher unpleasantness. Since you are from Hawaii I bet you love the fish taco. Even an older more wrinkled one. I haven't seen Huma for a while and I am kind of lonely.

Just listen to me and drop out of the race while you still can.

I am warning you!

The Real President

Trump in Dallas

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Good luck to the Yankees

I haven't been talking about the Yanks much these days. I have been following them but not in the obsessed way I used to back when I had season tickets. To be honest when the core four retired I sort of lost interest in the new guys. I sometimes listen to the radio at night to the games.

I think it is hilarious that we are playing the freaking Astros. WTF!

The world is upside down.

If only the Boss had lived to see it.

Happy Belated Columbus Day

This is the most memorable Columbus Day that I ever attended. The ILA rounded up all of us to go to the rally in 1970. The first protest rally. Or least they tried to in the second rally in '71 because the word had went out not to go there when Joe Colombo was going to get shot. Carlo Gambino had decided that he didn't want anyone to go so they backed off. Some of the rank and file didn't get the word but most of the clued in guys stayed away. Not because they knew what was going to happen but because the little man said to stay away.

Columbus Day - The Sopranos HD

Hey what can I say. I was busy on Columbus Day. The guys speak for me though.

I really don't care for frozen Meatloaf.....just sayn'

Meat Loaf, Should i Run for President

Even then the Meatloaf was right.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Last night I made a delicious meatloaf and ate it during an impeachment inquiry

Then I took my blood pressure readings on my little machine during an impeachment inquiry.

And it was the lowest so far even during an impeachment inquiry.

Then I took the readings again just now after not eating all day late during an impeachment inquiry

And it was the highest so far. Scary high during an impeachment inquiry.

It was a fifty point range but nothing feels different and that sure is mysterious especially during an impeachment inquiry.

So I ate another slice of meatloaf a few minutes ago even though I'm still not hungry during an impeachment inquiry.

And I'll take another reading later on to see if eating has any affect on blood pressure during an impeachment inquiry.

Because that's kind of mysterious during an impeachment inquiry.

Maybe this third type of dinky little high blood pressure pill isn't so effective as the first two that have other complications all during an impeachment inquiry.

Apparently Nancy Pelosi decided to be non-productive during an important meeting. Apparently Trump called her a 3rd rate politician. Apparently Pelosi and Schumer stormed out of the meeting and apparently told our corrupted press that Trump melted down.

Apparently Trump produced a photograph of Pelosi standing and wagging her finger at Trump sitting there. Apparently Nancy Pelosi likes the photograph so much that she made it the header of her Twitter account.

If you follow the Trump thread you will see his liberal Twitter-remoras all love it.

Similar to Merkel staring down Trump in Canada that liberal dopes like so much.

All that goes to prove there is simply no talking to bent out of shape liberals.

And when someone in the thread says something along the lines of "he should have grabbed her pussy" then you know for certain they're the infuriating type stuck on step 1 forever to the end of their days.

Trump supporters and Democrats face off outside debate hall

Debate attendees, leftists and Trump supporters square off outside Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio.

Otterbein? Never heard of it.

They're not really squared off. They're on opposite sides of the street and everyone is peaceful.


The video is an hour but you get the idea in a just a few minutes. 

Signs tell a lot. When signs are clearly professionally printed and groups are carrying the same ones, that tells you the signs were handed out to them. It shows money used by top down organization.

Conversely, when the signs are all hand-printed and poorly done from the standpoint of graphic art design, poor lettering, non-contrasting colors, font selection or inconsistent handwriting, spacing, readability, impact, that tells you the people made the signs themselves. It shows no money used, bottom up self-organization. Grassroots.

Incidentally, that's the thing that surprised me in the film Bat Kid about Make-a-Wish granting the boy a day as Batman assistant with a man posing as Batman, shown on this site previously. The event drew out thousands of supporters through social media. It demonstrated one of the good things about Twitter. And all those people had homemade signs of very high caliber by regular people that did show great graphic art design skill. And that was entirely spontaneous. Whatever else you can say about them, the general citizens of San Francisco are collectively great natural artists. And that shows in their handmade signs. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Returned a book as Elizabeth Warren

Liars, grifters, communists, fake American indian and fake Latino, rabid homosexual and whore-prosecutor and the like are having yet another debate hosted by hopelessly corrupted CNN.

Care to see it? Again? Of course not.

Instead, have a pleasant-smelling form of government sanctioned propaganda.

Flash mob, Ode to Joy

Yurp-peans. Love the little kids.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Odds with ends

On walkies this afternoon we saw a large snapping turtle - I didn't get too close, as its shell was about 18" long and he looked bitey.

There were geese grazing on the same hill, but they were keeping their distance.

In the past I have mentioned that I used to go to the Smithsonian when there were missiles parked outside of it:

I took that picture sometime in the early '60s - probably 1961 based on some other prints I have from that same roll of film. I think that was our 6th grade trip to DC. That is the Castle, there is a '59 Chevy wagon in the parking lot, I see what looks like a Virgil Exner design on a Plymouth, some older cars that I can't quite make out and there you have it.

Here is a professional photographer's picture from the same era:

This picture has a Mercedes, a Camaro, a mid-'60s Dodge/Plymouth, a bunch of large GM cars, a Ford Wagon from '65 or so, and so on. But my point is we used to park missiles on the National Mall, and that was a good thing.

Now for some music.



Bach meets Freddy the above average.

This one is for CL - I trust that there is no "STEINER!" in there at all. But that clip does include some of the worst fake flute playing ever. 

Tom Shillue as Adam Schiff

Tom Shillue is an actor who is a regular on the Gregg Gutfeld Show.

Adam Schiff is a Democrat Representative from California whose district was redrawn to include large pieces of Los Angeles including Hollywood and who serves as chairman to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. That's intelligence such as information from spies not intelligence such as +100 I.Q.

We see how little makeup it takes for Shillue to look like Schiff. And we also see how little makeup it would take to make Schiff not look like a crackpot caught in the headlights. I mean deer. Not look like a crackpot caught in the deer.

Will Franken supporting Donald Trump

Franken is supporting Trump's first visit to London when it upset so many Londoners. Trump doesn't care.

I skipped the first half of this video of the news reader setting up a dual interview with two divergent opinions. I just don't listen to news readers anymore. Franken is simply being sensible while the smaller man regurgitates every single liberal trope on the subject of Trump as nun reading her prayer beads; boink, boink, boink, boink, boink ... and so on, there is not one single original thought. Not one. He is an automaton. He's reading his internalized script. Other than pure rote, he hasn't a clue what he is talking about. One's impulse is to knock his face off.

Did I just now say "one's?" I meant to say "my."

I only watched it because the little guy looks like a friend. He sounds a bit like him too. When my friend puts on a British accent and speaks like a complete dope.

And that does actually happen.

The way he stands there and seethes, and poses and rolls his eyes automatically rejecting every word when Franken is talking is classic. He embodies the caricature of one of Franken's skits.

So he can expect to be reduced to a caricature in one of Franken's skits. Expect the crossed-arms poses, the shifts, the eye rolls to be part of the caricature. The skit writes itself.

The little man in pink doesn't care that Macron's country is circling the drain. He doesn't care about the issues that brought Trump forefront. Only that Macron stood up to Trump in U.S. Congress and did what he traduces Trump for doing in London. He's blinded to his own internal irony, his ridiculous mal-informed sanctimony, his self-caricature.

He doesn't care Merkel's government is circling the drain. He doesn't know or care that she's ruined her country through careless immigration. Only that Macron stood up to Trump.

He doesn't care that May's government was failing at the time, only that she didn't stand up to Trump sufficiently to suit him.

He is a ridiculous man. He is hundreds of thousands of the exact same caricature bundled into one silly man. He is archetype.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

It's raining

Prior to today it had not rained here since August. We finally got much-needed precipitation today. For weeks the forecast had included rain but it never materialized. Now, after two months of drought, blessed rain. Perhaps it will be enough to save my drought-stricken trees - several of them have really been suffering.

I took my dog out for a walk at 10 this morning - it was a bit overcast but not threateningly so.

This is today's sunrise:

This is my dog:

Our usual walk is about 3 miles long, give or take, and today just after we reached the halfway point it started raining. Not much at first, so we weren't worried. Then it picked up a bit. Big drops. Oops, now I was getting soaked. We walk a trail that has a gated entrance and just as we were about to leave my dog reacted to another dog standing just outside the gate - some folks were standing under a small roof, seeking shelter from the storm, and they just stood there. I can't blame them and it was my dog that was reacting, not theirs.  In any case we couldn't pass - they were just too close. So we stood there in the rain contemplating our options when a family group hustled up behind us - ah - cover. They went out the gate and we stayed on the far side of them, away from the dog that my dog wanted to bite the face off of, and that group provided just enough cover for us to make good our escape with no further dog drama.

We took off running - what the hey - my dog likes to run, I can run close to a quarter mile without stopping these days, so off we went.

Eventually we made it home, I was soaked to the skin, but it's not cold, so I was okay. 

And since we were getting some rain that's all it took for me to ignite the burn pile:

You can't tell from that picture, but the pile is as big as a car. A minivan. Big pile. It had been drying in the sun since that branch snapped off back in September, so with a little help it went up nicely. And since it was raining there was little danger of it spreading to nearby trees, becoming a crown fire then burning down the entire county. And that's a good thing.

It is still raining now and we have had a bit of thunder and lightning off in the distance. The fire is still burning, but it is quite low now.

Irish man leaves funny recording for his funeral

Irish man leaves funny recording for his funeral! from r/funny

Will Franken: climate change trans counseling

Franken is an absurdist comedian. His humor involves inhabiting personalities and acting out ridiculous interactions. He uses a lot of made up voices. He is American.

It might be helpful to know he went through a trans period himself as Sarah Franken. Much of his act in this phase is about his experience as trans, some of the videos are serious, but like Andy Kaufman one isn't quite sure how much of this was real, so far as that can be considered real, and how much of it was for his act. I still don't know. But I haven't watched any of that material either. I have no idea how long that went on. I watched only this one video and looked at a few others.

He's interesting for his counter-counter culture approach. He inhabits gay personalities then tells his audience they changed the name of the Pride parade to Arrogance parade. I think I have the right word. This was last night and I didn't review it. Thereafter his personalities prepare for the Arrogance parade.

His audience dies laughing.

Near the end he inhabits Greta Thunberg. As a hand-puppet, a mouth-puppet made from his hand. Then he inhabits Greta's sister and they have a perverse sisterly discussion of who is more disturbed.

I think his act might be mostly ad-lib.

The thing that made me stick with this video is the camera shots to the audience, all young, and they're cracking up at seeing the untouchable icons of their age abused by having their inconsistencies and internal ironies acted out as if absurdity is normal. Franken points out throughout that you have to accept a lot of ridiculous nonsense to go along with liberal conceits one after another.

Where another comedian will say, Greta is bi-polar, Greta is dyslexic, Greta has specific psychological issues, instead Franken acts them out as Greta. Then having done all that he painfully pulls off his imaginary rubber mask to reveal who he really is, the same face doing another personality. Possibly his real self. But like Kaufman, you can never be sure if his stated real self is real.