Sunday, June 3, 2018

Incredible photograhs of WWI by first color cameras.

They're all French. All taken during down time, soldiers resting, having lunch, that show the devastation and living conditions. They're haunting.

Daily Mail.

Studying maps? No, doing laundry.

French soldiers working at a smith's hearth in a forge destroyed by grenades, in Reims, in 1917. 

George Redding, an Australian soldier, picks flowers during the war in Palestine. Redding enlisted in the Australian army in 1915 giving his age as 44 to the recruiting sergeant, when in fact he was 57. At the time this picture was taken he was 61, making him one of the oldest men in the First Australian Imperial Force.


ampersand said...

Have you ever seen your Doppelgänger? I've just seen mine in one of those photos.

AllenS said...

The US lost more men to disease than combat in WWI.

edutcher said...

Most armies in history did.

There are photos of the French from the early days of the war in their kepis and red pants that give you an idea of what the Civil War looked like.

Even more interesting is some color movie film footage of German Grenadines that gives you the idea of what the American Revolution looked like.

red 3215 said...

That should be Grenadiers, not Grenadines, right?

chickelit said...

Theo Boehm aka TTBurnett had a blogpost with a whole bunch more color WWI photos. That was 10 years ago or so (a century in blogyears).