Saturday, June 16, 2018

Elizabeth Warren lives everyday filled with terror at midterms going Trump's way

Good Lord, what a drama queen. She is not living everyday in terror. She's trying to get her fascist progressive supporters worked up. She likes nothing more than perverting government function to her own use, she doesn't give a rat's behind about adhering to Constitutional principles of government. She wants to be a mob boss and use coercive force of government to lord over movers and shakers more capable than herself. Her life drive can be described as envy. She embodies the absolute worst impulses behind America politics save for her pals and like-minded followers. She has nothing whatsoever to fear from Trump except for her perverse aims for government thwarted by people more sensible, more emotionally stable and with greater fidelity to the ideals of America than her poor shaking -- terrified, is it? -- self.

Story by Douglas Ernst writing for Washington Times. She was conversing with Rachel Maddow, and that means she was reaching out to her fellow cracked pots to do all that they can, legal or otherwise, to get out the vote for Democrats. "Fly my little monkeys, fly!"
I really really really really really really really really really really really want us to succeed. I'm going to work really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really hard to make that happen. 
I might have misquoted a little bit.

Why do liberals always say that? Work really really really really hard doing what exactly? If appearing on Maddow show and describing her emotional anxiousness is her idea of working really really really really super duper hard then Trump has nothing to worry about. Slave away silly woman.

There is a video at the link. But who watches Maddow interviews? You'd have to view it on mute or have your ears jabbed with an icepick. And there is a wonderful picture of immaculate Warren in primary red, half collar up, with the most distressed expression possible for a face to make.  The look of a woman in deep distress, a woman who's looked into the abyss and saw Trump staring back at her.

I've always said she would be excellent at ASL. She's a natural. She is. Her expressions and her ordinary expressive gesticulations are ace, very close to natural ASL.

I feel another Photoshop session coming on.

What's with the militant arm posturing anyway? And the pedagogic hand configurations that liberals cannot constrain themselves from making? That is so uncool. Have you noticed they've all suddenly stopped pointing? All at once as if they had been coached. All at once it suddenly stopped. I made a whole series of photoshops of politicians pointing, then for each one, some kind of animal, all kinds of animals, come flying into the frame and bite off their pointing finger, a parrot bites off  a finger leaving a streaming bloody stump, a dog, a mountain lion, a penguin, a seagull, any random animal, for Brezhnev, Castro, Mao, any Kennedy, B. Clinton, H. Clinton, Obama. Of Americans they were always Democrats. Republicans did not point. It was curious. Then boom. Suddenly stopped. And I notice at that time that Obama adopted a bent finger so his finger pointed back at himself. Still pointing emphatically and but missing acute power, his bent finger didn't look nearly as rude. What's Elizabeth Warren doing with this signing? Making a fine point emphatically. Something specific is pissing her off. She's holding an invisible baton and striking the air, an invisible spaghetti noodle. It's diacriticallly rhetorically effete. Know who else was coached for dramatic speaking and practiced gesticulation in front of a mirror? 




edutcher said...

Fauxcahontas and the Mad Cow together. Talk about an estrogen overload.

And that set of photos of Hitler is a classic, but they were Heinrich Hoffmann's (Eva Braun's boss) idea.

chickelit said...

Just think of all the palefaces she could impale if she ever got real power. The resentment builds strongly in that one.

ricpic said...

This is a country where the "wrong" thought can end your career and send you into internal exile, so I'd say that Elizabeth Warren has won.

rcommal said...

I don't agree that Warren "lives every 'filled with terror' at midterms going Trump's way." That is silliness.

That said, so far, I am entirely skeptical of the assumed, so called "blue wave" regarding the 2018 middies.

I'm not seeing the *evidence* underpinning that assumption.

Also, just to reiterate, based on evidence, facts, electoral maps, experience, and--yes, even just a bit of gut! to which I normally don't give much credence, or at least didn't used so to do, when analyzing facts and realities--I do think that if the 2016 presidential election could be re-held today, President Trump would be the president as the result of the voting. I do think (ibid) that if in November 2018, it was a presidential election cycle, Donald J. Trump would be elected president. In addition, I do think, at this point, that I wouldn't bet a used car against the notion that President Trump will be re-elected in 2020 to second term as and then serve out his full eight years POTUS.

FTR, I predicted that Trump would win... .

rcommal said...

I would provide more information as to why, not to mention how, I *think* and *analyze* such things if I weren't just so delighted that Velocity has been, and is, broadcasting the full Le Mans race!

It is true that I've been an Indy racing fan since...actually I don't remember since when, though there are photos of me as a toddler on my dad's lap, listening to radio broadcasts. To NASCAR, it is true, I came later, as an adult. By the time I got to that, TV/cable had already been there.

But, the "and" that is "Le Mans"! It's always been some sort of consolidated, diminishd hour-ish sort of thing, mostly something like 3-4 hour-ish.

I am so thrilled and grateful to my racing-fascinated soul for the opportunity to see at least big chunks of Le Mans for myself!

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

She should work for CNN or MSDNC

rcommal said...

It's boring to have to repeat it. Still, I will, again. I voted just once for a Democrat for president, and it was back in 1984, my second time out at being eligible to vote in a presidential election/ I never voted for a Clinton (three times, I had that choice; three times, I did not choose that). I never voted for Obama. Yawn.

@Dickin'Bimbos: Trust me, neither CNN nor your cutely referred-to MSDNC would have me, and nor would I want to work for them. Same goes, in both directions, w/r/t Fox and me.

Now, let's get back to Le Mans. That doesn't bore me.