Thursday, June 14, 2018

Caladiums, first day

These popped up yesterday. And a couple today. They were planted three weeks ago. I think. Thereabout. And it means the rest are ready to pop up behind them. There are at least a hundred planted all around, possibly more. Some varieties came in bags of twenty-five. From three sources. I used all available room, so nearly each pot is stuffed to the maximum with them, side-by-side under a layer of dirt. There isn't any more room for one single plug. I gave away lunch bags full of bulbs, handfuls of bulbs and extra nursery plants and seeds, there just isn't any more room in the containers. Small containers were moved out so the whole terrace is lined with commercial size containers.

I get so excited I could just pee.

I'm glad they're coming up this late, though, because by the end of summer I'm burned out on being watering slave-boy. A few months of that and I'm all, "Die already!"

But knowing that doesn't detract from the joy and excitement of seeing them come up from the dirt.

This one is different. Maybe it's an elephant ear. Or maybe something else I don't know about.

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MamaM said...

I am so sad. It appears as though one of the deer that roam this area walked up the front sidewalk and three steps leading to our front door to eat the $30 planter full of geraniums down to the nub. It left the other planter on the other side of the door alone--for now at least.